Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Honesty as the Best Policy

The Global Warming Crowd may have an agenda they are trying to procure on false pretenses. Actually it is not an unworthwhile goal. They might just be trying to choke off the use of fossil fuels by faking the actual damage caused, thereby doing an end around the debating and invention of a better source of fuel to power our economy. Maybe in the end that is the only way we can extricate ourselves from the Petroleum Companies full nelson. In the Capitalist System a great idea can become the State of the Art, but it has to produce results and be workable and usable. But the Capitalist System can be controlled by the Rich and Powerful. And no-one would deny that Petroleum Companies are rich and powerful. So rich and powerful that rumours have swirled for years and years they buy up new technology and shelve it as they protect their money tree until it is no longer the best way to extort whatever they can get out of the common man. There are not too many necessities in life we must have if we are to survive and contribute to our economy that are controlled by so few people. We need food, but we can go anywhere and get food, or grow our own. We need shelter and we can rent shelter or buy it from many sources. But to take part in this economy we need fuel for motor vehicles, maybe some can take public transit but I cannot run my business on public transit. I can only get gasoline from a few different gas stations ,and they raise prices on a whim but when the price per barrel falls the price inches down oh so slowly. Yes I can pass along my cost but there's always a limit to how much we can pass along in a business that is close to the margins on the profit. As prices ratchet up and up they come down again without relativity.
Honesty is the crux of the situation. The honesty of the oil companies not to gouge their customers. And the honesty of those who paint the dire consequences of the ramifications of the problems we all are facing. What good is it to gain the whole world and lose your own soul? If the oil companies are just out to take as much as they can with no regard to all the other facets of the American and World economies that work in their favor, I will laugh at their obsolesence and pray for the day when they are all bankrupt. May they find the level of their own morality.

Monday, February 26, 2007

World NewsWatch February 26, 2007 A.D.

The Iranians and Mahmoud Ahmadinajhad say their nuclear programme is like a train with no reverse or brakes. To complete his metaphor, I would add, No Tracks. Good Luck, World, when these guys build their little bomb. Over the weekend they sent a rocket into space, also. What do you suppose 1+1=?

If we could just get Pakistan fully on board the whole war on Terra could become an island. When the Rats crawl out of their holes in their dirty nightshirts and are cornered, Allah will welcome them with open arms.

If the Archeologists said this was true the reportage would do backflips. Since they claim Jesus and His "Wife's" bones buried in the tomb to be bunk, this Secularistic writer will put it out there like that anyway, because it's the contoversy that sells. Until Jesus comes back, there will always be a concerted effort to disclaim the Resurrection.

Governing by the polls is never really a good thing, unless the Govt. can reverse course, stop on a dime, or move quickly enough before public opinion can change. That's why we elect leaders to lead. Reactionaries need not apply.

So that is what all the tears were for, that debacle of a hearing was a job audition. A new reality show, Make the Judge Cry.

The BrainTrust has always thought one of the best ways for a terroristic attack here in America would be through the Trucking Industry, or on our Highways. Now that Mexico will have an access to our Highways, an inspector job has become frontline defense/first responder type of responsibility. The Border must not be porous enough for some, so let's add another challenge before we get the first order of the day completed.

Al-Reuters is making sure it is known they are not responsible for the content of this article. The pirates must have allowed Reuters access so they can't comment, like CNN in Baghdad before the war.

All those poor individuals who waited for days in line got burned? Or do they have the ultimate collectible electronic piece of junk?

It may be a form of child abuse, but I am not sure taking Him away from his family is helpful. He needs a bicycle. One he can pedal around, that might help too. I feel sorry for kids who start life out with a challenge that is nearly insurmountable. But this kid is young enough to grow out of it, somewhat. It seems like Connor's Mother does what He wants, not what He needs. Maybe when He was a baby crying for more food, there was something else He was crying for. Sometimes the child just does not really know what is best for themselves.

How great it would be to develope an early test to detect this most common and evil form of Cancer.

I don't understand that Terrorism has not at least been suspected here yet, or has it? The copy makes it unclear. Maybe it's another example of hoping it's not terrorism so much you'll try every other possible theory first.

