Sunday, September 25, 2011

Somethings to Think About

Optimism: for remedy is at our beck and call, with leadership and courage its not over.

Doubtful: I can't help but think skin color matters not at all, its the character and content of the soul that needs no excuses.

There are so many Tea Partiers and Conservatives who would vote for Herman Cain with no hesitation should he become the nominee, what say they then... racists?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spend and Tax

The descriptor about the Liberal Way used to be tax and spend and it was so apropos it even became a pronoun. Now our country is on its heels with the European and world economies teetering right beside US. Who will catch them when they fall? Who will catch US when we fall?

PIIGS~ Portugal Ireland Italy Greece and Spain~ And those are the tip of the iceberg. England is not doing so hot, the Middle East is bubbling over and on top of that Russia and China are trying to claim a top spot. It seems foreign policy needs some attention, but can Hillary Clinton Primary Obama? Is that really the question, or the answer? If a debt in Greece of $11 Billion can derail the world economy What about the trillion$ Obama is putting US under?

So after the jobs speech didn't jump start the jobs market now we have an economic plan that will tax the wealthy 1.5 Trillion, and that will save the economy???!!!???
I have rarely gotten any work from a poor person, so if the rich people are brought down by Obamas Tax Scheme I can't see anything good out on the horizon for my job prospects.

Class warfare seems to be Obamas road to victory in 2012 in his own eyes. I guess the only consolation for average Americans may be that everything Obama has touched has turned to sh!t, so far. We won't get fooled again can be a rallying cry, again.

Hoping for change in 2012.