Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Immigration, Assimilation, Sacrifice, Paying the Price

Past immigrant influxes into our country have always been met with resistance from the general populace. The past generations that have become citizens have all made great sacrifices, fighting in wars, doing rough low paid work, losing their first generations to anonymity and paving the way for their children to assimilate into the American mainstream. If we are to welcome in this next crop of illegal immigrants with amnesty and true citizenship it should be made with a sacrifice by the lawbreakers. They should never have the right to vote, they should never have the right to get any taxpayer assistance and they should guarantee their offspring assimilate into mainstream american culture, with language and respect for our laws. Not hip-hopping or drugging out, but community service and charity. Any "new" immigrant that already has a strike against them (the first strike being, breaking into our country in the first place), and breaks one more law, should be deported at once. The dilution of everybodies citizenship that has come to America the legal way is unfair and counterproductive to trying to get good people here. There are good people out there in the world that want to come here and would be happy to do the jobs that Americans don't want to do. That phrase itself is a joke, the "jobs that Americans don't want to do", they just don't want to do for dirt cheap wages which is what we get when we bring in millions of illegal aliens. People with no real skills and only offer US an underclass. The initial trespassers should never even expect to be awarded a full citizenship, their sacrifice will be so their children can become true American citizens.
If our politicians try and give all these illegal immigrants true legal status and the right to vote and collect social security and welfare they should all be tried for treason. It will be tantamount to enabling an invasion to take place right under our noses. There are no provisions for seperating out the Mexicans from the Arabs and aliens from countries we are in conflict with at this very moment. I am not saying we have problems with all Arabs, Iranians, and Middle Easterners and Southeastern Asians, but jihad has been declared upon US and I have worried about our porous borders ever since 9/12/2001. It seems ridiculous that we have waited this long to do something ,and even more ridiculous that doing anything is better than doing the right thing. I would not even say all the Mexicans and South and Central Americans are good for our country, there are a lot of gang bangers and drug runners and human smugglers, to go along with the poor uneducated throngs who appear here every day. These politicians are ever governing to retain their jobs, not governing to make our country better and stronger. The day will come when all who profit from breaking the law will pay a high price. There are a lot of frivolous unfair competition lawsuits being waged every day, it's funny, when there really are unfair business practices it gets overlooked, probably because everybodies little mountains of wealth are stacked like a house of cards on the backs of illegal-immigrant cheap labor.
What do you suppose will happen when we finally have another recession? With all these new "citizens" vying for a shrinking pool of work. All these employers cutting each other's throats to keep their inflated personnel busy. Well I guess some consumers might win, with price wars sure to follow but in the end we will all lose when some good American companies go under because they refused to lower their standards down to breaking the law. These kind of cycles always lengthen recessions. The rich always get richer and the little guys always get squished.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places

It seems almost comical that Russia worries about the US putting up a shield in the CZech Republic or Poland. As if they want to have the opportunity to threaten whomever they please. If another country in their sphere can make friend's with someone who will protect them, that makes them an enemy? Or a threat? Or could their own ill-will preceed them onto center stage.
We want to be friends with the world and the world suspects US of what? If we were really trying to take over the world it would be obvious , and not so inconceivable.Except for the smut and degeneracy we do good for the world.And you will have that whether we promote it and produce it or not.
It's a sad state of affairs that actions are so misinterpreted on both sides of the great divide. The paranoia around the globe has turned our plowshares into swords and our pruning hooks into spears. And our economies into war machines. Greed and violence condemn our souls to Hell. Love from God can set us free.
Fear and mistrust bind us to dust.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Idealistic Ideologues

As a conservative American I must beware of believing every conservative thinks the same way I do. Or that their thinking the same way I do matters any more than a liberal thinking the same. There are many 'wolves in sheep's clothing' weighing in on almost any opposing factions pet peeve issues. Conservatives have them and so do Liberals. And then both mind sets also have true idealistic ideologues. True Believers who are committed to their view. All this is good for our country, or any other country in the world that can get past square one. One side moves US forward, the other side is our Conscience. On practically every position the opposition completes the circle. Liberals and Conservatives need each other, Yin and Yang. Sometimes the simplest revelations can make life good. Somewhere between socialism and capitalism lies Utopia.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Comfortably Dumb

Why the American people poll to be against the war in Iraq is myriad and twofold. The constant media positioning that we are losing because people are dying only glosses around the edge. People will die at the hands of Islamocrazied fundamentally brainwashed backward seeking pea-brains whether we are in Iraq or not. We can choose to fight on a battlefield of our choice or react to their attacks of opportunity wherever they get in a lucky strike. By caving in to terrorist tactics you create more terrorists, not by killing them dead. They, the terrorists, are so weak the only way they succeed is by committing suicide, sounds like inevitably they will run out of willing "martyrs" to me. Standing strong and not wavering is really the only sound approach. Unfortunately those who would lead by polling will always be one step behind the actual consensus, which has always been -let's win.
The Democrat party wants to peg a loss on George W. Bush at any cost, and that to me is traitorous. There, I said it, if anybody in America would lose on a battlefield to gain a political victory that is just plain abhorrent. Those "leaders" cannot lead they only follow the path of least resistence right into the ditch. When our country gets attacked for no reason (9/11) the only logical response is to stamp out the vermin. Focus groups and polling won't eliminate a deadly foe. Make no mistake about it, these Islamic nutcases will not stop trying to achieve their vision. In their eyes they have already won a big battle, they have divided their enemy, and that is a winning strategy in any competition. They know their enemy. Westerners do not seek war. They know the party of the craven will capitulate. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And some among US (the Democrat 'leadership')find that,(Viet Nam) a worthwhile objective. If our country and the freedom loving people of the world united in vanquishing this cancerous ideology we could win easily. But some are just too afraid to stand up for their convictions. Is freedom for everyone? If it is not then none of us are truly free. Freedom has never just stayed around because it seemed like the best way to go, there has always been someone out there ready to take it away from someone else.
I choose to stand for what is right and when my time comes I wiil fight. Good will always triumph over evil, only when good men choose to do nothing does evil have a chance to prevail.