Friday, February 29, 2008

The Passing of Time

While Ronald Reagan was President he was maligned and derided as the Epitome of all that was wrong about America. The Leftists had a heyday painting Him as a dunce, a warmonger, a hatemonger, and as a man who didn't care. I know this because I was a teenager while Reagan was President, and I am ashamed to admit that I myself maligned him. However during the course of Reagans Presidency I was forced to grow up and throw off the blinders of uninformed Liberal thought patterns, my utopian dreams shattered by hard cold reality. I grew up and came to realize that the man I thought I hated I actually loved, admired, respected, and really agreed with on about every issue. When President Reagan passed away the whole country and the Liberal Media Elitists had to accept his accomplishments as evidenced in their logical conclusions and undeniable successes. Vindication had come for this great President just a little too late. But I don't think President Reagan was shooting for a legacy within popular culture. He was trying to do the right thing for the whole world of Humanity.
William F. Buckley Jr. is getting the same backhanded praise and deserved respect after He has passed away. I guess it always has to be like that, for that is the only way a Leftist Liberal can defeat or silence their antagonistic little voice of conscience that a conservative thinker can force them to become aware of. There is a morality and a common denominator we should all hope to perfect, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", and, "Love one another as you love yourself". We perform these two edicts and Utopia can be realized. Posthumously I think the Leftists get it. I am just afraid it will be the same for Western Civilization.
The Leftists wont realize what they had until it is gone.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hang On

The populists are ashamed of their country unless they are elected it's King, Queen and Saviour. And as the Liberals have effectively gutted our once formidable persona, this world will not become less dangerous just because we avoid the fight. Our enemies watch and wait, "How long has America been teetering on this precipice?" I would guess my whole life, and JFK was my first President.

We reel from crisis to crisis as media elites laugh at our neurosis. They have our prozac, but could decide to withhold it if we stay a racist nation unable to elect a man of colour to the highest office in the land. Even as a woman is obviously the Liberal Medias second choice. Of course, the conservative nominee will get both barrels in the endgame.
It is funny to me to see Hillary Clinton scorn the media for expecting a truthful, thoughtful, reasonable solution to any of these crises. The same media that aided and abetted Her first stint to the White House. I would love to see Barack Obama step up to the podium and give clear truthful answers to these queries, but alas, He cannot. For that would require making a stand on an issue, not offering vacuous platitude.
McCain seems to want to keep the Liberal opponent viable for as long as possible, perhaps to win conservative support with a position that is not exactly in line with the Democrat Party. Obama says Al Qaeda wasn't in Iraq until Bush and McCain started their war there. Well Saddam Hussein was defying the vaunted U.N. and had numerous chances to disarm or disclose. He did not, and the rest is History. Now Al Qaeda is there, inside a shooting gallery and we are wiping them out! We couldn't really find them before, and I doubt the policies of a Democrat Party led by Barack Obama would have been able to flush out and kill so many terrorists. But what the heck, their civil liberties have been violated, anyway. What is a terrorist to live for? Think we can bring them to the table and talk them through this Jihad phase they are going through? Barack must. Or why would that be the main plank of His National Defense platform?

Our Country has problems on almost every front, problems that need solutions. Not just acknowledging that an actual problem exists, with a hope and a prayer to fix them. Ideas fix problems. Is Barack afraid someone might steal one of his ideas? A great idea that could only benefit the country, and isn't that why He is running? If he had such brilliant new ideas and they worked, even for another President, wouldn't that help Him in the end? I'm sure he would eventually get elected President, He himself stated just 3 1/2 years ago that He was not ready for National office. What do you suppose changed? Our countries needs? His political savvy? Something changed.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

World Newswatch Sunday February 24 2008 A.D.

I have to apologize for my cynicism here because I have a feeling I.m going to roll....

