Friday, December 29, 2006

Former President Gerald Ford

Former President Ford has waited until he is in the beyond beyond to criticize the Iraq War effort and current President Bush. We know this because now it's a leading tidbit of information the newsmedia hounds are all salivating over. This disposition alone will probably put him on the liberal media's top presidents of all times list. I have to wonder how a great bi-partisan uniter of our country in one of it's darkest hours felt about another former president who was dawdling with interns and staining the oval office with bodily fluids while a threat was building that will take lifetimes to eliminate?

Of course whatever President Ford felt about former President's Carter and Clinton will never see the light of day on any National news programs. Not that that really matters much anyway. In some of President Fords interviews recently replayed he stated that His Presidency still cannot be completely evaluated because events are still taking place, and only historians with the proper perspective of time can truly judge just how effective his administration actually was. That should be a sobering reminder in and of itself to US all. The myriad ways our national interests can be threatened at any one time cannot be quantified on a day by day analysis.

Enter Bob Woodward, has he been out of the limelight too long? Maybe he feels like he's fading when Matt Lauer's bright lights aren't warming his cold flesh for a couple weeks. Maybe the vindication alone will provide enough energy to write another best-seller. At least he could have waited until President Ford was buried to dig up some dirt and spin the death of a president into another reason we should all hate President Bush. As expected as the hit pieces are, it still amazes me how low some will go to advance themselves and their agenda.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

World Newswatch, December 27, 2006

The U.N. is at it again, it sure seems that their resolutions are usually siding with the Islamic Militant groups, though.
President Ford has passed away, I'm not sure he will receive the love that Reagan did, maybe not even James Brown.Timing is everything.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

World Newswatch December 24, 2006

The practicioners of the "Religion of Peace" are at it again...
The U.N. sanctions Iran on uranium enriching, but will they have time to follow through with all their Big Plans?
It's a tug of war at the U.N. Iran doesnt like it and neither do we.
The bird flu is in Nigeria and Egypt, see a pattern?
Castro is on his last legs, so maybe the dominoes can start to fall the other way in South America. At least his boy Hugo got him that big win.
Bono gets knighthood, chivalry is still alive.?. God save the Queen.
Arnold breaks a leg on his battle chassis.
Want to vote for Obama to think about a possible run for the white house? Come on.!. And what about Hillary? Isn't it a bit early for this?
The English Channel tunnel is a high threat to be attacked this Christmas.
The Niners' are hanging by a thread, good luck guys!
Yao jacks up his knee and we had tickets to see HIM.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas is a hurdle.

Christmas should be a time of thanksgiving and fellowship.
WHY oH wHY do I always just want to get through Christmas.
It should be a time to enjoy and savor.
Not a time to stress and worry over.
Please God let me feel the real meaning of Christmas.
It is always the most stressful time of year in the construction industry.
My life is based on my career.
But ever since I can remember Christmas has been a time of striving to get everybody a present or get in touch with everybody that you know and letting them know that you love them.
All these things are granted to be manifest, however they still must be accomplished.
However I can pull it off.
Create a Calamity;

America wants to survive. California wants to survive , everybody wants to survive.
Christians want to survive. Jewish people want to survive. Muslims want to survive.
See, we all have something in common.
We all need to stay warm, and cool in the summer.
Everybody wants to be loved... by God.
When we all realize that we are all hanging by a thread.

Friday, December 15, 2006

In The Name Of ... What The ?

This practice around the world of abasing your womenfolk is as reprehensible and unfathomable as a sane human being can try to comprehend. In India, China, Africa, and all the cesspools of the Middle East the practice of downtrodding or eliminating the fairer sex is worthy of the most strident condemnation sane God fearing people of the world can muster. I guess seeing what those attitudes bring upon their respective cultures is all the evidence we need as to the folly of this rationale.

At the root of this phenomena must be the misogynistic tendency toward domination. Oedipalism equals the powerlessness the tribal lifeline offers in groupthink mentality. But the routine of elevating maleness throws the delicate balance off it's centrifugal center. Only the most aggressive males can benefit from a system that inevitably shrinks the female population down to subserviant and second-class status. Infanticide and abortion are tools that weed out those deemed less worthy. But can't the overall populace feel how constricting it must be to lose half of your actual community? But really lose so much more than that. Like collective conscience, we all know that the female nature is more nurturing and could I say, reasonable? And also motivating, the old saying "behind every good man, there's a good woman", still carries the day, in my mind. In retrospect can't all of the problems in the middle-east be traced back to the way they treat their women? I truly think so.

Open lines of communication with those who know God loves us all, or talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy of frustration.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Setting The Stage

Life comes at us, fast, sometimes too fast. Yesterday some kid was speeding onto the freeway and tried to pass someone on the onramp. He misjudged and spun out across lanes and into oncoming traffic. Now he's dead, and his family must be grieving. There's a trucker out there who saw it all happen right in front of his eyes and now he has to live with the thought that he squashed some kid.

