Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Call Me a Skeptic

We can't trust Iran as far as we can throw them, and it seems as if our Foreign Policy has become designed to eliminate our ability to throw anything anywhere, nowadays. I fear that the smokescreen is going up and Obama is going to react to the head fake and next week something will have changed, in a big way.
I know there is always a certain level of bluster emanating from The Islamic Republic, but not to take them at their words on their very real intentions is folly. The only thing we can count on is their incompetence, and that, as seen here by our own Government's budgetary game of 3 card Monte is as reassuring as a heart attack, and just as serious.
Iran is employing the typical Islamascist superstition of dates begetting motivation begetting attacks. For all their supposed spiritualist beliefs in Mohammad and Allah, and Mahdi they seem unbelievably numerological and materialistic and one dimensional when it comes to their violent dealings in the physical world.
I wonder sometimes if Iran isn't just the proxy that Russia or China is employing, a pawn with the nerve to get in the face of the US, and stir the pot. And now with Obama at the helm we are as likely to apologize for standing up for ourselves and the Free worlds vital interests as to topple this pathetic Dictatorship. At the worst, Iran can expect another ultimatum and date setback and therefore they will just keep moving forward in their attempt to get actionable nuclear weapons.
Incompetence is as incompetence does, evil that lies in wait and is undisturbed may eventually bear it's rotten fruit.
Hold your friends close and your enemies even closer~~~

Be prepared Americans, our ride is going to get even bumpier. And, our Leadership is as close to as clueless as has ever been or will ever be again.

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John Sanzone said...

You've probably got something there with the idea that Iran is a pawn for China and/or Russia. It would be naive to think that they wouldn't want to have their own pieces of the Middle East after the U.S. occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, which itself even brushes against China's borders.