Thursday, July 01, 2010

America Deserves Better

We get the Government we deserve is the most accurate phrase I hear today. And, I believe it too. At some point in the course of our History we have forgotten the principles set forth with the founding of this Great Nation. I feel almost all politicians have become self ingratiating, and power hungry before they honor their pledge to defend and uphold the Constitution. Politicians of both parties here in America, and I also believe most politicians around the world are in the same mind frame. Cowards and full of greed first and foremost. Some have personality disorders that make them susceptible to worship and fawning, and continue to inflate their over sized egos. I pray that somehow the people voting and those getting the votes reacquaint themselves with how honorable their positions are and how first and foremost doing Gods will toward their fellow man is supposed to be at the top of their priority list. We don't need Government to do everything for US, we don't need a fish today, we need the Government to get out of our way so we can fish for the rest of our lives. Honoring the rule of Law should be the bedrock we build off of.

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