Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

With the world Economy in fits and supposedly the capitalist system teetering on the edge of insolvency I find stories about the Day After Thaksgiving very interesting and informative. In this time of financial armegeddon we find people waiting in line all night for what? A loaf of bread? No!! They are waiting for laptops and Guitar Hero 3 to go on sale. Now forgive me if I somehow got some wires crossed but I feel a real pinch to get by right now. So the last thing I would ever think about is to go out and stand in a line just to get some frivolous electronic, time wasting video game. I was thinking that this malaise our country finds itself mired in could be a good thing to strip away our materialistic tendencies, and get back to the basics, like the true meaning of Christmas, families, and sober thinking. The media on one hand paints a picture of dire consequences and then on the other frets or bemoans the demonstration of real financial restraints. I know retailers have based their whole years success on how they do on this one weekend and the subsequent weeks until Christmas, but isnt that all the evidence we need to see that we have lost sight of the true meaning and gravity of what Christmas is really all about? All of the lessons we have set ourselves up to learn collectively and individually are not going to be easy. They will be even more difficult if we never get to the core of the problem and swallow the bitter pill.

I suppose retailers will be next in line to get bailed out, when we find we start trying to 'fix' everything we chase the problems round and round and get sucked into the whirlpool. Sooner or later, even if we do all we can to manage this crisis, the piper is still out there waiting to be paid. Maybe he is the last one who will need a bailout.

Friday, November 21, 2008

World NewsWatch November 21, 2008

Trends we will likely see as Barack Obama takes over the Rulership of America, Militarily we will be weakened Democrats have said they would like to cut the military budget by 25%. The world will like US more when we are nuetralized. Since that is a major focus of where B.O. would like to take US, well...

At least we will have the Civilian Defense Corps, or whatever Barack will call his brownshirts.

Obama ran on change and purposefully left it vague. Conservatives and republicans were rightfully concerned and we said change, from what? to what? Now we know , we are changing back to the Clinton administration. Hallelujah you may say? the 90's were roaring? Well in the 90's the liberal tendencies of Clinton were held in check by the Republican house and Senate gains of '94. We won't get those checks and balances this time unfortunately and there is no technological boom coming to save the day. We will be stuck with Obamas policies and the Liberal Democrat way of managing our economy, trouble ahead. But hey I am willing to give socialism a try, I think we are halfway there anyway and it seems we have all the dog eat dog characteristics of capitalism and the socialism we sprinkle on top helps the upper crust and the poor. There is nothing out there for the monkey in the middle. Everybody says that socialism will bring on laziness and other negative consequences, but I would love to have a Government job and I already have a work ethic that my conscience wont let me abandon. Even Government health care is better than none. Maybe there can be some reform of insurance and social security under the umbrella of socialism. I only fear if we did go down that road only the political class would have a better life, and maybe the dirt poor who do not and would not work anyway. All I would like is a little security, but maybe we are not supposed to have it as easy as we would like. Oh my goodness I am starting to sound like a liberal. Next.

Somebody has to do it. It's good to know that the U.N. gave India the go-ahead. I wonder what they will allow the Obama administration to go do?

Heres a little insignificant side bar but I can't resist. When I was about 10 years old I knew all the rules and kept up to date on them throughout my interest in the NFL. Which has waned as the players change teams, get so rich they become out of touch, and really ~you realize~ maybe they are not all that smart.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I had a dream last night that I met Barack Obama. He was a very nice guy and we even had a few words together. At first he thought I was a groupie Obamanaic, I think, because I extended my hand to him and he signed it. I was about to tell him I was a Republican when I corrected myself and said 'I am an independent and I didn't vote for you.' I cant recall if he even said anything there but I then told him I was praying for him. He looked taken aback a little and told me thank you. Then he said he got chills from that moment and I did too, it was very interesting. Then he went on his way, it was some outdoor harvest Halloween event. I was doing my thing there, too, and a little later I saw him again and asked him for his autograph for my daughter, I figured since he was in a signing mood... He obliged and went to this rack of drying paintings of halloween scenes and took the one he painted and wrote to John T. and signed it. I thought that was so cool, but the paint was still drying so I had to hold it carefully and couldn't roll it up. Well as I was looking for my daughter a young man, couldn't have been much more than 18 was with a few friends and he wanted to take the painting from me. He didn't know that it had the future Presidents signature on it but I thought he was being ridiculous anyway and I told him so. He persisted and started getting physical so I told him I would fight him for it but I wouldn't give it to him. It was for my daughter. He obliged and so I found a safe place to put down the painting and we squared off. Right then I woke up, right before my alarm would have gone off anyway. I was looking forward to how that scene would have turned out. In my dreams I am kind of a tough guy in those situations, he would have been in a lot of trouble. Oh well, I wanted to write it all down because it was vivid, interesting, and unlike any of my usual dreams. Plus I woke right up and remembered it well.
What would Freud think?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bailing Out.


