Thursday, February 14, 2008

Divisions and Sub-Divisions;

Our Country is Divided, in almost every way imaginable. It is probably the sign of a thoughtful and independent group, we can differ as we try to persuade each other, almost always peaceably and with respect. Even when disagreements are at the very core of our souls. Temper tantrums are for children and unenlightened beings. The political divisions are about as intractable as the religous consciences. The social structure is like mountain climbing, anyway you can get up there, but don't look down. The awareness of a fall can cause anybody to freeze up and panic. And once you reach the top you still have to make it back down and dwell among the masses.
With an evenly divided electorate evn the sub-divisions are not in accord. The Democrat Party has Hillary and Barack, each trying to out hope and out compassion each other. Both lofty goals, but attainable in a petri dish not in a ruthless world of diverging interests at every level of survival and competition. The Republican party is dividing among "true" conservatives and John McCain, as if John McCain is not a true conservative. Politics is all about compromising and I am confident that McCain will not compromise away all conservative values. Even though in the Mainstream US media bi-partisanship always means conservatives conceding their principles and the Liberal Democrats holding resolute.

We divide ourselves racially, culturally, intellectually, religiously, and directionally. Millions of people all going in different directions, some marching to the beat of their own drum and others grouping together in various factions. Some of these factions are quite large and have some power, others are miniscule and impotent. I hope our country and all countries that love freedom can at least get together and and move toward decency. If it takes forcibly removing the roadblocks out of the way so be it. The ACLU and "progressives" and national black caucuses and Latino unions are all dividing US up into squabbling factions that can be plucked out one by one. All it takes is a lone gunman to end 7 lives in the blink of an eye, or 32 or 3,000. One day it will be a city somewhere on earth. then countries. It won't stop until we all unite under the banner of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. But that can't even hope to begin until all people set it in their individual hearts to do right by God. And that can't begin until all forces of evil, however it is manifested are wiped out. And that can only happen when all demonically inspired people are transformed or dead. We all choose the path we take in life and inevitably arrive at that destination. We will all be judged one day by our works, and hopefully we have done enough for God to accept US, as a Nation and individuals, into his eternal presence.

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