Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Super Week -In A Super Year?

Well today is Super Sunday and in 2days it will be Super Tuesday. I was reading over news stories and as usual I got struck bya few ridiculous angles taken by thos e intrepid reporters who are working their way up to "the sky is falling"! Shall I list the topics and disassemble the liberal spin?

O.K.- Let's start with unemployment, it is around 5%. The Senate wants to extend benefits because people can't find a new job in 6 months? I think they said the average checks are around $250 a week. That is not enough money to do anything but supplement working under the table or a little vacation on your parents couch. And unemployment at 5% has always been a goal to be reached, there are a certain number of people unworthy of employment, you know. And how do the 12 million illegal aliens figure into that math? I remember when employment was getting into the low 4% range and all the hullaballoo was about not enough qualified workers and wage pressures skyrocketing and crushing employers. That one percent difference must be the teetering point. And one factor I don't see in the reporting is that this is a rather savage winter so far across much of the country. Can anybody remember the word seasonal??!!??

If this didn't illustrate why I am so worried for our country nothing could. If people are basing their votes on things like gender and race we will fall in a heartbeat. My only consolation is, this is the Democrat Party, and what more could we expect from them?

When Africa finally comes on board I think the Human Race will have turned the corner and the world will see some peace. These poor people seem incapable of anything but creating a dictator to prolong their miseries.

The pop stars drop in two's and three's Hang in there Britney, dont go the way of Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, or Anna Nichole for that matter, Britney Spears' death spiral is agonizingly slow, but perfect fodder for the media vultures. It is sad, but also instuctive to watch someone who seems to have everything collapsing from emptiness. She has claimed to know the Lord so I am praying she comes around with a grand story of redemption, salvation and healing.

Well today is super sunday so I will think about frivolous things, like a football game. The upstart Giants against the Destiny bound New England Patriots. I like Tom Brady and Teddy Bruschi, but want the mantle of Joe Montana to remain with my team, the 49ers. Brady may just be the best Quarterback we will ever see, I will watch and wait... Tedy is an inspiration to me, he came through a real stroke and returned to the highest levels of achievement. The local kid made good!

I will reserve a whole entry for Super Tuesday, suffice to say the media are trying to pick US a winner...Barack Obama is their guy! Think of all the stories they will be able to write then. About a President with very little experience, in over his head, rallying the world around America's white flag. Oh Boy! The template has been chosen, lets watch the mainstream U.S. media shove a square peg into a round hole.

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