Whatever made that kid think he had to make a dangerous move like that now seems so trivial and inconsequential. Was he late to school or to work? Or was he just one of these jackasses you see on the road every day making boneheaded moves while speeding around, a danger to all those around them. Motor cyclists do the same thing , I see it every day, and when I hear about a tragic wreck I always hope it is the little(or big) @ssholes making stupid moves that are the ones that go down.

Anyone can make a mistake, though, and it is always unfortunate when someone young and inexperienced doesn't get a second chance. Some peoples karma is so instantaneous they pay right away. And then there are some people who always seem to get away with transgressions, flouting the law and other people's feelings. Someday we must all pay, there will be a reckoning. Do we get a reward? Or do we get a bill? And can we afford the cost if we do get a bill?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's In The News.

Right there for all to see. We are losing in Iraq because people are dying. I guess losing is happening all around the world then. Like in Naples, Darfur,China, Indonesia, you name the country, you can find a human tragedy or two or a thousand. Defining how we are doing in Iraq by how many Iraqis kill each other is about the most assinine calculus I could ever imagine. Do I have to research and publish death counts from Saddams tenure, or even the oligarch before him? If the American people are so stupid to fall for this ploy to unnerve our effort to succeed we will certainly drink the cup of woe to the dregs. If we had a united front I am certain Iraq would be solved and Iran would be worried about how we were going to deal with them. Playing politics has cost and will continue to cost many people their lives. The only comfort I can draw from this is that it has gone on since time immemorable and here we are, still alive. But I can't stop thinking about all those who are no longer alive, and what difference they might have made.

If we looked at anything through such a prism as Iraq's sectarian violence I believe we would be paralyzed to ever move again. When the pest control company comes to spray my house oh my God! Maybe some of the ladybugs, or a praying mantis might get killed. When I yield the right of way on the highway maybe the other motorist will then be on time for the head-on accident. When I pull all the weeds out of the flower bed. When it rains when you are replacing your roof. You give the outside cat some food but the rat's eat it, too. After you pay your employee he goes out partying and get's a D.U.I. You eat a salad but there's E. Coli on the spinach leaves. Even when it's a spare the air day we still have to breathe.

There is a clash of civilization going on right now in the middle-east. An all out idealogical war. It cannot be avoided by study groups or appeasement policies. One side would like to dominate the region and the other side seeks a semblance of stability. Democracy there obviously can't look like Democracy here. Even if we did not need any resources from there we still have friends to look after. When we are willing to let a friend be beleaguered our own humanity will be diminished.

Repulsion has been instilled in our psyches for a good reason. An early warning of potential danger. Poop stinks, violence unnerves, heat, the growl from a dangerous animal, it's all there to warn us to beware. The unrest in the middle-east is the same, spiritual warfare on the center stage.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 7,1941 A day not so long ago.

A day of infamy, and a wake up call to America. September 11,2001 much the same. Today will be the last gathering together of all the survivors of Pearl Harbor. This great generation is passing away. In reading about the reunion a few things struck me, the allusiveness of these defining moments, and just how history can repeat itself.
In 1938 the survivors of the civil war had their final reunion. They met at Gettysburg and shook hands, remembering fallen friends and relatives, heroes and villains. A few short years later America was drawn into a global conflict we had to win. That generation passed quietly into the night,like all those before them, and all that will follow. They fought to preserve what they thought was good and right. Fortunately the side that was right won. Maybe that war was not as important in the grand scheme of things, maybe it was. Our nation stayed whole and has been a force for good in the world ever since.
Today the members of the 'greatest generation' will gather together officially for the last time. And out there on the horizon is another global conflict about to erupt. I hope and pray America will stand strong once again and make history proud of US. We can and will be victorious if we stay united and focus on the goal of continuing to be a guiding light in the world for freedom and service to our fellow man. Tirelessly trying to make the world a better place. The greatest legacy anyone can leave is to leave the world a better place than when you got there. We can do this.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Attributions: Thought Police.

Liberals vs. Conservatives. Maybe this time [you can insert any instance] we need to accept a possible opposite motive for someones deeds toward ourselves. Whenever an individual {(myself included) or nations, teams , parties, religions, or whatever idiom you would like to insert} arbitrarily assigns a motive to another persons* perceived actual motivation on any particular incident there is a possibility of being up to 180 degrees dead wrong. Linearly speaking. . . So if we just relax and give one another an ounce of credibility, maybe we can see their side of the story, their angle. Maybe they do mean well for us, but our suspicions won't allow us to accept it in the spirit it was given.

Then what? The whole world wants to live in peace and harmony, right? But what kind of peace? Peace brought on by Sharia Law? Or mushrooms? Christianity? The home team winning? It has got to be peace by the divine purpose being fulfilled. Not materialistic, but spiritual, eternal, and complete.

Remember to assume makes an ass out of you and me.

*any situation is applicable.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

World Newswatch November 28 2006

If Americans don't think we have a problem with China looming in the future, think again.

Is Olmert going to give away the farm for peace, or appease.

The Russian spy case is starting to raise a few eyebrows. But remember President Bush looked into Putin's eyes and saw a good man.