Our Government is bailing out industries and institutions left and right at the moment.These moves are all concocted to fix a problem that was created in part by the Governments own policies and social engineering agendas. Part of the problem lies at the feet of these institutions and those whose greed propelled the lack of oversight. The population as a whole was also energized by a feeling of wealth that was ethereal and convinced people to spend more than they had. Sooner or later a storm that needed not even be 'perfect' could come in and blow the thing down. As the economy shifted into higher gears we needed more people to do the hands on work and then more managers and more money movers and more of everything. All good stuff for a growth based economy for sure. But if we are basing our whole economic structure on growth it had better be sustainable and reliable. At the very foundation of our collossus were illegal immigrant workers pouring into the country at over a million a year. Everyone knew they were everywhere and yet no one wanted to slow down the train. Housing was needed to accelerate even though the migrant workers would cohabitate at 10 or more per household. So we built more, and then we needed more to build. Eventually even the illegal immigrants got in on the largesse, as we now know there are 5 million fraudulent loans to undocumented people in default at the moment. I am certain that number will continue to grow. Once the construction industry realized it had to slow down, sales were plummeting and every business connected to homes and construction and all the manufactured goods that go along started to wither. The dominoes are still knocking each other out on down the line and the American people have elected Barack Obama to fix the problem? If he starts to repair the problem by closing the border maybe we have a chance to come right back. If not we will continue to bail out most everything left.

The Democrat leadership is pressuring President George W. Bush and soon to be President Barack Obama to bail out the auto industry now. We have bailed ot Freddy and Fanny, AiG, Banks, Financial intitutions, basically money is getting thrown everywhere. The tab will end up being over 1Trillion $. The stated reasons for these bailouts are these companies are all too big to fail. So that is the secret? grow to where you are unsusutainable and then when the firm has been looted look for a handout? We can bail out businesses until there are none left, but the water will still be pouring in. Eventually they will realize its the little guys who make things work, the guys that are just the right size to fail.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack has promised you the Moon

But what can he deliver? A block of Government cheese? To each according to his needs?

I want to congratulate the Democrats for their big win, and I am praying our country doesn't lurch to the left. But coming back to the right is a pendulum swing away and that seems to be the way we go now. Obama has a chance to unite US, he promised he was the one to find bipartisan agreements, I want to see that. Bipartisanship in the liberals and the national medias eyes is always the conservatives making concessions, let's never forget that conservatism is holding the line, traditional values and not forgetting where we have come from. That is probably why the Republicans lost, because that is exactly what they did. They moderated and then got to become part of the system that they were appointed to reform. I just don't understand though, if we throw out the Republicans for becoming part of the big Government machine why do we elect Democrats who promise to become part of that same collective, freedom-choking monster?

And at some point I will either link to or make a list of all Barack Obamas promises to the people and see how he follows through or attempts to follow through on everything that was said to seize this election. I think it will be very important for the American people to see that when their votes are bought with promises they get their moneys worth.

And one last thing, let US not forget the $ amount that Obama put out to buy this Presidency, I know its over 600 million dollars, and that doesn't even count what it takes to buy the Mainstream media. So if you're telling your children they can grow up to be the President, if you are not Bill Gates Jr. or the next Warren Buffet, the kids better be working on their alliances from an early age. There are not too many novelties left now, but I imagine they will all be tried. If the situation were reversed and there was a Democrat sitting president and Republicans had done what Obama has done with the fund raising and opting out of public money and taking illegal contributions there would have been an absolute furor. I believe it wasn't all that long ago that was the issue. We didn't like the way money was corrupting our politics. Well, when money buys the desired result, I suppose its all good.

Enough sour grapes for me though. I was on the side that chose the weaker political candidate this time. I will not get bitter and this blog won't turn into a daily mocking and rant on President Obama. Life goes on and if things get that bad I can always try to leave the country. Right now it feels as if my country has left me, but I know the times are a changin' and world events are speeding to some conclusions. I put my fate in God's hands and pray for all my elected representatives, even (especially)those with whom I do not agree. Two years is not so far away and should the left foot stumble, hopefully our right foot will be ready to stride forward. I don't want to already be thinking about more elections because it is becoming quite tiresome. Let US live free and praise God for this day.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Let's Get Out and Vote

At least everybody that feels the conservative pathway is the one that will lead our Nation forward. Let the apathetic stay home, let the disaffected complain and do nothing, this is the day for everybody to stand up and be polled by the only poll that matters. If all conservative voters got out and voted their conscience with informed thoughtful reasonings and knew the issues and candidates thouroughly we could move this country forward. I am disappointed that when the Republicans had the majorities they spent their time trying to increase those majorities and destroy opponents. When they could have given good evidence that conservative values and ideals work for a better country. Now the Democrat party is at that very same juncture and more than likely they will fritter their staus away the same. Or they will overreach and throw the pendulum back the other direction again. In times like these we need stability and we need leadership to advance ideas that move US forward. We need unity as a country and I fear divisiveness will forever be a part of our national fabric until there is war within or without. Or some other calamity that can show US we are all on the same team after all.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Don't Come To My Party Late