Mahmoud Ahmadinajhad wants the U.S. to apologize for accusing Him of trying to develope Nuclear weaponry. I sense He may be reaching out for who he hopes will be next President of the United States. Barack Obama said He will sit down and talk to Mahmoud and the Mulla Fullahs, I suppose a sincere apology would be a great way to get the dialogue flowing.

But before Barack can get elected He will have to see his base eroded by another attempt by Ralph Nader and the Greener than greenie Weenies to co-opt our country.

Cuban Lawmakers feel free to name a new President or Dictator or whatever they wiil call Fidel's brother Raul.

It's official America, lets try a recession. All the storylines point that way. Everybody but the employers and the people really living their lives seem to be buying into that rhetoric, angling for Bush's recession to cap his incompetent Presidency. I wonder if that is what it would take to get Barack elected. Usually it has to be something like a recession to get the country to dive headlong into the change aisle. So there you have it, Barack's road is being paved by his adoring group of reporters, who may also have fallen under His spell. We will see, so far there has been more critical analysis of Hillary Clinton than Obama, with McCain becoming the next microscope specimen.

{Notes to Oneself}
Heres a must read, Jonah Goldbergs Liberal Fascism

Here's another, The Nuclear Jihadist is by Douglas Franz and Catherine Collins. Both these books shed a great deal of light on the world in which we a heading toward and pose a question to me, Could we really afford to have a guy like Barack Obama as our President in times like these?
In a word, no. But thats just my opinion and while I have done a lot of thinking about the course our world is taking, I am sure everybody on Barack's bandwagon has been equally engaged in the world affairs, also. I'm sure they are using realist lines of reasoning and taking into account human nature when they come to their conclusion on Barack Obama. I'm sure they are thinking reality not about a world they wished they lived in.

The Climate I would like to see change is my climate of not fearing anything until thats all I can do. The pro-active solution effectuates reaction in which hesitation is required to analyze the situation before a principle is able todiagnose and properly respond. The re-active

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Will Hope for Substance

The Barack star phenomenon known as Obamamania has intrigued, frightened, and unsettled me. I gues it is part of "the Politicians" strategy to remain vague and positive and uncommitted for as long as possible. That modus operandi will keep Him from offending anyone for as long as possible. The very fact that He has risen this far in His political carreer without taking very many stands is as amazing a feat as what He is doing right now. I am thankful to Barack if He can rid our Country of the Clintons. That alone is worthy of kissing His ring. But seeing people act so emotional and irrational is very scary to me. A true test will await Barack because time and a Conservative Party will test Him and demand some solid proof that He is up to the job that he is applying for. In all this adulation and fawning it seems that people are forgetting He will have real work to do. He is not our mascot, Pastor, therapist, or coach. There is a real World out there that every day is spinning a little more out of control. Right now we can look to Barack for moral support, but when He has to face down world leaders who will not just love him because he is the Un-Bush I would be comforted to know how strong He is. I do not see that strength right now, all I see is someone who is going to encourage our country to take a break from the world.
Withdrawing now is not an option, Iran is on the brink of obtaining Nuclear Weapons, our Ally Israel is being threatened from all sides, China is arming, the Global Economy is sputtering, and the World is looking for Leaders. The pieces are in place and we are in a calm before the storm.
Barack may be given the opportunity to do big things, But I for one want to know who He really is.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


U.S. Rep. Harry Waxman(Democrat,Ca) regrets hearings on steroids in Major League Baseball. Is he thinking "Maybe we should have been working on the terrorist surveillance bill?"

Syria denies collaborating with Iran on retaliation on whoever martyred dunghill Mugniyah. May he find Allah in a Lake of Fire.

Barack better look out the Clintons are going to find a way to win at all costs. Opaque Obama will get some sympathy from Me on being a victim of the Clinton Politics of Personal Destruction, and Parliamentary manuevering and arm twiasting. But should the Democrat Party suffer with this internicide, then they will reap some of what they have sown, for being cowardly legalistic traitors.