A loss is a loss in sports, it does not matter how or why. All the woulda coulda shoulda di'nt is so cowardly and unbecoming of a world class democracy. If we want to win we can win, if we want to lose, there's a plan for that, too.

Check if those in favor of the fairness doctrine or "Hush Rush" have a stake in satellite radio futures, because if they ever enacted the fairness doctrine Satellite Radio would be the way to go. It is funny, though, because how exactly would a fair radio program be conducted?, and who would decide it was "fair"? Maybe the call screener job would be done by the FCC. And every what?, 2 hours have a new host? One Lefty, one Righty? You might kill radio stations but somehow free speech would get spoken. There would be a migration from AM radio to satellite. And when that got shut down by the ones who cannot debate, HAM radios. They can never win. The conservative side can line up Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, and Bill O'Reilly as our first team. Where do we have time for Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Michael Savage, Dr. Laura,Gallagher, Pat Campbell Paul Harvey, Art Bell, Kruk and Kuip etc. etc. And then the lefties have Al Franken, John Stewart, Randy Rhoads, and then all the shadow lefties Bob Schieffer, Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert,Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Walter Cronkite, and all His Ilk. After all that then what, our computers?

Freedom Fighter and Communist Leader describing the same individual. Sounds like a contradiction in terms.

France can not deny they, too, are targeted by the Islamo-Fascist, violence worshipping, retro-humanoid, demonically inspired partiers at the gates of Hell.

The Civil War is in Baghdad, not Iraq proper. I do feel I agree somewhat with Sen. Carl Levin, ironically, the goals of just being there to Train the Iraqi Army, counterterrorism, or border security(Our own Border Security?) . are the success oriented results I, too, hope to one day see. However, complete success doesn't happen overnight and how the enemy views our actions is almost as important as the actions are themselves. They will view any type of backtracking as retreat. While we try and move backwards (less troops) it has to have an overt perception ( kicking some @ss) to instill the respect for our power, that power not used is still a threat.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Convenient Lie

Hollywood and the Motion Picture Industry has spent the last couple hours congratulating themselves on how much they care, they care about the environment and homosexuality a la the oscars won for The Inconvenient truth. They care about Race and Equality, Peace and Freedom, Age and experience, Life and Death, you name the cause and I am sure they care. Only it never seems they care enough to put their money where their mouth is. They care enough about any cause to exploit it to line their pockets. It's just they are so important and their time so valuable, plus they are so smart. If they had their way tonight they would vote in Al Gore to be the next President of the United States, because He is a great leader? No, because he cares so much about the environment He is willing to tie up the world economy as hostage in return for a couple tenths of a degree in temperature fluctuation. That makes a lot of sense to the ultra rich. I am sure they are all set up to weather a severe economic downturn should their plan come to fruition.
The whole show has a pre-determined outcome feel about it to me. Ellen has been o.k. to me and some of those shadow dancing routines were great. Thank goodness Prince was not there. Forrest Whittaker seems like a great guy, maybe a little too New Age. Martin Scorcese was the consensus charity pick. And most people that saw all the movies would never have picked The Departed as the best, give Martin a double. The Queen actress Helen Mirren was regal and elegant amd it was nice to see an older actress win best actress.
It seems like Hollywood is going out of their way to cloak their leftism, which I appreciate because when they come out and go political it ruins everything those actors have ever done for me. Their sanctimonious self rightous posing really wears me out. With the Grammies in the can and the Golden Globes , and now the Academy Awards over we see that speeches are out of vogue with their political leanings displayed onto everyone. Now the Arts and Croissants crowd illustrates its socialism with who wins the award. Or who does not win. I guess if you just want things straight and truthful on T.V. you can't win.
No Attachments No Fear

