Saturday, February 09, 2008

Solutions to our Problems

We are the stewards of our Planet Earth. It is our home and should be taken care of and preserved. God instructed us to do this. But we, as inheritors of this estate, are in charge and responsible at the same time. The people who proliferate the global warming theories seem to advocate mankind restricting themselves, possibly eliminating themselves from the equation. Is this why the same liberals who preach the gospel of "The Planet" also advocate abortion? What about the larger picture of the cosmos? The sun is really responsible for our warming. If the sun were to dramatically lose it's power we would need any method of warming possible just to survive. I believe being a true conservative means conserving everything, all resources, lives, energy, creativity, and most of all our livelihoods. Within livelihoods comes our environment and our ability to feed our families through working and commerce and connectivity to our fellow man (trade, communication, and education). Solutions to our problems can be acheived with a little brain power and teamwork.

The rising ocean levels can become a benefit if we employed desalination plants. Using the fresh water for irrigation and all human needs. And irrigate the vast, dry desert interiors (according to the GW theorists' theory, of course). Would that cost as much money as handcuffing the growth of the economic powers? One of which I am certain will not comply with the rest of the free world. Do the liberal zealots think they can restrict China and their polluting? I didn't think so either. Probably not even India anymore.
The world is our bus and humanity is on a ride, and we are on a dangerous highway. Your ticket is to Utopia, but somehow you got stuck in Urbania. The choices are to get off and walk, hijack the bus, or pull the emergency stop cable. Or maybe you can go up to the bus driver and ask him to slow down, turn around, or let you off in a safe place. All plausible choices if you are in imminent danger. When even jumping out the window is your best decision, maybe you waited too long.

Don't get me wrong, I love nature and see it as evidence that there is a God. A God that actually loves us and has given us everything that we need to grow and learn. I know that God would give us enough rope to hang ourselves, but not enough to ruin His overall creation, for all times. Yes we can muck it up and defile it, but time will eventually erase all traces of humanity if we were to ever(God forbid) wipe ourselves out. I think our individual souls are similar to the earth in that we will reap what we sow within our own temple and all of humanities temple(that being the planet earth)will reap what all of humanity is to sow in Her.

Some of the problems with the production of food and the topsoil degradation would no doubt be corrected if we just obeyed God 's rule for maintenance of the Earth. Where every seven years we were to not farm the land for 1 year, teaching patience and discipline. And giving the soil a chance to recover. We are human beings, the smartest creatures to ever live on this planet, created in the image of God AlmightyHimself. And we can do anything with God on our side.

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Very well written post. I couldn't agree with you more. L