Monday, June 29, 2009

Toxic Life

Life is what we make it and no one is allowed to make excuses in the end. Theres always a chance to make things right, it just has to be what is desired above all else. I hear about a poor little rich boy who had everything and still demolished his temple with drugs and excess and just consumed until he was consumed by himself. I have pity yes, but also, I have contempt. Maybe a lot was given by this individual to help others, but obviously there was still enough there to drown in the excesses. That being the case, then more most certainly was required of him. All of his family is left trying to find someone to blame. And with so many of his admirers straining to deify him I am afraid a lesson will be missed here about personal responsibility and that materialism will never satisfy a person who has a God sized hole in their life.

Everywhere I look I see things that make me smile and right beside that is something that makes me want to cry. Our world is fallen and that is all we need to know as to why we can imagine the perfect scenario but bringing it into being is not as easy as we would like to imagine. Life is an obstacle course that's changing as we ourselves change. The effort must be constant and focused, and we must believe that in what we desire is also in line with God's will. Easier said than done, and I am sure that a big shot like Michael Jackson had an even tougher challenge than I will ever face. To whom much is given much is required, and I think that goes for Countries, religions, individuals, communities, and families. No one is exempt. Everyone has to balance their desire of what they want with what is really necessary, what is thought as best for themselves and their family and what is best when all unintended/unexpected consequences have played out. We will never really know which way is the most right way when we live with the way we have chosen. We live with the reality, everything else is conjecture.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So Much on His Plate

President Obama is nothing if he is not ambitious. Yet how is he accomplishing his directives?There is absolute distortion of facts, there is strong arming, there is no hesitating to delegate to congresssional hacks, really there is nothing short of the south side tactics we were warned would accompany the front man wearing the empty suit.

He is spending everyone elses money like it never has to be paid back, making decisions on all our futures in regard to our health care system, telling US how the climate will be changing the way he thinks it will change. He is starting to turn the economy into a top down controlled AMC Gremlin, which is where the Government Motor Corporation is heading, too. He is almost assuming the role of the Lord messiah that he is not even really discouraging as some of his sycophant press adulattes infer. He apologizes for our past while not 'meddling', when he can encourage freedom seekers in a war torn region to not accept their tyrannical dictators chicanery. Threats are cropping up and it is the devious that Obama is courting as he lets our allies wait on his call. And waiting he will do to see which sides win and then he will figure out whom to support.

How long, and which one of these rogues will be the one Lord Obama stumbles upon as predicted by Smokin' Joe Biden? North Korea, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Somalia, the Palestinian Statehood, or Pakistan? I know a little on reading tea leaves and reading world events, and it seems all of Mr. Obamas pots will be boiling at the same time. I know there is a tremendous difficulty going from juggling 3 balls to 4, I wonder how many problems a brand new President can hope to humor before they all crash to the ground? We are not even into 6 months of this nihilistic new brand of Leftward Politics and already cracks are forming around Obamas feet.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

American Idolatry

I Think President Obama has a vision for American Foreign Policy that is vastly different than anything anybody envisioned when they were sold O's hope and change campaign rhetoric. We were told that this new President has the twin gifts of Empathy and Universal vision, to go along with the rhetorical skills that surpass any and all of his former Presidents. He would single handedly make the world love US more. Well, opportunity is knocking and Obama is, at best, underwhelming.
Parts of Europe and India have thrown off the chains of socialism and are willing to give more freedom another chance. Israel and America have both become states that are intent on apologizing for how they fought for and maintain their survival. Iran has a huge portion of their population that has watched Iraq 's metamorphosis and wants freedom too. Pakistan and Afghanistan would certainly acknowledge and possibly follow if the status quo werent all that Obama will stand for. Lebanon has made themselves clear which way they would like to go. Obama seems to be more interested in getting along with regimes that are totalitarian and despotic than trying to lead with a clear vision and take a chance or two. I guess his political capital will be best spent trying to undo and redo America in his own image. Obama has surveyed situation after situation and decided not to "meddle". As if offering the people who will fight and die for freedom a bit of encouragement and 'hope' is somehow overstepping the original charter of these United States of America. North Korea and China will be watching everything Obama does with Iran and re calculate their next moves. In this multi-dimensional real world chess match, which has only just begun, it seems President Obama is playing for a draw. He can still vote present it seems.
Plenty of people here in America have fallen under a spell in which they no longer assess the Presidnts motives with any discrimination. Where for 8 long years there was a constant drumbeat of skepticism and suspicion, we now have journalists thrilled by the President and thinking he is like God. A steady supply of subversive behaviour has turned into a blind eye and the relinquishing of concern that a person at the top may not have all Americans best interests at heart. I myself was a supporter of former President Bush, yet I was able to find plenty of fault and concern with quite a few of his policies. From the border, to spending, to some questionable appointments, I was hardly unanimously in agreement with President George W. Bush. Now Obamas people and the National press are letting Obama do whatever he wants, without the slightest hint of where they will draw the line. And all the while Obama has yet to let even his most ardent supporters know who he really is. So there will be an inevitable lag when push comes to shove and the real Barack Hussein Obama is unmasked. The power grab will continue until some of the kool aid drinkers are awakened to the loss of something even they hold dear, freedom.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Say Anything, Do What You Want To

