Saturday, February 16, 2008


U.S. Rep. Harry Waxman(Democrat,Ca) regrets hearings on steroids in Major League Baseball. Is he thinking "Maybe we should have been working on the terrorist surveillance bill?"

Syria denies collaborating with Iran on retaliation on whoever martyred dunghill Mugniyah. May he find Allah in a Lake of Fire.

Barack better look out the Clintons are going to find a way to win at all costs. Opaque Obama will get some sympathy from Me on being a victim of the Clinton Politics of Personal Destruction, and Parliamentary manuevering and arm twiasting. But should the Democrat Party suffer with this internicide, then they will reap some of what they have sown, for being cowardly legalistic traitors.

I wonder if Pakistan and Islamic hell holes have these kind of problems too, and we just don't hear much about it. The school shootings are getting ridiculous, and then we have all other kinds of tragedy. In Iraq do they have tragedies other than suicide bombings? Relatively It doesn't matter a whole lot what kind of mishap wipes you out, you are dead nonetheless. It is sad and getting sadder out there! I pray for our whole world to be healed.

Ahh the beauty of a global economy, every few days it seems China has a new issue with dumping poisonous goods on our shores. With a huge trade imbalance anyway why don't we just boycott Chinese goods altogether. Or is saving a few bucks and filling Chinese coffers more important than pumping up our own economy? One day in the not too distant future we will regret trading with this snake. Don't forget they are still communist and they still want to dominate. I guess they can afford to lose a million people here or there (Do they care about poison in their products there?)And they will still need to find new lands so they can exponentially grow, and expand. And never forget to be a Christian in China is against the law, say no more.

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