Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are We Going To Get Porked!?!

The only bi-partisan action on this bill is the opposition to it. Our Government is in the process of selling our future to Democrat Party donors and supporters. In the name of stimulus the giveaway reads like a liberal fantasy and economic hayseed wishlist. The only good thing about this is that lines have been drawn on where our politicians will take a stand. There are a few Democrats who chose sanity and reason over the desire to be seen doing anything even if it's wrong. President Obama is rushing to get the package through, and he wanted bi-partisanship, instead, he and the Democrats have to take full ownership of the monstrosity. The Senate gets to step up and prove themselves fiscally sane and we will see if there is any common sense left. If all these measures are so critically important to rush into law, then why would everybody take weekends and Martin Luther King Jr. day off? The same goes for the state of California, another petrie dish of liberal ideology destroying all it touches, like caustic acid. We here in California should be held up as what happens when the liberals run the show for extended periods. Don't give me anything about our Governator, a Democrat in Republican attire. We are completely governed by liberals with only a handful of conservatives and what do we have to show? Staggering, massive, crushing debt. The whole country usually follows Californias lead and I am sorry to say that, once again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Divided State of America

George W. Bush came into office and pledged to be a uniter, not a divider. And after all the years of conciliatory action where he seemed to be more in line with the Democrats he gets the derogatory snipe in Obamas inaugural speech.

I am a supporter of Bush in that he kept the country safe when all conventional wisdom assured US there would be more attacks. I know that the terrorists couldn't completely destroy US but they could have done a lot of real harm, economically and psychologically. We were spared that damage, and who knows what economic damage would be greater, that that we feared or this that we are living? There is no quantifying lives lost and those who have been saved without ever even knowing they were in real danger. Life goes on and the President upheld his oath to protect the people of America. On that I commend him. However, conservative principles were abandoned and for that the whole country will suffer.

Our border was not secured and we have been overrun from the south. Entry level positions have now been taken over by illegal aliens and our younger generation doesnt have a clue as to what it takes to survive in a tight job market. All the stories of millions of jobs lost never factor in the 12 to 20 illegal aliens in our midst. Are they still jobs that Americans won't do? Nobody in the media wants to tell that story, not even the conservative talkers go there. When we were booming the rich were getting richer on the backs of the illegal aliens, or just saving a little money by not paying a living wage to an American worker. And all wages were depressed that were in direct competition with these third world laborers. It was a tough choice for a lot of employers, and they did what they had to compete and survive.

I know the money changers were profiteering all along and while the conservatives called out Barney Frank and Chris Dodd on Fanny and Freddy and the sub prime cataclysm, they didnt sound the alarm to the American people that there was a real danger to our economy, either. And trying to reach across the aisle Republicans became Democrats in spending and never even defended themselves when they were castigated for trying to slow the spending by cutting programs, or just cutting growth in programs. So here we are and the conservatives have nothing to show the American people for their 10 years in control of things. And the liberals have a population that will let them try just about anything to get US back on track. The pendulum is swinging wildly right now.

Barack Obama comes into office and his speech gets lauded as eloquent and strong and reaching out to the world, when in actuality he is saying a lot of the same things Bush has said. He is just packaged just right for the politically correct mainstream media to agree with him no matter what he says or does. If only Bush had such goodwill from the press we might have never become so divided.

I wish Obama to succeed in his Presidency as far as getting our country working as a whole and our safety as a priority. Those are the edicts for the federal Government. I want Obama stopped on his pro abortion agenda, and I fear his economic stimulus is out to benefit those who he picks to succeed, not an equal playing field for all. Just today I heard Robert Reich say he doesnt want any government help to go toward white male construction workers. Excuse me, but who does that leave? The Mexican construction workers and the black construction workers? Well the construction industry has been almost completely saturated with the mexican workers, and the African american contingent is very small by percentage, even smaller than they are represented in the general population. I heard that singling out, along with the wealthy finance guys, and I shuddered to think of my head out on that chopping block, a sacrifice to political correctness.

Obamas stand on the FOCA and the tax payers payment for foreign abortions just leaves me cold and wanting. Our country will certainly face more harsh judgement if we continue down this path. The greed and excess of the financial rise and fall, how we deal with real enemies who want to see US dead, not giving in to manmade farces like global warming, these are the issues where the rubber will meet the road for Barack Obama and our country. How we treat the very most vulnerable among US like a baby in a womb, those in need of a job food and shelter. How we address the health care and insurance conundrum, these issues will define US in the beginning of the next decade. Partisan hackery has to stop and we must move toward the light.

It seems as if President Bush and President Obama are flip sides of the same coin. The Bush haters have projected all their love and respect for their President upon Obama, reversing their poisonous hate of one man into idolatry and worship of another. Those who will not give Obama a chance are forgetting that President Bush ran as a conservative and once elected spent away a fortune of taxpayer and political capital. Nobodys perfect and God's will will be done.

I am praying for a miracle.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Hopefully We Remain True

The US is standing with Israel now and I hope and pray we remain so. God said he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her. I believe there is ample evidence to that fact as we review the history of the world. It is unimaginable that all the media reports slant everything to the Palistinian 'victim' when the very real victims are the said Palistinians, but their being used as human shields. But the reporting does not go into the depths to clarify that, and all we are led to believe is that Israel's response is "un"proportional. Ha! If missiles were sailing over our border or coming from Cuba, say, would we react with similarily poorly targeted strikes or would we eliminate the threat in as little time as it takes to say goodbye? We know that answer. Even President elect Obama, the most sensitive and caring man ever elected to high office in this country, would not stand for that here. Will he step in and honour his middle name? Will he go against his Christian beliefs? Will he let down all the pacifists who expect extreme concessions? I am wondering, hoping and praying he does the right thing. The right thing in my mind is standing strong with our only true ally and the original true democracy in that region. We shall see, it is these types of issues where we will see if Obama is a true Christian or really is the muslim sympathizer/manchurian candidate the conspiracy theorists on the right hyperventilated about. The proof will be evident and irrefutable as Obama can no longer vote present.

We cannot be isolationist on this most critical issue where we stand up and honour God almighty, or bow down to trying to please the world. The FOCA is another moral crossroad I am afraid Obama will stumble at. Yet as long as he claims Christianity as his moral compass I believe God can open his eyes and convict his spirit. It is scary that all the stars are aligning for the fulfillment of the biblical prophesy of an anti christ to take hold of power, and here we have the man of mystery who can step right in, or he can be a great man of God and a great leader for the good of all. Interesting times we live in.

We watch...

We wait...

We pray

God bless our great country, and God help US