Monday, June 08, 2009

Say Anything, Do What You Want To

The stimulus plan that congress approved is supposed to save or create 600,000 jobs by the end of the summer. At the rate jobs are disappearing, that will be a little over a months worth. Sounds like one step forward as we take 3 back to me. But then again, President Obama can say whatever he wants and the state run media reports it as gospel truth. How do we ever callibrate how many jobs have actually been lost to date, the numbers say 1.6 million since the stimulus bill was signed. But how about the self employed who cannot collect unemployment? How about the illegal aliens that are in all facets of our economy? How about families with 2 incomes who now rely on one?
Jobs saved is a complete snow job, because that number is arbitrary, too. I wonder if one of my jobs has been saved by the stimulus. I have a customer who works for the Department of Agriculture, she has not been terminated. Technically, because she still has an income from the Federal Government, she can afford for me to redo her home. Therefore, I have a job thats been saved by the Government? Sounds like crazy calculus to me, but I bet thats exactly how things are justified in Obamaworld.

All this Obama worship is driving me mad, I would like to see some of his promises be analyzed and held to account by the National Media. The stimulus bill will have no impact on the economy, because by the time any spending actually happens we will be into our recovery. The recovery will then be stunted by the inflation that comes with massive Govt. borrowing. Will our media opine on that? I think not. Jobs cannot be saved by the Government if the Government controls the economic growth, jobs can only be shuffled and propped up. Eventually the private sector has to lead the way out of our malaise, but with the govt. growing, the small businesses are being squashed flat. I just wonder exactly when Obama gets to take all credit for his policies, the good and the bad. Will it be only when there is success that can be attributed rightly or wrongly, or is there a definite date... say 1 year, or 3 years. I am certain the Bush did it mantra still has a lot of use to shield the President from any negative consequences, most likely until after the 2010 election. And that is all Obama will need to complete the re-shaping of America into his own image.

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