Michael Richards is prostrating himself at the alter of political correctness. Complete with homage to Jesse Jackson and a rehab stint. With his foot in his mouth what kind of 'apology' will suffice?

The whole fixation with the revived roman empire in end times prophecies allways focuses on Europe. Could Turkey entering in shift the focus where it belongs, in the Middle East?

Hugo Chavez' wants to buy a "win" for Fidel. I wonder if Hugo is exhorting the Venezuelans to win one for the Gipper?

You have got to love capitalism in it's most pure and money grubbing form; Fence company building border fence hires illegal aliens.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

World Newswatch November 25 2006

The New Congress is looking into enacting the 9/11 Commissions recomendations, at least the easy ones, and the ones that will probably harm our economy. And probably not the sensible ones.

Wallmart sales are down, so the liberals must be a little happier, right? I don't like Wallmart either, but if they are not doing well it doesn't help me at all.

The Sunni's and the Shi'ites continue to put their stamp on the 'Religion of Peace'.

China and Pakistan are aligning themselves.

H5N1 virus is re-surfacing, in South Korea.

Russian Spy death is big news... Come on- 1 guy dead in Russia is a Mystery?

Rwanda cuts ties with France. Well they tried but Rwanda does have a little problem, you guessed it, Islam.

Folic Acid cuts Heart Disease/Stroke risk. Is there any in Red Wine?

The Pope in Turkey. Right after Thanksgiving, too. I hope he stands strong, he was right, after all.

Hamas offers peace talks for 6 months. So they can suit up their Grannies.

Be safe on the roadways.

Friday, November 17, 2006

`Bite the Hand that Feeds

I have noticed that now that their agenda has commenced the Democrats and their minions in the mainstream media have changed their tone ever so subtley. No longer is President Bush the big dunderhead who can do no good. No, now they know that he can help them along, because in reality, Bush has always been a little left of center on many issues, like immigration, spending, trade, and education. The whole 'hate Bush' thing was really just a wedge. It was always 'hate conservatives' with the President at the tip of the iceberg. The Democrats and the MSM have achieved their first goal, and that was to regain the House of Representatives and the Senate. They think now with a lock on the MSM, and the two houses of congress they can move on and get a president elected also. There is actually a good chance that will happen, but just maybe they have overreached and tipped their hand. Iraq will not just let the Democrats play them the way we here in America get played by the Democrat Media Complex. The terrorists and Baathists and Iranians have used the Democrat smear machine to get the conservatives out of power. But they still hate America, and as ridiculous as it may seem sometimes, the Democrats are still Americans, in name only,,,,,,,, I might add. For anyone who would throw a war just to regain their lost power is not a true American in my book.

I can picture the terrorists maintaining the bloodshed for the next two months and then when the Democrats take over in January laying low so the whole world will think that it is a Democrat team that has stifled the violence. With all the media praise lavished upon the Democrats for this great idealogical victory it will be hard to stop a liberal politician from getting to the White House in '08. What must the Liberals around the world think about terrorists and Dictators endorsing them and their ideas? If my stratagems were being so eagerly consumed by my enemies, it would have to make me stop and think, why?. When it seems like the right thing to do, but those who want to see me dead agree with me about it, what is wrong with this picture?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

World News Watch

Kofi Annan has stated the U.S.A. is responsible for Global Warming. I wonder who he will blame when scientists re-decide what we really should worry about is a coming ice age. My thinking is that whenever the underachievers around the world need to catch up, the U.N. will slow down the countries that are doing well. The lowering tide will equalize all boats on the sand bar of life.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I am going to link to all my favorite places.

I'll start at the top Hugh Hewitt.

Next will be NorthEast Intelligence Network.

Next Michael Savage.

Next would be San Francisco 49ers

Last for now the Sacramento Kings

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Day After. The big election is over, give credit to the Democrats, they were able to run without giving the people any idea of where they stand or where they want to take this country. All they had to sell the people was that they were not Republicans. That apparently was enough for enough people to put them over the top. It's not enough for me. I care deeply about our country and an angry mob with sticks and rocks does not a consesus make. The Republicans deserved to be beaten, but as far as I am concerned the Democrats did not deserve to win. I guess thats what we get ina two party system. When one side stumbles the other side picks up the spoils by default. The pendulum has swung back in the direction of change, change from what? And change toward what? The American people I am convinced are very impatient. There are times to jettison an idea or a direction and times to be steadfast. I wonder which time we are in right now. Apparently a lot of Americans don't like the war, I wonder if they will like attacks on our homeland more or less. Maybe we can only mobilize immediately following an attack and then only for a short time. I know the leftists would have thought had we just bagged Bin-Laden the war on terror would be over. Could they have been right?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today is election day and this morning I read this, it is so good.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

All I want is what is right for our nations ability to thrive, and survive. Now and forever.

When we all, as Americans get together we can stay a great nation. Half the U.S.A. population cannot make decisions that will secure the safety of the whole world.

Sunday, October 29, 2006