Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Goose, The Gander, The Gridlock, & The Gall

Election season is beginning to heat up and it is becoming painfully obvious that the Government/ Media Complex is prepared to do whatever it takes to get their agenda (re)elected. From the destruction of each Republican frontrunner as they stand up and have their voices heard to all the un-American crud emanating from Washington. It will be an interesting and exciting time to watch the politics devolve.
I feel good about whomever gets the Republican nomination, in ability to debate Obama and his media sycophants and in the character of the new resident in the oval office. There really is a stark contrast being drawn and in less than a year our voices will be heard, we can put an end to the subversive/communistic track this country has been careening toward for the last half century or more.
If we do not prevail in the coming elections I believe there will be little hope for this country to regain our past glory of excellence, individually and/or United we will be all but boxed in.