Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Answer Your Own Question?

There was a poll taken and Americans were asked if Barack Obama is a Muslim. I think there is really no question at all that he is hiding who he really is. And not that there is anything really wrong with Obama being a Muslim, other than the fact he would be lying about what he believes to get elected where he otherwise would never have had a chance. And that we are at war with a radical strain of Islam that the religion as a whole cannot seem to separate itself from or show any need for reformation. No real Christian would ever say the things that Obama says about Islam and the "Holy" Koran, or espouse abortion, overtly cow tow to Muslim Nations and leaders, deny our national prayer day, endorse a Mosque at ground zero, embrace Black Liberation theology, say our Nation is not a Christian Nation, not set a good example by going to Church when you are such a high profile believer, endorse Marxism/ Socialism, say your fellow believers are clinging to religion and guns in such a condescending manner, set himself on the wrong side of the Israeli/Palestinian conundrum, claim that the Muslim call to prayer was one of the most beautiful sounds on Earth, be born a Muslim, etc. etc. And not that all people are not hypocritical either, nobody is perfect, yet we must stand for something. And standing for what we believe in is what we are called to do.

The writer for AP story linked above, Alan Fram, says it so assuredly that the poll respondents are~ incorrect. I wonder how he can be so certain when Islam teaches its adherents that they can lie or sin in just about any way to further their religious/ political belief system upon the infidel? I see little to no evidence that Obama is a Christian at all, other than his claim, which like everything else hidden in his past, seems to be only to further his political career.

There is little evidence that Obama loves his Country and I don't see him saying Jesus Christ is his Lord and Saviour, either. I believe many are right to question where his loyalty lies, only because he is contradicting himself. If he wanted to keep his faith to himself that would be one thing, but he has shown outright favoritism toward Islam over his professed true religion. It is right to discern who this is that we have leading US and to where is he leading?

War is on the horizon with Iran, or the balance of power in the middle east shifts with their acquiring of an Atomic Bomb. What is our President doing to avert that disaster? Appeasement will only ensure that the war is worse than we could ever imagine. And all Christians who believe their Bibles know that we must stand with Israel if we wish to continue to receive Gods blessings on our country. Bible prophecy predicts that the world will unite against Israel and I see Obama lining US up on the wrong side of this situation. If he really is a Christian and I can't say for sure he isn't since I don't know his heart, I am praying he makes evidence that he truly believes in the same God as Christians and Jews and does what is right. There really is no voting present on this issue and peace or war hang in the balance.

I know a lot of people say what does the Middle East and Israel really have to do with US and North America? Well if that whole situation there went as bad as possible and Israel was destroyed and took Iran with them and the whole middle east went bonkers we would still be standing here, yes. Europe would be in huge trouble since they are so dependent on that oil, probably China too. The whole world economy would suffer greatly and chaos like we have never dreamed would ensue. The status quo is hardly acceptable but if Iran gets the bomb and proliferation engulfs the middle east we will regret the day we turned this problem over to one Barack Hussein Obama. Granted former President Bush punted on the Iran problem too, but he swam against such a tide and time was not on his side. But he did set up the next President with all the necessary logistics to make the tough decisions a little easier. Obama's handling of the situation will be exactly what the radical Islamascists were hoping when he got elected. World dictators know they have a very weak global cop right now. The wheels are in motion now. So much is about to be plowed and many will pay with their lives.
And we will have change.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Tool and a Fool

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. What politicians promise and what we get are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum, which is usually what happens when we put our faith in fellow man. Sometimes the players get played, and eventually the Faustian bargainers become grist for the mill.

Like a relationship between a man and a woman, trust must be in the center point balancing everything out. If the relationship starts with lies or is predicated on deception how can it ever progress into unconditional love, respect or admiration? The same hold true in our relationships with the Government and everyday people with whom we interact, like anyone selling anything, health care professionals, automotive repair people , people who work in on and around our homes, even people who serve us food. A free society is a society based on trust or it will crumble. Like paying our taxes, receiving assistance in the form of unemployment or welfare, filing an insurance claim, on and on and on...
Liars and cheats will have all the room they need to operate and usually you can't know until you have been had.

Politicians have mastered the art of talking out both sides of their mouths. Our society is shown that example by the ruling class that honesty is a means to an end and truth is relevant only as far as what it takes to gain whichever objective is in the periscope. So is it any wonder that now there is no longer pride in furthering a trade, only pride in material things? Now an honest days work for an honest days pay is a fools errand. The things that last like friendships and monuments have become just signposts on the way, stepping stones and markers of where we once were. Now we see its more about what people can get from one another, we used to care about how we treated our fellow man. We used to want the value that we gave to be equal to that which we received. Saving a buck at anyones expense has become the American way.

My most heartfelt prayer will always be to let honesty rule the day and lets all learn to deal with the ramifications of that. I can handle the truth if its the whole truth, there's really no other option but acceptance. I believe the times we are in now are just a trial for what is to come, a chance to prove our mettle and rise above pettiness and worldliness. A chance to be true.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Yes Virginia, There is an Obama Clause

The 10th Amendment to the Constitution is under assault, and the way this one plays out is the harbinger to the upcoming Civil War. The problem with the Federal Usurpation of the States rights is that if a citizen disagrees with a ruling in any particular State they can pick up and move to a State that operates in a manner that is agreeable to the citizen. If the Federal Government takes over everything and dictates what we do and what we buy, what recourse have we? To move to a different country? That is totally un-American and antithetical to what it means to be an American citizen. Or is that what they are after with all these attempts to dilute our citizenship and our vote.