Thursday, August 13, 2009

Does Obama Want a Government Too Big to Fail?

The Democrats must be scared because they are ratcheting up the rhetorical scale to code red, for Hitler Swastikas and Nazis are now coming out daily in the media reports and the DPB. The town hall style protests must have a great effect on letting the Pols see real people, not the rent a mob always seen at left wing protests like WMF events G8 meetings or every chance they had to lambaste former President Bush. It is refreshing to see and I was planning on taking part in an event myself even before this got to be the cause celebres.
On August 18 congressman Dan Lungren is having a town hall meeting and I was already planning on attending, now I know I will for sure. Although his meeting is about the National debt, not necessarily the health care takeover congress is planning with Obama. I know I can count on Dan Lungren to do the right thing, and this town hall meeting will be a real fact finding and truth telling event.
Our Government does so little right I cannot imagine them getting involved in taking over the medical industry, 1/6 of the national economy! The bureaucratic redtape would boggle all our minds. Obama should have cut his teeth on easy issues instead of jumping right in and trying a power grab of this magnitude. Bill Clinton learned his lesson, Obama does not even have a plan he just has his eyes on the prize and wants to control everything.
The elections of 2010 are right around the corner and pretty soon the national media will be covering for Obama to the detriment of the liberal Democrats. I think the blue dog Democrats will come through this unscathed if they stick to the principles that got them elected. I will even gain respect for them if they do not fold under the South side pressure sure to be exercised upon them. If the Media continue to try and trump passionate public discourse with Palin, Bush, and Rove, they will miss the heart and soul of this country and what we will stand up for. And eventually we will fight for, and the civil war they are fanning now with Red vs. Blue will be not averted but exacerbated by the slanted media coverage of their agenda, they are in it with Barack now... the liberal media is all in.

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