Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Craven Bury their Dead

Barack Obama today stood up and praised his mentor Edward Kennedy at the funeral Mass of the "Lion of the Senate". Not that there's anything wrong with the President "lionizing" a popular and influential Senator and member of his own party. But When Obama gushed on about Ted it made me think about the similarities in these two men of the people. How whitewashing and varnishing of the truth can live on if nobody wants to know the real truth anymore.
Kennedy was all they say about him and more. The main problem I always have with liberals is that they never seem proud enough of their stance to come right out and stick with their arguments until any conservative can be convinced liberalism is a better approach to this world we live in, and human nature which controls everything we see. The Democrat family even used a few children to turn the funeral into a political symposium. Kennedy was a known coward who let the leftist agenda trump Americas interests every time, and unfortunately B.O. is following that lede. Kennedy stated his life's work as Health care for all, but didn't want to give Nixon a victory on that issue. Politics was what Kennedy cared about first foremost and all ways.
Obama is just like Uncle Teddy when it comes to that modus opperandi. The end always justifies the means, and nobody is more important than the cause except for he, himself. I dont have the energy right now to list all these pairs' seditious acts of incompetence, arrogance and servile treachery. Suffice it to say that Barack Obama and how he handles Honduras, Iran, what happens in Afghanistan soon, North Korea and Venezuela, will be most likely reminiscent of Senator Kennedy's handling of Viet Nam, Iraq and the 2 Gulf Wars, Iran in the Carter into Reagan years, and Nicaragua. Its what we get when we elect a junior Senator to the Presidency, a junior Senator that I am certain was awe inspired by Kennedy's mastery and manipulation of the American system of power and privilege. Obama was the exact opposite of Kennedy in time in the Senate served, Kennedy a lifer who knew every corridor and lever, and Obama, an aspirant to higher power who never intended to serve the people of Illinois at all. The seat was his springboard to the Presidency. Kennedy, too, would have not been satisfied, but his luck and behaviour, in spite of his regal name, doomed him to being the lifelong Senator from Massachusetts.
Kennedy was more interested in his career than he was with real Americans and their difficulties, the abstract angles of race and immigration trump real world concerns like crime and threats to National security. The give and take that Kennedy has been posthumously granted was always the side of whats right and good giving and what was wrong and detrimental to the country, taking. Obama is the packaging and street cred that Kennedy longed to wield. And Kennedy had the ruthlessness and connections that appealed to Obama, along with his hyperbolic, bombastic style countering Obamas"cool". They are flip sides of the same 3$ lead coin that in all its worthlessness still can be counterfeited upon Kool aid drinking wanna-believers.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Are The Tactics Alarming Anyone Yet?

Spend Spend spend our way into oblivion, then blame someone else for making you do it. Then squash dissent with whatever means are at your disposal. Sounds like it could be Hugo Chavez' Venezuela we are talking about. But no, its Barack Obama's America. I am getting the distinct feeling that Obama is fanning the flames of Civil War. After a little over half a year of this administration I am afraid I will not recognize my country after 3 more years. 2010 could be the watershed moment in this Countries chance to survive as a great Nation.
I wonder what the vision of America really is inside Obamas mind, where is he trying to take US?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fare Thee Well

O stalwart adversary to the higher calling of conservatism over the easy road of the great giveaway.
Just think if Kennedy had the health care he advocated for US all, he would have never lived long enough to try and circumvent his own political gamesmanship on his replacement. What a great country we live in, it will outlast all these politicians that want to be our Lords and even control US from beyond the grave.
I wonder if the liberals would give condolences if a high ranking conservative went on to his/her reward? It seems so unlikely, but I still have hope for the decency we can all exhibit toward one another as we realize we all are just temporarily here and then we move on and our efforts will be appreciated for the honesty and integrity they were initiated.

RIP Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D. Mass.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

You Voted for Hope but all you got is Change

What could be the overarching strategy behind Obama's thick headed handling of our economy?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Campaign Against the American People

The freedom we hold dear is being assaulted by leftists that will use any tool to hold US under their collective thumb. Ronald Reagan foresaw this event and warned US how they would come for US. Now, the Socialists have their slick frontman, who is actually quite a lousy salesman, but a great campaigner. Community organizing is really tough work especially when the community is organizing back. We dont all need or want the Government to take care of every need, we want free markets to control costs and spur innovations. Obama wants US out of his way to get this rammed through, we want him and all Government out of our way so we can grow the economy and enjoy the fruits of our labors.
This is a campaign Obama is destined to lose, how will he disqualify most of the country as his dwindling support core is now at 47% and dropping?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Does Obama Want a Government Too Big to Fail?