The stimulus plan that congress approved is supposed to save or create 600,000 jobs by the end of the summer. At the rate jobs are disappearing, that will be a little over a months worth. Sounds like one step forward as we take 3 back to me. But then again, President Obama can say whatever he wants and the state run media reports it as gospel truth. How do we ever callibrate how many jobs have actually been lost to date, the numbers say 1.6 million since the stimulus bill was signed. But how about the self employed who cannot collect unemployment? How about the illegal aliens that are in all facets of our economy? How about families with 2 incomes who now rely on one?
Jobs saved is a complete snow job, because that number is arbitrary, too. I wonder if one of my jobs has been saved by the stimulus. I have a customer who works for the Department of Agriculture, she has not been terminated. Technically, because she still has an income from the Federal Government, she can afford for me to redo her home. Therefore, I have a job thats been saved by the Government? Sounds like crazy calculus to me, but I bet thats exactly how things are justified in Obamaworld.

All this Obama worship is driving me mad, I would like to see some of his promises be analyzed and held to account by the National Media. The stimulus bill will have no impact on the economy, because by the time any spending actually happens we will be into our recovery. The recovery will then be stunted by the inflation that comes with massive Govt. borrowing. Will our media opine on that? I think not. Jobs cannot be saved by the Government if the Government controls the economic growth, jobs can only be shuffled and propped up. Eventually the private sector has to lead the way out of our malaise, but with the govt. growing, the small businesses are being squashed flat. I just wonder exactly when Obama gets to take all credit for his policies, the good and the bad. Will it be only when there is success that can be attributed rightly or wrongly, or is there a definite date... say 1 year, or 3 years. I am certain the Bush did it mantra still has a lot of use to shield the President from any negative consequences, most likely until after the 2010 election. And that is all Obama will need to complete the re-shaping of America into his own image.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

We Go Left as the World Turns Right?

Revisionists beware, you better start working double time. World events are distorting the narrative that the US was out of touch during the Bush years and needs to be restored into the world community now. Not to worry that we have hired the greatest community organizer of all time, at least since Jesus walked the Earth. Even as more countries move right we are sagging to the left, and I suppose we have to go a certain distance before we see that it is the wrong way and turn around, again!
Sometimes we lead and sometimes we follow, right now we are way behind and not learning lessons that countries who tried and failed socialism are correcting and moving toward freedom. No one ideology has a lock on moral superiority, righties and lefties have proven all humans are fallible. We just expct the media to be unbiased in their reporting so honest assessments can be weighed and all things taken into account. We will know what is right by the fruit it bears and now we see all the ways we have strayed. But shading truths and hidden agendas muddy the waters until no one can see a thing.
The greatest con ever put on our country has given US a President who wasnt even truly fit for the Senate. But here we are, a couple years away from another election, more distortions, more misdirection and ultimately, a lot more media manipulation. Every voter had better take their responsibilities in 2010 and 2012 as seriously as the heart attack that this country is headed toward. Open your eyes and see what happens in the real world, this is not an academic exercize, peoples lives are at stakeour countries future is in doubt and the world is changing, but it is not going left.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Czar of Czars

The Border Czar : Alan Bersin
The Guantanamo closure Czar: Daniel Fried
Weather Czar: John Holdren
Green Czar: Van Jones
Health Czar: Anne De Parle
Tech Czar: Viveck Kundra
Cyber Security Czar:
Tarp Czar: Herb Allison
Car Czar: Steve Rattner
Stimulus Czar: Earl Devaney
Drug Czar: Gil Kerlikowske
Salary Czar: Kenneth Feinberg
God Czar: Joshua DuBois
WmD Czar: Gary Samore
Government Performance Czar:Cass Sundstein
Intelligence Czar: Dennis Blair
Energy and Environment Czar: Carol Browner

President Barack Hussein Obama is throwing the constitution out with yesterdays newsprint. Unelected, unaccountable, unconfirmed individuals have a seat at the policy table of the United States of America. Advising the Czar in chief on grave matters like the economy, national security and the Government itself. Another layer of bureaucracy on an already bloated system. What is happening to our country and why doesnt anybody care? The title of Czar should creep everyone out, it has been used here for many years, but it is only now that the use of these "advisors" is spiraling out of control right along with the budget and the size of the Government. Conversely our freedoms are plummeting along with their rise.
Just the word Czar connotes a communist or totalitarian style of Governance that will inevitably lead to oppression. Why are the people of this country waltzing down this path led by this pied piper? This consumate snake oil salesman? All the signs are pointing downward as all praise is heaped upon the man of little accomplishment.
I hope he gets his sea legs quickly, as it seems he is having a great time being King of America, but the world won't wait long for this saviour.
I hope our country is strong enough to weather this. Whatever doesn't kill US will make US stronger? Is that what BHO is, our vaccine?