I think I figured out how the Leftside Quitlings can claim they do not take seriously the possibility of threats posed by "Bush's Bogeymen", Terrorists, threats of terroristic acts, and all that terrorists and evil Nations do.
They must have no vested interests in the future of our country or the World as we know it, in its present manifestation. More than likely 1. no kids they are trying to raise*, 2. no mortgage they are trying to pay, or 3. no business they are trying to create. So if everything fell to pieces they would land in a very similar place. With not much and where to go. I was once a liberal, single, semi-successful worker bee who would have welcomed anarchy and a come-uppance to all establishments. Maybe my openmindedness caused me to look a little deeper into different facets of life.When I looked at work all of a sudden I didn't just see a job, I saw how my bosses put their companies together and kept them together. I saw how hard work created wealth. So I guess I woke up and saw which side my bread was buttered on, and went out and tried to live the American Dream. On the way I became more conservative, a Christian, and more Patriotic. Anybody can rally around their country for a 1 time event, maybe a tragedy, but what really counts is rallying all the time. Not just in America but all peace and freedom loving people in the world. On a personal level, I paid my dues, did my time and eventually became somewhat independant. It is great and scary at the same time, sole responsibility for success or failure. When I look around at the World in general I do not see Brotherhoods of Nations all trying to get along, or help each other up. I see dog eat dog survival of the fittest in its most grotesque and real forms. It's all the same, survival is what is at stake, whether we believe it or not. If all the Good people of the World could unite, what a force for good we could be. What's holding us back?
I would even go so far as to say that We true conservative Americans really have no real fear of Terrorists or their tactics, just complete desire to NEVER allow their warped World Vision to become a reality. Nobody ever thought in the early days of the Third Reich they would be able to cause so much death and destruction, and inevitably they did. Realists now realize that when players on the world stage start rattling their sabres and making idle threats those who are aware first, must stand up and repel that momentum.
As a believer in the Judeo-Christian strain of Abraham and his creed(seed)[screed?] when matching the fervor of fundamentalisms head to head, I know my God is Right. Just like they know their Allah is right. We both have faith. Yet, even should the Christian lose an individual battle against a Muslim, I believe Christ will win the war. Mohammad added to the scriptures, Jesus said, "it is finished". A Muslim must feel the same way, Mohammad was right,they claim, Jesus was just a prophet, too. Yes, Jesus was a prophet, He predicted false Prophets would come and lead many astray. But He was not just a prophet, He is our Intercessor.
This seems to me like when we are entering into the time when Dimensions are colliding along the Physical and the Spiritual Planes. Maybe the Spirit World is that 4th dimension everyone is looking for in all the wrong places. And I am pretty sure the good and evil in the spirit world are well represented in the physical world. We are battling powers that cannot be seen or understood by finite human intelligence or reasoning so we fight blindly and foolishly. Loggerheads. Battering Rams. Tug of War.
I think my only true fear is to work Hard in Vain. Whatever the task. So there is no fear, except the Fear of the Lord, and that is the beginning of Wisdom.

* sans welfare

Friday, February 23, 2007

Stepping Down

I think you can tell the great countries of the world by how leadership administrations succeed each other . Nobody wants to let go of power, especially when they are worried the successor could possibly really screw things up even worse. But the great Democracies of the world can supercede what an individual can accomplish for better or for worse. These great Democracies can withstand radical shifts in policy if the populace knows both sides are committed to the actual success of the whole Nation. Some countries gain Democracy but lose
their way when elected leaders can't relinquish control to the next caretaker. The leaders use their position to ingratiate themselves and entrench in the power of the collective National position. Venezuela, and maybe the fledgeling Iraq, come directly to mind. Other countries really need a belligerant face, to put on a tough persona, because weakness signifies vulnerability and vulnerability invites aggression. Iran and North Korea come first to my mind here. Some countries play weak and venomless but are really just waiting for the most opportune time to strike the unsuspecting. Russia's recent actions set off all my early warning devices. Other countries may hate US but need US right now so cannot be considered a direct threat. Like China ,Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, and Africa.
Most European and North American countries have learned how to settle differences at the ballot boxing Arena of Ideas. Sometimes there's a sore loser, like in America (Florida)in 2000, but losers concede and the business of the country gets done. So maybe the more antagonistic and vitriolic we get toward each other (conservatives vs. liberals) the stronger our country really is. The more passion we feel against who we feel will ruin our country, manifest as anger, is actually a sign of caring deeply about the direction we are heading. Who knows whose worries will really come true.
So living with the results is what makes a great country. Overcoming whatever obstacle happens to land in your path. Working together. All for one and one for all.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

World NewsWatch February 22, 2007 A.D.

