Sunday, August 05, 2007

Whatever Happens, Happens.

When a bridge collapses and you are on it, or when you are driving to the store and a red light gets run. When you buy some spinach and its tainted, or a robber chooses his next victim, you. Theres a saying out there when it's your time to go its your time. But, how can it be fate that you were one car space okay, or a couple yards further and then you die? You missed your flight and the plane crashes, or that mosquito bites someone else. Chance can and does happen, I believe there really are accidents that even God does not intend and therefore will not intervene. We have to live for the moment, and enjoy it while we can. Health and family are the most important treasures to covet, friends and pets and passions strengthen our foundation. To live to a grand old age is a worthwhile avocation. And see grandchildren have families of their own. And all the while thank God for the gift He has given, a chance to be.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Scourge on Modern Man;

Methamphetamine could be straight out of the Devils own Handbook. The destructor, the accusor, waster of lives and livelihoods, is not a respector of persons, places, or things, either. What a perfect tool in the hands of a most lethal adversary, feed your enemy to themself. What else could blind a parent to a dependant childs most basic needs. Or baffle its imbiber into psychotic rampages and delusional suicides? The way the addicts waste away and do not appear to care or reverse course is an amazing phenomena all by itself. Throw it all together and the absolute evil manifestation cannot be denied. Somehow we must give this drug a seperate consideration and stamp it out with the punitive power reserved for crack cocaine, heroin, and steroids. I would even go a step further and give life in prison or death penalty for those cooking or dealing quantities of this poison. Face it, that is exactly what this drug is, like Rat Poison.
Yesterday a good man was run down by a man who was best described as drug addicted and really someone who has destroyed his own life and now taken another. Scott Russell was a CHP frontline warrior protecting us from people like the maniac who murdered him. It is a shame and a tragedy that this should ever happen, but actually it happens all too often. I have personally witnessed the destruction meth will cause- guaranteed, if it is used and abused, and cannot believe there is nothing we the people can do to protect ourselves from those among us who succomb to this demon. A stigma must be attached to meth that is as legendary as that of heroin ,opium or LSD. We can maybe save a generation somewhere down the road. It is a prayer worth saying.