Wednesday, September 03, 2008

They Will Put the Grit Back in Integrity

Sarah Palin seems like a great choice of a Running mate with John McCain. She will undoubtedly stand by her convictions and vote her conscience. I was one conservative voter who originally was not overly impressed with John McCain as the best conservative candidate the Republican Party could have put forth this election year. But as a hard working and tenacious campaigner and speaker/debater, McCain has shown me something. And this choice of Sarah Palin I believe is a good one. She has a toughness like John that our country needs right now. And she has a reformers track record. If they both stand up and do what they say I think our country will benefit greatly, it remains to be seen how they woeld fare with Democrats controlling both houses of congress. But at least these two have shown they can work across the aisle to get things accomplished, so I am holding out hope all our elected representatives can grow up and realize our country needs co-operation , not never ending political gamesmanship.

It seems that energy independence will be right at the top of the Republicans agenda and I think right now that is probably our most important issue since it is the energy source that drives our economy. I did hear Sarah mention natural gas too, contrary to what T. Bone Pickens asserted. But I do agree with his theory that we must maintain our own supply of petroleum until we complete our transition to renewable energies. I think Palin can trump Obama on this issue and the experience angle becomes moot. But don't forget Obama is running for the Presidency, Palin will just be the V.P. , a very big difference there. Can't wait for the debates, I know both the Republican candidates will do much better than people think, as they will pound on the issues that matter more to our everyday needs. The war is won, we need our own energy now, and we won't grow our economy by raising taxes.

Big troubles are looming on our horizon and Obama seems as if he will get caught up in little issues and let US get swept away by the big things. I think if the media plays this thing fair America will be able to decide and then we must live with our choice. I pray everyone can be honest and then I will accept the chips wherever they lay. God Bless our great Country.

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gregcalac said...

Johnny, I'm assuming you watched Sarah Palin's speech tonight. My initial response is, WOW! She has so much poise and smoothness in her delivery. I was thoroughly impressed!

Her presence will no doubt excite and energize the base of the Republican party, but she will also appeal to a much broader group due to the feeling she gives of being accessible. The average American can truly relate to Sarah Palin. I don't care what the media tries to do to her, she looks to me like she can handle whatever they can throw at her. For that reason, they're going to start doing and saying some stupid things out of fear. It's going to get really interesting from here on and I'm very excited about this one-woman-wrecking-ball!