The illustrations of the "Enemy of the World's" depravity cannot continue to be explained away by occupation of Palestine, America in the Holy Land of the HolyLand, Bush's War, Bush's Lies, Israels's right to exist, or any other cockamamie Blame Game. The evil that men do will live on forever. Until these sub-humans can find Darwin and rise up a couple of epochs we are all doomed to go round and round in circles. These type of citizens make the case against a Global Economy, if there was no "Global Economy" we could just let these idiots eat themselves.

A most dangerous game: Post Reagan we have had, Bush, Clinton-Clinton, Bush-Bush, and now the media is pushing US back into the whirlpool for another Clinton. If Obama could be like Reagan and unify, not polarize, I would take that over another round of Clintonian Rule. Of course maybe the conservatives can pull out of their own death spiral and bring up a good Candidate. Although when Reagan was President He was castigated every bit as much as George W. has been. Time eventually heals all wounds.

They are probably worried this is a sign of success over there. The last thing the Liberal US press wants or the majority of Middle Eastern PressCorps.

You can't keep changeing Governments like changeing socks. Sometimes Democracy can be a messy thing. Obviously not re-electing Burlisconi was a mistake.

Same old Same old, if We want peace feed our friend to the sharks. Peace is as Peace does and every concession Israel makes just gives their enemy another place to launch attacks.

It seems our disease is spreading onto our allies. What we need to do to win the war on terrorism is export our liberalism into Islamist countries where their people can choke on it. That must be exactly what they fear about US the most.

This is an injury I would not even wish on anybody, except the likes of Bin Laden, Zwahiri or Al-Martyr. This exact thing happened to me two years ago and seeing a top athlete like Wade in so much pain gives me the Willies. I wish him a speedy recovery, but the re-hab for me was almost as painful as the original injury. It does make me feel like I'm not so wimpy though, because I know this guys pain threshold is extremely high. ouch!

What in the World does Russia think they have to worry about? Is their advantage over everybody else in the region supposed to supercede common logic? They are letting it be known they prefer the likes of Ahmadinajhad and Assad and Nasrallah to calm and collected western Democracies. When Putin goes I worry about who will be able to undo these polital stances reminiscent of the Cold War.

I wonder if Indonesia were a predominantly Christian Nation as much tragedy would befall them as happens now. My prayers seem to go out to them on a regular basis. Maybe it is just the fact that there are so many people concentrated there.

There is nothing Britney could have done much more stupidly than last weekends flame-out. The ammunition she dished to K-Fed will tie the two of them together for at least 18 years. What a stroke of luck for a ding-dong like him. I am sure he will need a lot of alimony. When you sleep with dogs don't mind the fleas. Is the demon that infested Anna Nicole's soul attacking Britney? Not that it makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but every soul is precious and little kids are watching, too. We are all examples to an audience of at least a few.

WoW! All I can say is WOW! If you keep looking eventually there is something amazing in a totally different way.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prince Harry going In and Britain coming Out?

I wonder why Great Britain decided now was the best time to begin to draw down their troop level in Iraq? Could it have been? Nah that would be a Royal Interference. I hope with the American surge coming they can get rested and soon rejoin the War On Terra somewhere where they are needed. Our countries didn't invest in military might to just sit around and wait for conflict to blow up on us, did we? The areas that Great Britain has been policing are relatively peaceful zones. I guess America needs to correct Baghdad and then there will be World Peace.

Local NewsFlash Lite

The Forty Niners lost coach Norv Turner, and to San Diego. Well Norv you better win in the playoffs,or you're out. Marty Schottenheimer deserved better and now I know I will never root for the Chargers again. Good Luck! Actually it is a good situation, the Chargers could have gone all the way if they weren't so unprofessional ,no fault of Marty's. So with a little discipline they will be a force. I hope the Forty-Niners offense doesn't go back to sucking next year. 1 more year and they would have been pretty good.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

World Newswatch February 18, 2007 A.D.