The Democrats must be scared because they are ratcheting up the rhetorical scale to code red, for Hitler Swastikas and Nazis are now coming out daily in the media reports and the DPB. The town hall style protests must have a great effect on letting the Pols see real people, not the rent a mob always seen at left wing protests like WMF events G8 meetings or every chance they had to lambaste former President Bush. It is refreshing to see and I was planning on taking part in an event myself even before this got to be the cause celebres.
On August 18 congressman Dan Lungren is having a town hall meeting and I was already planning on attending, now I know I will for sure. Although his meeting is about the National debt, not necessarily the health care takeover congress is planning with Obama. I know I can count on Dan Lungren to do the right thing, and this town hall meeting will be a real fact finding and truth telling event.
Our Government does so little right I cannot imagine them getting involved in taking over the medical industry, 1/6 of the national economy! The bureaucratic redtape would boggle all our minds. Obama should have cut his teeth on easy issues instead of jumping right in and trying a power grab of this magnitude. Bill Clinton learned his lesson, Obama does not even have a plan he just has his eyes on the prize and wants to control everything.
The elections of 2010 are right around the corner and pretty soon the national media will be covering for Obama to the detriment of the liberal Democrats. I think the blue dog Democrats will come through this unscathed if they stick to the principles that got them elected. I will even gain respect for them if they do not fold under the South side pressure sure to be exercised upon them. If the Media continue to try and trump passionate public discourse with Palin, Bush, and Rove, they will miss the heart and soul of this country and what we will stand up for. And eventually we will fight for, and the civil war they are fanning now with Red vs. Blue will be not averted but exacerbated by the slanted media coverage of their agenda, they are in it with Barack now... the liberal media is all in.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Maybe, Maybe Not...

President Obama says the recession maybe nearing the end. But then again, theres still the Health Care overhaul, and Cap and Tax, either one of those two proposals could kill a recovery in its tracks. So the Democrats and the Administration have options as to how they will squeeze the most leftward tilt out of this crisis. If the jobs and the economy were the most important things to Obama he would have shelved all his grandiose visions for a New America and a New World until he figured the economy was stabilized . But his agenda takes him further, it takes him into the destruction of the private sector and the ruination of free market capitalism. Obama promised during the campaign he could bring new jobs, more jobs, lots of jobs, but all we have right now is him taking credit for an economy that is losing jobs at half the rate when he took office. Maybe its a little better than it was, but it is the lack of confidence in Obama and Democrats to do the right things economically that has the corporations of America downsizing as they figure it will be a while until they are revisited by a business friendly administration. Obama keeps saying he will take responsibility for this mess he inherited, but he inherited it from a Democrat controlled House and Senate and a lame duck in Bush. And he was one of the majority Senators! And he has spent a trillion dollars more of borrowed money!
Obama wants to control all things, in his mind to make things better, because he knows more than we do what is better for US. Unfortunately for him the economy is too diverse and the people who he most wants to clamp down on are able to run and hide. His easy targets are the impoverished and the lower middle class. Those groups are most dependent on the status quo. The least able to switch tracks and try a new approach that shields themselves from his confiscatory policies. Nothing will work for Obama until he tries a straight reduction in taxes, as seen by the cash for clunkers program, a break or cut in price will jumpstart markets. Too bad that is not what Obama is really after.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

An Ugly End, and the Beginning of Some other End

In the end, its still the end. The man who shot up a Pittsburgh fitness club had tragedy written all over himself, he had a lonely, isolated existence and it seems he never really tried to break out of the rut. He must have fed his misery and wore his hate like a badge in some demented club. I hear there is someone for everyone and I wonder how George Sodini missed every chance the Good Lord gave him to find and have a loving relationship with another human being. Was he always just distracted by sinful behaviours? or was he just being tested and ultimately always found lacking? It seems the drastic end he chose was a million times more sad and tragic than his lonely existence.

The Obama Administration is asking American citizens to rat on each other if they see misinformation on Barry's health care overhaul/takeover. But what if all the misinformation is actually coming from the administration? Obama is promising we can keep our plans if we like them, but doesn't explain how that can happen if the insurance company is out of business or the employer/payer decides they would rather have the Government take on that cost. And we all know everything the Government has taken on has only gotten more complicated, convoluted and controlled, to the detriment of freedom. I don't even have health insurance anymore yet I see this as having so many unintended consequences that can ruin the best system in the world for innovation, results and satisfaction. What we need is insurance reform or Government covering just the uninsured, denying everything but emergency care to illegal immigrants and reigning in the lawsuits that are leeching off the system as it is now configured by lawyers for lawyers. I would rather have something affordable I can pay as I go in with, with a backstop of catastrophic care for everybody so no one goes bankrupt just trying to stay alive. Seems so simple the dolts that want to rule US in every aspect will just never get to that one angle that may get a consensus of approval all around this country.