I wonder if Pakistan and Islamic hell holes have these kind of problems too, and we just don't hear much about it. The school shootings are getting ridiculous, and then we have all other kinds of tragedy. In Iraq do they have tragedies other than suicide bombings? Relatively It doesn't matter a whole lot what kind of mishap wipes you out, you are dead nonetheless. It is sad and getting sadder out there! I pray for our whole world to be healed.

Ahh the beauty of a global economy, every few days it seems China has a new issue with dumping poisonous goods on our shores. With a huge trade imbalance anyway why don't we just boycott Chinese goods altogether. Or is saving a few bucks and filling Chinese coffers more important than pumping up our own economy? One day in the not too distant future we will regret trading with this snake. Don't forget they are still communist and they still want to dominate. I guess they can afford to lose a million people here or there (Do they care about poison in their products there?)And they will still need to find new lands so they can exponentially grow, and expand. And never forget to be a Christian in China is against the law, say no more.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Divisions and Sub-Divisions;

Our Country is Divided, in almost every way imaginable. It is probably the sign of a thoughtful and independent group, we can differ as we try to persuade each other, almost always peaceably and with respect. Even when disagreements are at the very core of our souls. Temper tantrums are for children and unenlightened beings. The political divisions are about as intractable as the religous consciences. The social structure is like mountain climbing, anyway you can get up there, but don't look down. The awareness of a fall can cause anybody to freeze up and panic. And once you reach the top you still have to make it back down and dwell among the masses.
With an evenly divided electorate evn the sub-divisions are not in accord. The Democrat Party has Hillary and Barack, each trying to out hope and out compassion each other. Both lofty goals, but attainable in a petri dish not in a ruthless world of diverging interests at every level of survival and competition. The Republican party is dividing among "true" conservatives and John McCain, as if John McCain is not a true conservative. Politics is all about compromising and I am confident that McCain will not compromise away all conservative values. Even though in the Mainstream US media bi-partisanship always means conservatives conceding their principles and the Liberal Democrats holding resolute.

We divide ourselves racially, culturally, intellectually, religiously, and directionally. Millions of people all going in different directions, some marching to the beat of their own drum and others grouping together in various factions. Some of these factions are quite large and have some power, others are miniscule and impotent. I hope our country and all countries that love freedom can at least get together and and move toward decency. If it takes forcibly removing the roadblocks out of the way so be it. The ACLU and "progressives" and national black caucuses and Latino unions are all dividing US up into squabbling factions that can be plucked out one by one. All it takes is a lone gunman to end 7 lives in the blink of an eye, or 32 or 3,000. One day it will be a city somewhere on earth. then countries. It won't stop until we all unite under the banner of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. But that can't even hope to begin until all people set it in their individual hearts to do right by God. And that can't begin until all forces of evil, however it is manifested are wiped out. And that can only happen when all demonically inspired people are transformed or dead. We all choose the path we take in life and inevitably arrive at that destination. We will all be judged one day by our works, and hopefully we have done enough for God to accept US, as a Nation and individuals, into his eternal presence.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

World NewsWatch February 13, 2008 A.D.

I am not sure the Founding Fathers of our country imaginined the peoples congress wasting valuable time on trivial matters like sports, and athletes that were supposedly using performance enhancing drugs even when they were not specifically banned in the sport. Seems like a monumental waste of the taxpayers employees time and our money. Roger Clemens seems to be adamant about his innocence and if lies were told under oath against him there should be severe retribution. I really don't care what happens in organized sports kids should know that any illegal drugs are bad for them and leave it at that.