I hope Condoleeza can be successful over there, anything good news oriented might start an avalanche.

We can't forget that life goes on, there are so many things do in life.

It needs to get repeated ad naseum here, too. The message our leaders want to convey has to be shoved down some Americans throats, because some guys get free publicity and some guys get bad publicity.

I haven't thrown out my peanut butter yet, but it's scary to know how things slip through all the layers of protection we have given ourselves.

I've always wanted to go climbing, but I guess there's a good reason I'm so chicken. I guess IMAX is better.

The Presidents plan for Iraq must have at least a long shot of proving itself successful, judging by the Democrats all out effort to interfere.

Terrorists are never going to stop their wicked ways, May God stop them His Way. India and Pakistan are starting to notice each other again. It's almost like there are going to be X amount of terrorist attacks every single day. No more no less. Could it be The Lord restraining Satan until it's Time?

The Russian people have learned how to live with domestic terrorism. This time it was in the Holy City of St. Petersburgh.

We need to enjoy every day as best we can.

We have to have known the Enemy will say anything and have a decent chance of being believed by whoever has an axe to grind with the USA.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Non Binding Resolution

I want to state how I feel about the War in Iraq. I wish the U.S.A. could figure out what our National Interest is. Is it O.K. to suffer another attack like 9/11/2001? Should our country try to act like nothing of much consequence happened then and nothing remotely like that could ever happen now? Of course we could overcome anything that happens to US, we have no choice but to move forward. But how can we keep living like war is imminent? Especially if war is not imminent. War has always been a fact of the Human Experience. Everybody is so sure they have to fight for their place under the sun. A certain amount of striving and yearning is good for the soul, but to constantly be aware of outside aggression wears out even the most stalwart sentry. I feel that freedom is always worth fighting for. If the Iraqi people felt freedom was worth fighting for maybe Saddam Hussein's tyranny would have never lasted all those years.
Here in the U.S.A., in 2007, we are so detached from what evil can ruin a society we assign it to leaders whose faults are mostly self inflicted and deprecated. Weaknesses that fluctuate from infidelity to hippocracy. Weaknesses that can take down a once great Nation.
Even if we would insist that a belligerent country like Iraq come clean and stop resisting their call to peace among the friendly Nations of the world, there is no guarantee they would actually do so willingly. They really know no other way. Maybe next generation.
So there you have it, I guess I can be chalked up to, "It's not worth another American Life or Dollar if the Iraqis don't step up and take this thing over", we do not know as well as they do who the Terrorists are that are in their midst. But I am totally for US going all out and razing their Hot Beds of Terrorism so they can keep the peace. So I am for this surge, if appropriately applieed, kicking the enemies butts and getting the Iraq Army to secure their own peace.
So I would vote for the surge but qualify it with progress, openness, and complete effort to win.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Highwire Act Without a Net

