Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I feel conflicted about the year 2008, it came in and I thought I was doing fine, just with lifes normal difficulties. Little by little my world crumbled around me, like so many other people, but in the end I am still standing and looking for better things in 2009. In a year as tumultuous as any in my recent memory there was a lot of good mixed in with the bad. I would not change anything about the year for fear of undoing my blessings. I lost a marriage and gained love. I worked hard and saw my business go backwards, but now I know how to operate in a more streamlined fashion. I have given back some of my gains but I am smarter than I was before, and that will pay dividends in the future. I never lost any perspective and I feel more motivated than ever before to come back better and stronger and wiser than I was even aware I could become.

My sports teams failed me in 2008, but my mood does not hinge any longer on the outcome of any game. My political party lost more elections but I believe my conservative ideals were winners because they were taken up by both sides. I think our whole country is better off because we have stood our ground in the fight against the terrorists. I hope we have learned as a country we need to begin to live within our means. Sometimes growth can be painful and I think we can show the other side politically how to lose with class. I think in the end our country can stay united in our effort to bring peace and innovation into the world, if we have that one goal. If we never forget that we believe God is leading US forward.

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