Too bad for this murderer, Imad Mugniyah evidently got his just reward for living a life of violence and hatred. And if His "religion" didn't preach a gospel of worshipping death maybe there would not be so many more willing to follow in his footsteps. May the blind following the blind into the ditch have their eyes opened and stop this cycle of violence. It is a hope of mine that is fading, and when you realize the root cause you realize it will never ever end. Again, When a righteous [man] doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, and I lay a stumblingblock before him, he shall die: because thou hast not given him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Ezekiel 3:20

They claim in the headlines the Senate bill is a victory for Bush... I believe it's a victory for all of America. I wonder why divisions have to be cast upon every thing that ever gets done by our Government. We are not playing a game here, these are matters of life and death for someone.
If Berkely feels safe withdrawing from the country, so be it, they will be the Islamists first target anyway,unless the Jihadists need a pack of useful idiots. I think their cowardice is in their pre-emptive prostration, pleading with the Islamists to kill them last.

The pins came out in force against the housing bubble and finally popped it. The economy may just prove to be a little more difficult to undermine by those who want to make political hay and a vote for change out of whatever weakness they can try to blame on Bush. Hugo will throw his weight into the arena too, and dash himself on the rocks of America's strength.

On one hand we should never fear the vociferous antagonists of the free worlds right to free speech, on the other, why stir the pot? I think it's comical that these idolaters become so enraged that they will kill each other, but I hate to see innocents get caught up in the frenzy of violent intolerance. Is Islam and Mohammad so weak and vulnerable that no-one can bring it under the light of Day and analyze it with ironic fun or barbed humor?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

World NewsWatch February 10, 2008 A.D.

I find it interesting that Obama is beating Clinton in the more Conservative parts of the country, when in actuality he is much more liberal than Hillary, overall. And John McCain, being much more conservative than Hillary- is less so than His party would like to see. Some say they would stay home rather than vote for a middle of the road conservative like McCain, or vote for Hillary or Barack "Change" Obama instead. Cutting off your nose to spite your face never made less sense. These are perilous times we are living in and no one should ever forget our patient enemies have to wait as long as it takes. They will only win when we let them, and right now we are letting them arm and prepare. While over half of our population would like to pretend that 9/11 never happened, it is incumbant on the people who take the threat seriously to never forget. McCain should easily rally the Hawks to himself while Barack is setting up discussions and committees, that will render studies necessary before any action is taken to protect our country. The consultaion of Lawyers and consensus makers will encumber any elected Democrat to ever aggressively react to open provocations, either against an open attack or enemies preparing to do US harm. Thats just how liberals are, they will look inward first, and the self defeating hesitation will strengthen the adversary.

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury has really proven what the Bible predicted about a falling away from the faith. It would happen from within the church, and like a disease rot it until there is only a whitewashed sepulchre. I used to belong to the Episcopal Church, but it pains me to see them cutting themselves off the true vine. Maranatha!

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of her desultory past Amy Winehouse may be able to show Britney how its done. The Entertainment Industry is closing ranks and not about to let Amy go the way of poor Heath. The denial of these destructive lifestyles is the point I would draw attention toward. She is ready to rock after the mini-stint in rehab, so break out the industry embrace and lets all forget why she had to go to rehab in the first place. I'm not saying not to forgive and move on, but the rehab was extremely short and the repentence seems slightly insincere. I would hate to see Corporate Music feed the machine with this poor unfortunate soul.

As a lover of beautiful architecture and artistic buildings and mankinds greatest creations this is very sad. They say they will rebuild the gateway and that is as it should be, what a tragedy nonetheless.

I can't believe the quest for beauty would lead some down this path. To willingly put something like botulin toxin into your body on purpose seems so perverse, and contrary to what our creator would have us do with our time and our treasure. Let's be happy with who we are, naturally!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Solutions to our Problems

We are the stewards of our Planet Earth. It is our home and should be taken care of and preserved. God instructed us to do this. But we, as inheritors of this estate, are in charge and responsible at the same time. The people who proliferate the global warming theories seem to advocate mankind restricting themselves, possibly eliminating themselves from the equation. Is this why the same liberals who preach the gospel of "The Planet" also advocate abortion? What about the larger picture of the cosmos? The sun is really responsible for our warming. If the sun were to dramatically lose it's power we would need any method of warming possible just to survive. I believe being a true conservative means conserving everything, all resources, lives, energy, creativity, and most of all our livelihoods. Within livelihoods comes our environment and our ability to feed our families through working and commerce and connectivity to our fellow man (trade, communication, and education). Solutions to our problems can be acheived with a little brain power and teamwork.