It must be incredibly difficult to be in charge of United States Security with roughly half of the population indifferent or in outright denial of your desperate desires to make sure not one high profile attack succeeds. Nobody cares if you are successful 99.99% of the time if the .01% chance is the attack that causes the death of many innocent souls. Since we in the USA have the big bullseye on our backs, the rest of the free world is watching and waiting.
I will grant the Islamascists frustration at our apparent lack of moral fiber for I lament it every day, too. But for every piece of crap pornographer or adulterer, or crooked cheat, there are an equal number of God fearing, peace loving, and nice people, here. And Islam itself has the same dichotomy,many of the same sinners, blood lusting, drug smuggling, peace hating S.O.B.'s to go along with their "true believers". Jesus said remove the beam from your own eye before you try to take out the splinter in someone elses. Oh, how the simple platitudes cut to the quick of our souls.
Man made governments can only do so much, human nature is so vastly varied and complicated. Politics and political manuevering ensure that partisan bickering could actually override National Interests. No one can really be to blame when ostensibly all sides believe they are correctly analysing and disseminating the facts honorably. But actions have consequences. And being wrong while trying to do right is just as wrong for everybody else, to whom it is concerned, as actions with nefarious inspirations. Especially when lives are lost and property is damaged.
Somewhere in the chain of events that make up our lives, those of us living at the beginning of Spring 2007 A.D. Everyone alive on the Planet Earth will have had to make the decision, is our life, here, now, Divinely inspired to do the will of Lord God Almighty?Are our decisions to fight, if we have to, for freedom for everyone? How does God really want to seperate the wheat from the tears? How will His Will be fulfilled, and by whom? Are Angels going to come down from Heaven to do the work, or are the Good, God Fearing Christians in the World going to have to unite ourselves? Actually I would prefer Angels to come down and do it themselves, because then we would know, there would be no ambiguity. God's real will was being done.
I like to kid myself that if I were there with Moses, seeing all the miraculous things, I would never have gone to worship the Golden calf. I would have been satisfied with the pillar of fire, the Manna, the parting of the Red Sea, water from the stones, and everything else God did to free me from Pharoah. But many always get beguiled, even now with all We know about what is to come, Many, even the very elect would be deceived, but that the Days will be shortened. The hard lessons that the Jewish people suffered through and chronicled for future benefits should never be misunderstood. God so loves His own that he chastens us, corrects and guides our paths. And we can find ourselves astray so quickly we cant afford to look away for long.
And that is why We have to have Faith.
Happy St. Valentines Day

A Day set aside for love, so I probably should not have gone to News Stories. There, there is not much more than mayhem and threats to world peace and prosperity. Our World still has a chance for the Harmony we see on Christmas Day, Valentines Day, Easter, and Our Birthdays. It seems to me when our minds think positively we have much better days. Perception is 9/10'ths of reality. If everybody wasn't so afraid of being taken over the second their guard is let down we could beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks. The pie really is big enough for everyone.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Local NewsWatch February 13, 2007

Local Teevee gets High Definition setup and you would think they re-invented the wheel. It looks the same to me but I don't have an HD TV.

Swastikas and K.K.K. scratched into vehicles in Yuba City.

Another Street Racing death on Sunday. This time a pedestrian. A 16 year old pedestrian. It will probably take a few high profile convictions to reverse the alarming trend we are seeing. The new law can't take effect fast enough for some unlucky people.

Fog. And today we drive through the Delta. I hope everyone takes their time. No passing please, there are already enough crosses on that stretch of road.

CHP rescued 4 Horses on the freeway.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Deal or no Deal?

It seems all the deals we would like to think could help create some world peace always fall through.
Maybe All the War in Iraq buys US is Some Time

Looking back on the decade of 2000-2010 future Historians will most likely have to concede this Decade was a prosperous and avant garde moment in World History. Even though the War on Islamic Terrorism rages on, most of the world lives in some cocoon of peace and prosperity and has benefitted greatly from technological and medicinal breakthroughs. The Hot Spots of violence are semi-contained to geography adjacent to Islamic rulerships and will stay that way for the foreseeable future(America's involvement). I believe that is what made President Bush's decision to topple the Hussein regime. The world's need to keep chugging along without a serious bump. However getting from point A to point B will necessitate getting over the bump and across the river.

I believe what the brave American soldiers have bought the World with their blood and Sacrifice is time. Time to get to know our Creator, time to get right and fulfill our destinies. What we do with this intermission is extremely important in our individual walks with our Lord and Saviour. Time is something we never have an overabundance of when it comes to Mortality and fighting off Satanic influences.

Sooner or later, in God's own time, what was prophecied must come to pass. The Bible is very specific about the sequence of events. The Bible is also specific about being prepared, prepared for the coming events and prepared to give reasons why We believe. Sometimes in my own selfish way I pray to God to let my children grow up, have kids of their own, and live peaceful, fruitful existences. These are only good things but sometimes I forget the part about 'Let Thy will be done', Jesus said "Do not think that I come to send peace upon earth : I came not to send peace, but the sword" Mat 10: 34

Sometimes what is necessary is not so easy, but if we look to Jesus for strength, He provides what we need to do His work, To proclaim Him before the World.

