Thursday, June 07, 2007

World Newswatch June 7, 2007 A.D.

It is comforting to know that the most powerful countries in the world are going to do something about the climate change. I am sure if all the politicians just shut up, all that hot air they won't be releasing will help more than anything else mere humans can do. It is the height of arrogance to think we can change the climate by anything we do. One volcanic eruption will undo all of our efforts, one shift of the jet stream can wreak havoc, in one area things can be beautiful and in another, like the end of the world. Who's to say that the most optimum climate temperatures for humankind are not coming into being with a little warming? I guess it's easier to worry about something you can't do anything about than to worry about the things you can do something about. Little does the world know, all we really need to do is take the hurricane/typhoon/tornado/ earthquake machine away from Bush. That will solve all our problems, right? Just as simple as turning down the earth's thermostat.

Well, here we have another banner for the old double standard. Clinton's perjury and Libby's were about the same, but Clinton got a pass. And he was found to have purposely "misled". Libby was also convicted but with no crime committed he was really entrapped. The president should pardon Libby when the litigation dust settles. It probably will not happen since the President is gunshy and gets castigated in the press for every move and deed. Not that everything this President does is correct in my eyes or even beneficial to our country, like the next topic.

D.O.A. is the way this should have ended. Our President and Senators have let US down. I can only think it is for big business. Why else would they want all these low paid unskilled migrants to become citizens and drain our already overburdened social safety nets? Is it payback for votes? Campaign contributions? All I can say is when the politicians livelihooods are undercut will they see why people like me detest their pandering. Let an infusion of third world politicians invade and work for half of what they (current politicians)need to financially survive and I think their voting would be different. Industies are being decimated and it is the very presence of all these unassimilated foreigners who do not speak our language that is driving away Americans that would do these jobs everybody says they won't do. I would never want to work where I was a minority on the crew and could not understand the language being spoken when I was in my own country. It is no wonder American kids don't want to go out and do construction work anymore, they are a minority in their own country. I guess if we are just going to worship the almighty dollar, this is where it will end up. Our border should mean somethin, our national language should mean something. We are Americans and we live in America.

Whoever can invent a fuel that will empower the world economy will be richer than 100 Bill Gates'. I tell my kids that often, that is why they should study hard. And not just for the riches, but think of the good for the world an alternative fuel would provide. Although then all the fighting would be directed toward a different subject.

"Don't forget about me", says Kim Jong Ill. It must be difficult to try to rejoin the fraternity of Nations when a temper tantrum is the only way you get noticed.

Definitely an important world changeing event. Paris is burning.

Sooner or later Mushaaraf will go and then there will be Hell to pay.