Saturday, February 27, 2010

Agree or Disagree

I have had people tell me I think too much about Obama and politics. Friends, acquaintances, and family have said I am even obsessed. I have known people to be obsessed with Presidents in the past, people who I had disagreements with on various issues(social and political). I felt they were obsessed and blaming Bush for many things out of his scope of reach. Maybe the same thing is happening right now with this President and myself?

I know full well that no President can take all the credit or all the blame for everything. That would be ridiculous to suggest. However, a President does set the mood. A President can either use Government to set up roadblocks or get out of the way. A President has enormous power to expand Government, intrude and shape markets by power of taxes, spending priorities, bills signed into law, threats of meddling, threats of raising taxes, threats of bureaucracy, and changing the law whenever they feel it necessary. Not to mention foreign policy and basic uncontrollable world events and how correct actions spell positive or negative ramifications for all of US. Evidence no President has that much power is the testament that Obama has not already done more damage. We can and will overcome these current setbacks, it is just a question of how far we will fall before we pick ourselves up and with common sense start over again.

I have never looked for a President to do any more or any less than what was in our Nations best interests. I also want my President to be flexible enough to assess conditions and enact the electorates desire as much as is good and as is logical given the fact we are over 350 million people. Obama was voted in for changes sake. He mistook what he was given as the benefit of the doubt as to his partisanship and ran on to remake the country. The problem was his opaque candidacy and vague and diaphanous record did not let voters understand where the man really stood on any issue that mattered to the country at large. Now he has to present himself and the issues all at once and there is a disconnect from the will of the people. People want to like the man, he was voted in on an affirmative action reservation. But we want what is good for the whole country, not just the same demonized special interests who are now, comically, Obamas bedfellows.

The economy is the engine that makes this country tick, without money we are about as likely to succeed as Mexico. Social programs are killing Western countries one by one and soon we will see all the evidence we need when Greece and Spain take down the EU. The state of California is a prime example of what too many promises and not enough real work getting done will lead to. Governor Schwarzenegger has failed almost as spectacularly as Obama will and I believe that is why he is coming out in defense of the misguided un~American policy the Democrat Party is hosting everywhere.

More than likely with all our tech and manufacturing going overseas this country will have to become agricultural in order to survive. Maybe then we will focus on our own energy and strengthen ourselves on ourselves. Who knows if the rest of the world can thrive while we take a break from policing the world and find ourselves again. I imagine that will be the final shakedown into the one world Government and I see it happening within 10 years. Obama is kind of our interim steward, a catalyst, who will prepare US for our descent into the sea of Nations.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Power and the Glory

Our planet Earth is so much more able to defend herself and re start on a new path I just laugh when Scientists try to claim that we can somehow alter the Planets destiny. Maybe we can alter our own destiny on this Planet but even then it would not be too long before all memory of our civilization were erased until some future generation of Archeologists dug up our ruins. The blip that is this modern growth spurt is one heartbeat on the grand scale of everything this planet has seen or will see in the next billion years.
How many times can it start again?
As many times as it wants to.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beauty and Tragedy

All that is so awesome about being a human being was summed up at the Opening ceremony at the Vancouver Olympics last night. The day began by illustrating the frailty and vulnerability even our champions must endure. By the time the Ceremony was complete we saw a most beautiful host in all their glory, the creative genius of artists and choreographers, a stunning show with history and balance. We saw the hopefulness around the world celebrating excellence and comradery.
We saw the human spirit and how beautiful it can be.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Beware of What You Say

I guess I should extend sympathies when I see someone trying to do the right thing, but still stepping in it. It is so difficult to even bring up the subject of weight and children anymore without offending someone's sensitivities or inviting disorder. Michelle Obama should really know better than to use her own children as an example, didn't the school grade fiasco teach the Obamas how its impossible to draw attention to the first kids without risking embarrassment to the children or to themselves? It is not wise at all to mention a young girls weight, even with the best intentions and full knowledge that there is no problem there.

Sensitivities are so thin and the pressure in this world is so tough, a complex is just waiting to be hatched even from the most benign of comments. I believe stressing the ability to create the bodies we want if we are willing to work hard for it is the key to mental peace. And eating right should be the goal of every person, no matter what state of physical condition they are in at the moment. And we need to teach the children everything is easier to control when they are small, but it can become impossible if nothing is done when we have our chance.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Weasel Words

Harry Reid has got to go, what is his plan after he gets voted out? Is it the same thing he plans for Americans in general, depicted in the photo above?
If this is leadership I would hate to see him shirk.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Call Me a Skeptic

We can't trust Iran as far as we can throw them, and it seems as if our Foreign Policy has become designed to eliminate our ability to throw anything anywhere, nowadays. I fear that the smokescreen is going up and Obama is going to react to the head fake and next week something will have changed, in a big way.
I know there is always a certain level of bluster emanating from The Islamic Republic, but not to take them at their words on their very real intentions is folly. The only thing we can count on is their incompetence, and that, as seen here by our own Government's budgetary game of 3 card Monte is as reassuring as a heart attack, and just as serious.
Iran is employing the typical Islamascist superstition of dates begetting motivation begetting attacks. For all their supposed spiritualist beliefs in Mohammad and Allah, and Mahdi they seem unbelievably numerological and materialistic and one dimensional when it comes to their violent dealings in the physical world.
I wonder sometimes if Iran isn't just the proxy that Russia or China is employing, a pawn with the nerve to get in the face of the US, and stir the pot. And now with Obama at the helm we are as likely to apologize for standing up for ourselves and the Free worlds vital interests as to topple this pathetic Dictatorship. At the worst, Iran can expect another ultimatum and date setback and therefore they will just keep moving forward in their attempt to get actionable nuclear weapons.
Incompetence is as incompetence does, evil that lies in wait and is undisturbed may eventually bear it's rotten fruit.
Hold your friends close and your enemies even closer~~~

Be prepared Americans, our ride is going to get even bumpier. And, our Leadership is as close to as clueless as has ever been or will ever be again.