So do we stay or do we go? Leaving would abandon the good Muslim and secular Iraqis to torment and slaughter. Staying can stem the tide of defeatist thinking and God willing bring on some peaceful times in a troubled part of the world. Personally, I think while we should stay and press onward the tide of discontent will push US away and the Beginning of the End will commence.

Friday, February 09, 2007

World NewsWatch February 9, 2007

The Palestinians have found their focus of Anger, "mercifully" turning it away from each other. Unfortunately the path of least resistance is Israel. With so many 'Holy' places and cities in the Moslem world you would think some of that piety would rub off.

Putting the Surge to the test, will the tactic of no sect favoritism hold for long? It's a good place to start, at the top, and work your way down.

Iran is running out of aid for their stalling charade, their citizenry can't be happy with the direction the mahdi-seekers have in mind, a confrontation they have no chance of winning.

I thought conflicts were all solved in less than 4 years and then we go home and ponder our navel.

I know this is a BIG story and Anna Nicole ended up following in Marilyn's footsteps much more than she really wanted to, but is it really that important to call it "Breaking News"? America loves a good mystery and this will work for awhile, but I'm not sure it rises to the level of constant coverage. She really is only famous for being famous, and I guess in modern America that has some mileage. And serves as cover for media misdirection.

Such a strange method of negotiations yet N. Korea has gained concessions. I guess if it works to disarm them it's a good thing.

So much ado of nothing, who they gonna charge?

I am all for free speech, even if its ludicrous and base, plus it cuts to the chase. The Edwards camp should not have to distance themselves from these spokespeople, especially if it's how they really feel. I don't think Edwards' polished image would even agree with these impressions so lets leave them where they belong, with the individual. I think the silencing of whom you do not agree with goes both ways and I for one would rather know wherein the heart truly lies.

There's always hope and prayer.

I see, Global Warming actually creates global cooling, wait a minute, how does anybody really know what the Globe does within it's intermediate periods of heating up and cooling off?

NewsFlash Lite: Cowboys hire Phillips so Niners get to keep coach Norv Turner. Yay!
Kings win fourth in a row. Playoff talk, maybe? Nah. Not just yet.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Talk About Fear Mongering

Look at the way the Demican/Republocrat Liberalists chaperone their Media accomplices to define humanities dire situations: Global Cooling, Population Bomb, HIV, Y2K, Global Warming, Famines, Plagues, and Pollution all as deserving of our utmost attentions/resources, all the while relegating much more solveable, and dare I say, dire, situations to our nations survival in the here and now, Communism Socialism Fascism,and Islamism presently, to problems much too difficult to have ever solved. Like kicking butt in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Widdle 3ast, securing our borders, and developing our own renewable energy resources. Supplying the World with food and good technology. These are all things we can and will do, if our Great Nation can rally behind a cause I like to call Peace and Prosperity. Peace through Victory, and Prosperity most certainly can follow.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Kaniption Fit

Am I seeing how the Leftists diorama of the Right wing's inability to solve Iraq's secterian violence becoming the effectual detriment to American victory? Do they see our right wing as they see Russia's right wing?, or China's right wing?, or maybe even Pakistan's right wing? With all of those right wings, this right wing American does NOT agree. Maybe that's where we all become divided, in our terminology. China's "hard right" is actually hard left. Russia's "hard right" too, is what?, Communistic. Pakistan's "Right" is right of what Liberal American's think of Christians, unrelenting straight arrows who dont want to have fun.
What is a Right Winger to me? BEING RIGHT! Being true and trying to do the best for everybody.
O.K. now that that's settled, let's get on with defending American interests throughout the world, and creating our own success!
World NewsWatch February 6, 2007

I wouldn't have expected any less. I'm sure the Democrats will do better.

Going all the way to the top. Maybe Allah will intervene? Maybe not, as this is what he likes.

I didn't think anything horrible could happen in the blissful E.U. No guns, no military, no problem, right?

It's Diplomacy in action.

She just wanted another chance to join the 350 Kilometre Club.

Maybe Turkey and Pakistan can throw their weight at the problem and get something done.

I just want to know, when isn't there a problem in Indonesia?