The rising ocean levels can become a benefit if we employed desalination plants. Using the fresh water for irrigation and all human needs. And irrigate the vast, dry desert interiors (according to the GW theorists' theory, of course). Would that cost as much money as handcuffing the growth of the economic powers? One of which I am certain will not comply with the rest of the free world. Do the liberal zealots think they can restrict China and their polluting? I didn't think so either. Probably not even India anymore.
The world is our bus and humanity is on a ride, and we are on a dangerous highway. Your ticket is to Utopia, but somehow you got stuck in Urbania. The choices are to get off and walk, hijack the bus, or pull the emergency stop cable. Or maybe you can go up to the bus driver and ask him to slow down, turn around, or let you off in a safe place. All plausible choices if you are in imminent danger. When even jumping out the window is your best decision, maybe you waited too long.

Don't get me wrong, I love nature and see it as evidence that there is a God. A God that actually loves us and has given us everything that we need to grow and learn. I know that God would give us enough rope to hang ourselves, but not enough to ruin His overall creation, for all times. Yes we can muck it up and defile it, but time will eventually erase all traces of humanity if we were to ever(God forbid) wipe ourselves out. I think our individual souls are similar to the earth in that we will reap what we sow within our own temple and all of humanities temple(that being the planet earth)will reap what all of humanity is to sow in Her.

Some of the problems with the production of food and the topsoil degradation would no doubt be corrected if we just obeyed God 's rule for maintenance of the Earth. Where every seven years we were to not farm the land for 1 year, teaching patience and discipline. And giving the soil a chance to recover. We are human beings, the smartest creatures to ever live on this planet, created in the image of God AlmightyHimself. And we can do anything with God on our side.
Barack's Folderol of Foofaraw

I wonder and am amazed at the credit Barack Obama is getting as a possible Presidential candidate when he cannot say anything of substance. The flowery rhetoric sounds beautiful on the surface but it's veneer is a millimicron deep. He wants to give give give away the farm. Retreat retreat retreat from our enemies, and create a utopian society right here on this earth.

I am sure it will be green for the environment, red for the communism, and white for surrender. Let me think... who has flags that are those colors????
Friends? Foes?

The media will push for Barack because they have the same goals. To Unite the world under one system , secular humanist and worshipping the creation not the creator. The Bible speaks of a man who will unite the world, but beware of the power he is given. It seems to me like that man would rise like Barack is rising. With an almost religious fervor and no one knows what he is capable of until it's too late. I am not saying Barack is that man but the way people are jumping on his bandwagon so quickly and heedless to what he really says-lets me know we are ripe to be picked when that Man (or Woman?) appears on the scene. All I'm saying is beware, and lets ask questions and get honest, truthful answers.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

But, What Does it Mean?

