Sunday, May 15, 2011

Allah Nakbar

Israel stands strong as pressure mounts from all angles. The world of peace seems delicately balanced and the tipping point is always near. We watch and we wait.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Freudian Slipping

I keep hearing news reporters and even Government officials commenting on the killing of Osama Bin Laden goof up and switch the S with a B and say Obama. I have heard it so many times here it seems almost to have its own sub meaning.

Obama killed Osama, after he slept on it, of course. It was a monumental achievement for a President who appeared to be too afraid to confront the terrorism issue head on. I applaud President Obama for bucking his most hard core of leftist and pacifist supporters and doing the right thing.

Whatever the unintended consequences arise from the killing of Usama Bin Laden (I will use that spelling, even though its much more difficult to do that switch in print, because I am always fascinated by the multiple spellings of all the terrorist names and places) whatever the consequences of this killing will be worth it. We cannot let a man who has the resources and the oft stated desire to do US harm the freedom to act with impunity forever.

I believe its time to re think our aid to Pakistan in light of the fact that this 'Ally' was enabling Bin Laden, living right in the midst of their military industrial complex secure and protected. I am so thankful that Barack didn't worry about what the UN would say and followed all the measures set in place by former President Bush. After all, the very first goal of the War on Terror was to get Usama and bring him to justice.

Reading the accounts of the raid made me feel so much pride in the ability of our military and our intelligence institutions to pull off such a bold and complex mission. Lately it seems like only Israel or Russia had the ability and the will to protect their National interests at any and all lengths. We still are a super power, sometimes our leadership has no choice but to do the right thing. After all the first order of any Government is to preserve and protect its society. If said Government can't or wont do that they really are illegitimate.

So removing the head from th snake is a proper way to insure that snake can no more harm anyone. And people around the world should never forget that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for many Muslim deaths also, he really didn't care about any individual human life, maybe not even his own. His cause has lost a lot of traction in the middle east and jut maybe the peaceful Arabs can come out on top of all this unrest in Syria, and Lebanon, Gaza, Iran Afghanistan etc. They lost their front man but one thing is certain at this point is that the war is not over yet. The capture of his computers should help identify other terrorist suspects and all in all May Day was a good day for peaceful freedom loving people around the world.
I will not rejoice in the calamity that befell one evil man, a man with the means to do good in the world and does so much evil is always a tragedy.
I am not sure if this was the end Osama envisioned for himself, but its what he got, and most likely better than what he deserved.