It's O.K. for the Moslems to dig around on the Holy Site but not the Israeli's ?

Slowly and surely it seems Russia is slipping backward toward it's totalitarian/ communistic tendencies.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Relevency of Averse Proclivity

As downward spirals go, some are definitely worse than others. Like in warfare,actually the Israeli-Palistinian conundrum. That would have to be the worst, most ridiculous waste of energy and wheel spinning this planet has ever seen.
The Spiritual Warfare is another that comes directly to mind. Angels vs. Devils. In its cosmic place, that irreconcilable tug of war can never be remedied into an acceptable human condition. We being fallen entities, desperately trying to get right, and a tempter who has fallen with no remorse, trying to take us down for spite.
An equally terrible and all too common downward spiral that can consume lives is within marriages and relationships. How to stop the cycle of anger? Was it not being loved that made a person unlovable? Or was it an angry bellicose disposition? What could cause that said outlook in someone committed to loving their significant other for the rest of their lives? Maybe it is just simply everyone taking everything for granted, if we knew for sure we only had one more day to live, I am sure the little petty indifferences would not come to light.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Sunday February 4 2007

I am looking forward to today's game between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. I've waited until today to unveil my pick studying film and injury reports, just kidding. I am going to go with gut feeling and pick the Colts. I think Peyton Manning is superior to Rex Grossman and although Brian Urlacher is a great player the Bears defense can be had.
I actually didn't think the Bears would be able to get out of the first round, and Seattle, as weakened as they were by injuries, nearly did them in. Then came New Orleans, and their meltdown. As proof the N.F.L. is not rigged, and the Dream Matchup of Peyton Manning, son of New Orleans vs. the Saints, was not meant to be. Give the Bears credit, they won when they had to and deserve to be NFC Champion. When the Saints made a game of it the Bears and Rex Grossman stood tall and withstood the after halftime rally.
But the Colts , with a much maligned defense, for much of the second half of the season, started rolling in the playoffs and on top of that they deposed the Brady curse. Their offense has been strong all season long, and I daresay the vaunted Bears defense will have trouble stopping Marvin Harrison today. Also Dallas Clark should find openings if Urlacher gets too interested in stuffing the run. Which could be the Colts offense only weakness. With the rookie Addai being the man, he will have to step up. I think he can. That's why I think the Colts will win, plus they have a not so secret, secret weapon, Adam Vinatieri. If it comes down to a kick, odds are he will make it.
All the hoopla about the African American Coaches is hooey as far as I'm concerned. Both these guys have been great coaches in the NFL for a long time and both deserve to be right where they are, and one of them will win and one will lose, with grace and humility, on that we can all be assured.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

World NewsWatch February 1, 2007

We have to wait until July to find out what happens to Harry? I hope I can wait that long.

In Britain they get a quiz for plotting murder. I'm guessing they flunked.

Russia's got a surge also, and a gap between the rich and the poor. If my economics are correct the rich are supposed to get richer, and Jesus said we will always have the poor. Some people really are needy, but quite a few just refuse to work hard. It's a rising middle class that booms the economy. Those who benefit greatly should help the needy, but the lazy butts need tough love. How do we sort them out?

Hugo Chavez gave himself some more power. Sounds like dictatorship to me. The next decree will be a lifetime "Presidency".

This "Hoax" seems awfully pernicious to me. In this day and age every stupid prank seems tainted with being a test run or a training exercize. I wonder what Jane Fonda thinks of the bad publicity, and competition.

As tragic as that accident was, the deep pockets syndrome is sickening. Not even Beckham is worth 50 million.

Maybe they won the physical war, but just like US, the media propogandists paint a different picture.

There's no way guys want to be thin, not that bad.

Don't worry Joe , I'm sure you'll get a pass. They want you in the race as long as possible.

How soon until we see the leaks? How soon until something bad comes of this?

I'm glad this won't happen until 2012, because who knows what is going to happen then.

Of course they will forgive a Liberal Politician, He's right up their alley.

I guess it's all about priorities, who they'll nuke first? Oh, Israel, thats o.k. with Jacque.