Friday, July 23, 2010

Pushing Racism

When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States we were supposed to be beyond racial divisions in this country. Instead what we get is race first with sub groups pitted against one another, divisions are springing up everywhere in every possible context. There are just too many race baiters out there who make a good living keeping racial tensions high, and too many politicians that pretend to serve minorities. Obama has been unable to transcend the race albatross I believe because he is where he is because of affirmative action, because of race. Would the politician pictured above have been elected holding the same qualifications as BHO? I think not... in fact, I know not!

Take Shirley Sherrod's recent firing for instance. Also the imbroglio surrounding the journolist and all the race ill-advised missteps the current administration has taken, take the hue and cry of racism every time opposition is expressed to Obama's Democrat led push onward toward the socialist utopia. What I see in Obama now is not so much the empty suit but as policy armor by which being part Kenyan American shields his incompetence and shields his directive re making America into a European style socialist Democracy. I can understand black Americans wanting a black President and aligning with a great American who happened to be American of African descent. There is a long history of injustice and group malignment and also unity and brotherhood from shared experience. But the Keynesian Kenyan is a socialist/statist first, and his policies are not helping minorities at all. I do not quite understand why 98% of all Black Americans would not stand behind a conservative Black politician too, except for the fact that the media would be against such a candidate from the outset and would destroy such a politician and would not be branded racist for doing so. Sooner or later the conservatives will put up a woman or an AfricanAmerican and then we shall see the the double standard flying high.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meg Whitman's Bait and Switch

How does this always happen in California? We always get a politician who will tell us what we want to hear up to the point where we can't do anything about it anymore. We got Arnold and what a joke he turned out to be. Meg Whitman looks to have revealed her true nature a little too soon, and now we actually have a chance to make our voices heard before she can be elected. Of course, even the worst Meg Whitman will be better than anything Jerry Brown can do to us. It is just so disheartening when all the tough talk gets the Pol on the big stage and then, what happens here? Are those special interests so powerful that they threaten lives? Threaten careers and reputations? What makes someone abandon all reason and begin spouting the lies of the left? The answer to the questions asked would shine a bright light on a corrupt state that has to rival Chicago and DC as the most corrupt place in the not for long United States of America.

To always dredge up the ghost of prop 187 and sell it as an affront to people who use their brains denies the truth that 187 was very popular with the voters and thrown out by a judge. Is that another quality we can look to from Meg Whitman? Something Arnold illustrated completely? Not fighting for your cause especially if its right?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Letter I wrote to my Senator today

Dear Senator Feinstein

While I am sure that I am not considered by you as a constituent who will vote for you or the Democrat Party in this coming election or any other in the near future I would like to give you the perspective of somebody who has to live under the rules you help create.

I am an independent who left the Republican Party for their lack of honesty and integrity. I vote my conscience which is always Conservative. I believe in God (Christian) and I believe we are held as a Nation to a certain standard. So I vote accordingly.

The topic of illegal Immigration is near and dear to my heart, because I am in direct competition with them for my livelihood on a daily basis. I am a construction contractor in CA and have been for 5 1/2 years now. I have never had an employee and do all work myself or in partnerships with other contractors. We see the deterioration of our ability to get a living wage on a daily basis competing with unscrupulous contractors who hire illegals and pay substandard and below the ability for a person to pay all bills required by our society. Some homeowners hire the illegal aliens directly as I am certain you all are aware of at any Home Depot parking lot there are dozens who try to work for cash and solicit to the patrons right there in the parking lot. I am certain no taxes workers comp or insurances are paid on these deals and I am certain that most all those laborers are Illegal Immigrants.

My question is why would my Government, that taxes me to where I can barely afford any upward mobility, prefer an Illegal alien to a 5th generation Californian with ancestors who fought and died in Wars to protect our great country? It makes no sense and I regretted President Bush for doing this and every President before him all the way to Reagan whose amnesty program was supposed to be the last.

I have a few suggestions that if you are going to grant amnesty, and I think that is selling out all present and any future citizen that has followed the law. First, the generation that broke the Law to get here is never allowed to vote, or at least must wait 10 years so they know what is really going on within their new country. Second the border gets closed and we train our soldiers who go to other countries to fight by securing the deserts and wastelands and the ways we are being invaded. I have crossed the Northern border legally and it is not so easy. It is the Southern Border that is porous, and really a joke. No services should be afforded for these lawbreakers either. If they think our Country is so grand and they can become Americans do it by the sweat of their brow, just like I had to do. My Government has never helped me to achieve any level of success, and now I am being driven backwards right back to poverty. Last, why not use all the criteria that past Immigrants had to follow? Like being sponsored or self sufficient, have a job first, know the Language (English) and pass a test on our History and Laws. Is it too much to ask that if I am being sold out that I at least get someone who will play by the same rules as are expected of me and were of my forefathers?

I attest that if our elected representatives or their staffers who are reading these letters had to compete with and have their standard of living degraded by the presence of illegal aliens we would not be talking amnesty or comprehensive immigration reform. We would instead be talking about how really secure our borders and our ability to feed our families really was. It is that double standard that drives me to write this letter to you, causes me to grieve for my Country, and causes me to despair. For I realize everything weighing in the scales and the insulated and the ones who benefit from our ridiculous broken system are the ones who can change it and that is why they resist fixing the problem. I have the power of my vote and I eagerly await the chance to exercise it.

Come November the politicians will know just how bad they have disgraced themselves and will see what was created in this leaderless vacuum.

Thank you for reading this, if you do...

J___ T_____
Taxpaying citizen of the US and the State of California

UpDate July 22, 2010

Senator Feinstein actually does respond and while this is so generic it would probably answer any letter on any topic at least they received my plea and just may think about it...

Oops somehow I lost the email reply the Senators office sent me back :(

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy BirthDay America

We are 234 today as a Nation. We have seen some trying times in the glorious past. The last 2-3 years have been difficult for sure, but the only fundamental transformation we need is back to our founding principles. The spirit that forged this Nation by breaking away from the Empire is the same Spirit that will save US now. Time to get back to the basics and remember why Freedom is held dear. May we look back in another 234 years and be thankful for these days. We have been shown a path that will lead to our demise and we know the way we must go to get right. Now is not the time to experiment but the time to chart the course to better days.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

America Deserves Better

We get the Government we deserve is the most accurate phrase I hear today. And, I believe it too. At some point in the course of our History we have forgotten the principles set forth with the founding of this Great Nation. I feel almost all politicians have become self ingratiating, and power hungry before they honor their pledge to defend and uphold the Constitution. Politicians of both parties here in America, and I also believe most politicians around the world are in the same mind frame. Cowards and full of greed first and foremost. Some have personality disorders that make them susceptible to worship and fawning, and continue to inflate their over sized egos. I pray that somehow the people voting and those getting the votes reacquaint themselves with how honorable their positions are and how first and foremost doing Gods will toward their fellow man is supposed to be at the top of their priority list. We don't need Government to do everything for US, we don't need a fish today, we need the Government to get out of our way so we can fish for the rest of our lives. Honoring the rule of Law should be the bedrock we build off of.