Monday, January 05, 2009

Hopefully We Remain True

The US is standing with Israel now and I hope and pray we remain so. God said he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her. I believe there is ample evidence to that fact as we review the history of the world. It is unimaginable that all the media reports slant everything to the Palistinian 'victim' when the very real victims are the said Palistinians, but their being used as human shields. But the reporting does not go into the depths to clarify that, and all we are led to believe is that Israel's response is "un"proportional. Ha! If missiles were sailing over our border or coming from Cuba, say, would we react with similarily poorly targeted strikes or would we eliminate the threat in as little time as it takes to say goodbye? We know that answer. Even President elect Obama, the most sensitive and caring man ever elected to high office in this country, would not stand for that here. Will he step in and honour his middle name? Will he go against his Christian beliefs? Will he let down all the pacifists who expect extreme concessions? I am wondering, hoping and praying he does the right thing. The right thing in my mind is standing strong with our only true ally and the original true democracy in that region. We shall see, it is these types of issues where we will see if Obama is a true Christian or really is the muslim sympathizer/manchurian candidate the conspiracy theorists on the right hyperventilated about. The proof will be evident and irrefutable as Obama can no longer vote present.

We cannot be isolationist on this most critical issue where we stand up and honour God almighty, or bow down to trying to please the world. The FOCA is another moral crossroad I am afraid Obama will stumble at. Yet as long as he claims Christianity as his moral compass I believe God can open his eyes and convict his spirit. It is scary that all the stars are aligning for the fulfillment of the biblical prophesy of an anti christ to take hold of power, and here we have the man of mystery who can step right in, or he can be a great man of God and a great leader for the good of all. Interesting times we live in.

We watch...

We wait...

We pray

God bless our great country, and God help US

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