Monday, September 29, 2008

Have I Got News For You

America is at the crossroads and what I think most on the wings of the left and the right fail to recognize is that we are already a socialist country. The only people who are truly free in this country are the rich and they are getting decimated by market forces right now. Soon only the ultra rich will be rich and the rest of US will be fighting for the crumbs. The lower and middle classes will will morph into a commonality of delusion and exclusion.

Our representatives play politics with every single issue and our country coming up better is not part of any equation. This is no game, there are people who worked hard all their life and their retirement years are on the line. Some don't have the time to wait for things to come back.

I believe we are already socialist because of the layers upon layers of regulations and insurances we must navigate just to be legitimate businesses. And the loopholes are exploited by many, aided by connections and insiders. Just to have a motor vehicle requires such a chunk of the poor people and lower middle class peoples time to keep on the road that they are in servitude just to attempt to access the American Dream. So I don't really see the hard liners on the right reasoning that the line in the sand is here, now. If the Government needs to inject liquidity to save our financial system then we can't wait till this 11th hour to say that we are fighting socialism, when we are already socialistic in just about every other facet of our national experience. Lets all just break everything down and start all over?? It's not really fair at all.

The Liberals are trying to destroy capitalism because they believe that there in a world of a Government controlled economy they will have the ultimate control over all of US and the power they covet will be wielded by like minded micromanagers who tell all citizens what to do and where they can do it. Sometimes I wonder why we conservatives fight this fight because we battle for everything we get here in America, but the lamebrains who don't even try get free health care and benefits that are inaccessible to anyone who wants just a little more out of life than barely getting by. Or having to break the law to get ahead. It is obvious to me that the Liberal Democrat party will only gain the white house if there is economic trouble out there. Now economic crisis or meltdown may not benefit a neophyte like Barack Obama, when more Americans will be attentive and seeking an experienced hand to guide US through these troubled waters. These are perilous times and i know the Bible predicts that such things as this are all foretold as signs that we are in the times near the end. As selfish as thisd may sound I pray to God to hold off and let my children grow up and let me realize some of lifes dreams like love and charity and enjoying a little bit of this life.

Forgive me for being so selfish.
Hope We Can Change

Pay as you go, that is the way to live, work from ahead, something I have always wanted to try. One of these days our country will figure things out and we too will make those goals a priority as a group. Because I do believe when the people of the country see the Government acting so irresponsibly they cannot help but get drawn in to similar behaviour. We can pass this test and we will, because if we fail...

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Audacity of Change
We Hired These Guys To Do Their Job

We hire the politicians to do a job, not to spend their time trying to get another job. This Financial crisis needs to be dealt with as quickly and as forcefully as possible. It's difficult to imagine these politicians being able to put aside their quest for retaining their seats of power in order to preserve so many peoples futures, livelihoods, and life's savings. This is a time to lead, this is a time for someone to step up and and reaffirm their constituents faith in why we cast our vote for them to be there in Washington. I will pray that all of these Politicians think about the landscape they are creating and how they would try to support their families in the climate they are creating.

Action is required and not more politicking.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Left's Rage Exposed

The Liberals and Leftists who hate George W. Bush have refocused their enmity upon Sarah Palin now. With enough invective to stir a pot the size of Lake Ponchartrain these defenders of privacy and due process are smearing anything in the way of their grab for power. I am certain one of these demented demagogues pet peeves is habeas corpus and the 'illegal' wiretapping of terrorist communications. Yet they turn right around and go ten steps worse than anything they could have dreamed that the Bush regime would do.
Go figure.

I know this is more than likely a fringe wacko and nowhere near the Obama campaign, but I think it would serve all well if Obama acknowleded these loonies are on his side and in the spirit of a new kind of politics or the change he is promising, he denounced these things as contemptible. I know there are many Liberals who also shudder at this kind of hysterical mania that is creeping closer to the heart of the Democrat Party. It's unworthy of anything we would look to as helpful to bring about the reform that is sorely needed from the campaign to the inauguration.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Hope can Change

The economic trouble that our Country is now experiencing can be tracked back into the 1990's and really, even before that. Two balls set in motion years back have been rolling toward the pins and are now making strikes. The first was Ronald Reagans amnesty program (1986) that made a mockery of our immigration laws and opened the door for the future waves of illegal immigrants and those who wished to use them as a foundation building block for our economy. The second was Bill Clintons banking deregulation that set the stage for the concurrent waves of speculation and greed. This was not just a Clinton Administration effort but a bi-partisan accord that was definitely at the core of the sub prime mortgage meltdown. It just took a few more years and some more de-regulation to achieve the final results.

Update: After some diligent research it has become clear that regulation not de-regulation has been the cause of all these woes. The Federal policies of people not qualified to buy homes that were encouraged to step into sub prime loans to access the American Dream have instigated the credit freeze and financial institution capitalization crisis. It is social engineering and political manipulation that created the unequal playing fields that fueled the instability we have now.Let US never forget that an offshoot of liberalism is at the heart of the housing bubble. The Government forced the lending institutions to lend to people (low income/ minority) who could not afford to pay the terms back, meaning well but forgetting about the basic weaknesses of human nature. And the real possibility of an economic downturn. Greed set in and everybody thought their assets were worth more than in reality they really were. When the bubble popped everything it had obscured became exposed.