Sometimes things in the world at large just work themselves out. Or so you would think, but for the fact that the underlying problem is still there waiting again to resurface. Our nation has been safe for the last 7 years, well probably not "safe", some have been killed in a variety of tragic accidents and violent crimes. But overall we have not been attacked since September 2001 on our shores. There are reasons for that, some serendipitous and others because of applied vigilance and threat awareness. But because we have not been attacked again does not mean that the same people are not still out there. More than likely, more Islamascists than were here on September 10,2001 are here, lying in wait for US to let down our guard again and sneak in another sucker punch. Our citizenry is self obsessed and now all we see is an economic protraction and our first Black President. Threats are not going to go away just because we lose our focus, they are actually being invited by such indifference.

We have not done enough to secure our southern border and neither candidate for the highest office in the land has even given that problem a passing glance. There are millions of unassimilated illegal aliens in our midst compounding this recession, but we can only focus on Barack Obamas auntie? Our priorities are so skewed that it will take years (Obamas first term?)to see which way is up. Now the recession has slowed the flow of illegal immigrants from across the border, so that problem has solved itself? I think not, it will just wait until the economy starts to roll again and then they will continue the invasion. They are probably still coming because the recession that will hit Mexico and points southward will feel worse than earning peanuts in America. Too bad for the American workers trying to struggle their way out of this pit our politicians have shown US where to dig for ourselves. The lessons we learn had better be committed to our long term memory. I am so afraid certain segments of our population cannot even factor this equation: A+B=C. So how will they remember or even possibly know how we brought this trouble down upon ourselves?

Politicians get all the credit and most of the blame for everything that happens. They get the blame because they are always trying to take credit, and they cast the blame back and forth like they are playing tennis. It is slightly unfortunate for Barack Obama that these gas prices have come down a few weeks too soon. It would have been a perfect first act of the new Messiah to deliver relief at the pump. Now all he can do is appease the environmentalists and deny the need to get our own supply of oil. Obviously we dont need it any more right? Nothing could possibly come along and spike the prices again. Like confrontation with Iran. Or coming to Israels aid in a broader middle east conflict, or Russia failing to live up to the agreements they made in regard to Georgia. The only plan Obama has for Hugo Chavez and creeping South American communism is to import their education philosophies. And the fifth column, trying to destroy our country from within, will probably get a seat at Obamas round table.

The only choice that makes sense is for Americans to wake up and elect John McCain president. If Barack Obama is to be our first Black President I would like to see him have more than a half term as a US Senator and take some stands on issues instead of hiding behind a 'present' vote. I think the major US media outlets have done US a disservice to have investigated Sarah Palin and Joe the plumber more than Barack Obama and his political alliances. For a man named Barack Hussein Obama to have come out of nowhere and come this close to the Presidency without the electorate having a full picture of who he really is in times like these is practically self destructive by half of Americas voters. Just because they want to fundamentally change our country doesn't mean we have comply by going along with their suicide by Islam theory on how to get US the "change" they desire.

If its the best Obama can do is to paint McCain as an extension of the Bush administration, guilt by association, why aren't his own associations also being scrutinized. Let the American people know who really has worked within, without, and even against his own party in times of necessity and personal conviction. John McCain has taken numerous stands and is what you see he is. He has sacrificed a lot in service to our country. Obama on the other hand blames our country first, McCain will put our country first. In two days will will see if the American people abandon wisdom for madness.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Here they come with both barrels

Aiming for the conservatives spirits. We are supposedly glum while Obamas backers are gleeful? With the race tightening I am sure Obamas backers are worried, but that story line admits there is a race and in order to suppress the conservative turnout the media/Obama team must stress the inevitability of an Obama win on Tuesday. I expect every story written between now and Tuesday morning to be slanted toward an inevitable Obama presidency, complete with illustrations of his centrist acumen, ability to lead, no references to who he would appoint to the supreme court, how he will gain the defeat the defeat they want to pin on Bush in Iraq. With Israel and Iran right on the new horizon we will be assured that President Obama will be able to heal the Middle East along with the rest of the planet. Suddenly the economy will start to heal itself, with all the good will flowing around the world and in all of Americas now healed racist, greedy, bleeding hearts.

I also expect the already slanted coverage to continue against McCain Palin. I just wish that the liberals and the media elitists would be honest about liberalism and their own positions. Then I would be able to accept better a possible electorate defeat. But when the lies and coverups are so blatant and the people so obviously uninformed I think we deserve the right to have a straight up coverage of what is happening and who all these politicians really are. But we will wait until after Obama is elected and then the grime will seep out little by little and as Biden said we will have to stand behindf the neophite after he blunders, but we will have change America, and we will have to live with it, too. Four years can seem like a long time when you want to change back.