Super Tuesday faded into Watch out Wednesday with ominous portentions for America. We had a horserace. Hillary is fading fast,and Mitt is all but out. Huckabee is working with McCain now, so he must be promised a prominent position. Barack Obama will get handled by the media with kid gloves, and the old war horse John McCain will get treated with respect until he has to run against a Democrat by his newfound friends inthe mainstream media.
So it will be Barack against McCain. Unless Mr. Obama stumbles or the Clinton Machine in desperation begins to dish the dirt. I am utterly amazed that Obama has been allowed to proceed so far without any serious analysis of his hollow qualifications. Oh he is a great communicator, is that the price we pay for Bush and his inability to wax eloquent. Oh he is handsome! The photo ops will all smile upon him. Oh He is black, heres Americas chance to show the world we are not racists. Barack has a dream, but unfortunately we live in the real world. Just because he wants to make everything equal and fair, safe and pretty, and fun, and give America a group hug, doesnt have a snowballs chance in Hades of happening when we still have to move forward economically and militarily. Maybe Barack's smile will win over the jihadists, or letting them have their little victory in Iraq. That was Bush's war anyway, right? Im sure he has some platitudes for China, Iran and Russia. Way down south he will probably be able to make nice with Hugo Chavez because their politics are not so different. Yes Barack, we can change... When Jimmy Carter was President we had out of control inflation and 20% interest rates unemployment was around 9%, is that what we want? Be aware of changing for changes sake, it could get worse. But how can Barack sell himself as the agent of change unless he tells everybody it can get no worse. Ive got news for The Democrats running on change...There will be change Bush will be out and a new President is coming in. That is change. Of course Bill Clinton back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. would not really be change except he would have a little more time to dally with the interns.
And the Republicans need to put the pieces of their party back together. I'm not sure the ham-handed John McCain is the one to do it. But if the party has spoken and he is the most conservative man running, I will vote for McCain. Regrettably so because McCain has taken a different path in his quest for a bi-partisan answer. It always means conservatives giving up principles and moving toward the liberals. But I know McCain is right about the Islamic threat and he would give US better judges than Barack or Hillary. Oh there is so little to hang our hats upon. May the coming days of the campaign bring unity and clarity to all Americans about who these people are that would like to lead our Country.
May the Lord have mercy on our Nation.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Super Week -In A Super Year?

Well today is Super Sunday and in 2days it will be Super Tuesday. I was reading over news stories and as usual I got struck bya few ridiculous angles taken by thos e intrepid reporters who are working their way up to "the sky is falling"! Shall I list the topics and disassemble the liberal spin?

O.K.- Let's start with unemployment, it is around 5%. The Senate wants to extend benefits because people can't find a new job in 6 months? I think they said the average checks are around $250 a week. That is not enough money to do anything but supplement working under the table or a little vacation on your parents couch. And unemployment at 5% has always been a goal to be reached, there are a certain number of people unworthy of employment, you know. And how do the 12 million illegal aliens figure into that math? I remember when employment was getting into the low 4% range and all the hullaballoo was about not enough qualified workers and wage pressures skyrocketing and crushing employers. That one percent difference must be the teetering point. And one factor I don't see in the reporting is that this is a rather savage winter so far across much of the country. Can anybody remember the word seasonal??!!??

If this didn't illustrate why I am so worried for our country nothing could. If people are basing their votes on things like gender and race we will fall in a heartbeat. My only consolation is, this is the Democrat Party, and what more could we expect from them?

When Africa finally comes on board I think the Human Race will have turned the corner and the world will see some peace. These poor people seem incapable of anything but creating a dictator to prolong their miseries.

The pop stars drop in two's and three's Hang in there Britney, dont go the way of Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, or Anna Nichole for that matter, Britney Spears' death spiral is agonizingly slow, but perfect fodder for the media vultures. It is sad, but also instuctive to watch someone who seems to have everything collapsing from emptiness. She has claimed to know the Lord so I am praying she comes around with a grand story of redemption, salvation and healing.

Well today is super sunday so I will think about frivolous things, like a football game. The upstart Giants against the Destiny bound New England Patriots. I like Tom Brady and Teddy Bruschi, but want the mantle of Joe Montana to remain with my team, the 49ers. Brady may just be the best Quarterback we will ever see, I will watch and wait... Tedy is an inspiration to me, he came through a real stroke and returned to the highest levels of achievement. The local kid made good!

I will reserve a whole entry for Super Tuesday, suffice to say the media are trying to pick US a winner...Barack Obama is their guy! Think of all the stories they will be able to write then. About a President with very little experience, in over his head, rallying the world around America's white flag. Oh Boy! The template has been chosen, lets watch the mainstream U.S. media shove a square peg into a round hole.