Tuesday, November 28, 2006

World Newswatch November 28 2006

If Americans don't think we have a problem with China looming in the future, think again.

Is Olmert going to give away the farm for peace, or appease.

The Russian spy case is starting to raise a few eyebrows. But remember President Bush looked into Putin's eyes and saw a good man.

Michael Richards is prostrating himself at the alter of political correctness. Complete with homage to Jesse Jackson and a rehab stint. With his foot in his mouth what kind of 'apology' will suffice?

The whole fixation with the revived roman empire in end times prophecies allways focuses on Europe. Could Turkey entering in shift the focus where it belongs, in the Middle East?

Hugo Chavez' wants to buy a "win" for Fidel. I wonder if Hugo is exhorting the Venezuelans to win one for the Gipper?

You have got to love capitalism in it's most pure and money grubbing form; Fence company building border fence hires illegal aliens.

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