And now Barack Obama will take this as a last chance to appeal to our hope for change. The only way Obama can win is if our economy is in so much trouble that the people will turn to the snake oil salesman in utter desperation. And Obama would rather win and Govern through a depression than lose and graciously say the right things to calm Americans fears about where our economy is heading. There is no doubt that if you continually talk something down it will become ingrained where it is heard. For years we have been hearing the lament on the sour economy, but if those stories had been tempered with a plea for personal responsibility from the borrowers and lenders maybe we could have avoided some small portion of this mess. I believe the Bush administration was naive to think that an ownership society could ever take place where so many are simply willing to walk away or run away from their bad decisions. And how companies are allowed to offer deals that border on Loansharking. The lender should take some responsibility in what they are doing to their fellow man, and the borrowers need to be honest and make every attempt to pay back their debts. But people should not be ruined by things that are out of their control. And conversely we need to walk away from the instant gratification mentality that is poisoning the well. There will be a reckoning and it would be wise for all of US to remember from where we came.

In the end we all must take the responsibility of what our actions have caused to come into being. We buy things at the dollar store or Walmart that are made in China, or anywhere else that have no human ethical standards. We should buy American first whenever possible to keep our money in our own country. We should invest in our own energy first for the same reasons. And if all of our own people would be willing to work, and work hard we would not have to look to other countries for our labor 'shortages'. Now we have a job market that is tight and millions of illegal aliens pushing the wages even lower. That is the lesson I have pulled from all these spirals, It never goes up high enough and fast enough to offset the speed at which things deteriorate and and fall apart again.

And these are not Liberal or Conservatives exclusive problems, they are not Republican or Democrat, they are human problems and the solutions are not so simplistic.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Theres a Certain Fascination

Scientists who don't believe still would like to mess around and try to find out more about God. They believe they are so smart that anything in their mind can be tried and if they can't disprove the existence of God, then back to the drawing board. I know in my heart that one day it will be someone like that, who is a little restless, arrogant and maybe even slightly suicidal, who will unleash something in the world that starts a chain reaction or an outbreak of some deadly disease, that impacts most everybody on the planet. I suppose then they will get a chance to see and believe.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

They Will Put the Grit Back in Integrity

Sarah Palin seems like a great choice of a Running mate with John McCain. She will undoubtedly stand by her convictions and vote her conscience. I was one conservative voter who originally was not overly impressed with John McCain as the best conservative candidate the Republican Party could have put forth this election year. But as a hard working and tenacious campaigner and speaker/debater, McCain has shown me something. And this choice of Sarah Palin I believe is a good one. She has a toughness like John that our country needs right now. And she has a reformers track record. If they both stand up and do what they say I think our country will benefit greatly, it remains to be seen how they woeld fare with Democrats controlling both houses of congress. But at least these two have shown they can work across the aisle to get things accomplished, so I am holding out hope all our elected representatives can grow up and realize our country needs co-operation , not never ending political gamesmanship.

It seems that energy independence will be right at the top of the Republicans agenda and I think right now that is probably our most important issue since it is the energy source that drives our economy. I did hear Sarah mention natural gas too, contrary to what T. Bone Pickens asserted. But I do agree with his theory that we must maintain our own supply of petroleum until we complete our transition to renewable energies. I think Palin can trump Obama on this issue and the experience angle becomes moot. But don't forget Obama is running for the Presidency, Palin will just be the V.P. , a very big difference there. Can't wait for the debates, I know both the Republican candidates will do much better than people think, as they will pound on the issues that matter more to our everyday needs. The war is won, we need our own energy now, and we won't grow our economy by raising taxes.

Big troubles are looming on our horizon and Obama seems as if he will get caught up in little issues and let US get swept away by the big things. I think if the media plays this thing fair America will be able to decide and then we must live with our choice. I pray everyone can be honest and then I will accept the chips wherever they lay. God Bless our great Country.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

'If my Daughter makes a Mistake I dont want her Punished with a Baby'

Compare that quote from the pro-abortion candidate for President, Barack Obama, to the statement by the Palin's that the left wingers are trying to spin into golden hypocrisy. 'As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support'. The truth is the conservative Christian position for life cannot be condensed into a soundbite or any individuals statements or situation. We believe all life is sacred and therefore falls under the bill of rights protection of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those who seek to tear down the Republicans will smear anyone who gets in their way. If they have an issue with Governor Palin that would be one thing, but they are stepping in quicksand with the families and life issues they are attempting to raise. There is no scandal in this 17 year old ending up pregnant, it is unfortunate that she is so young but maybe this baby was meant to be born now. We can never know all of God's providences, but I am sure many left wingers and liberals have dealt with this very same challenge. If we all waited until we were perfectly ready to have children there would be very few children born at all. After all, its a liberal mindset that encourages youngsters who are not married to have sex and then planned parenthood has the solution. Is that the liberal scandal here, no abortion? Governor Palin's family is actually living out their pro life beliefs, so more power to them. And more power to the left wing kooks who are trying to influence people by digging up dirt on the children of their political opponents. This tactic will surely backfire in the end. As one of the independent voters out there I certainly have decided, and on this one issue alone I choose life, and the candidte supporting life. With real hypocrisy swirling around their candidate it seems funny that they have to invent something to try and besmirch their opponent.