Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Honesty as the Best Policy

The Global Warming Crowd may have an agenda they are trying to procure on false pretenses. Actually it is not an unworthwhile goal. They might just be trying to choke off the use of fossil fuels by faking the actual damage caused, thereby doing an end around the debating and invention of a better source of fuel to power our economy. Maybe in the end that is the only way we can extricate ourselves from the Petroleum Companies full nelson. In the Capitalist System a great idea can become the State of the Art, but it has to produce results and be workable and usable. But the Capitalist System can be controlled by the Rich and Powerful. And no-one would deny that Petroleum Companies are rich and powerful. So rich and powerful that rumours have swirled for years and years they buy up new technology and shelve it as they protect their money tree until it is no longer the best way to extort whatever they can get out of the common man. There are not too many necessities in life we must have if we are to survive and contribute to our economy that are controlled by so few people. We need food, but we can go anywhere and get food, or grow our own. We need shelter and we can rent shelter or buy it from many sources. But to take part in this economy we need fuel for motor vehicles, maybe some can take public transit but I cannot run my business on public transit. I can only get gasoline from a few different gas stations ,and they raise prices on a whim but when the price per barrel falls the price inches down oh so slowly. Yes I can pass along my cost but there's always a limit to how much we can pass along in a business that is close to the margins on the profit. As prices ratchet up and up they come down again without relativity.
Honesty is the crux of the situation. The honesty of the oil companies not to gouge their customers. And the honesty of those who paint the dire consequences of the ramifications of the problems we all are facing. What good is it to gain the whole world and lose your own soul? If the oil companies are just out to take as much as they can with no regard to all the other facets of the American and World economies that work in their favor, I will laugh at their obsolesence and pray for the day when they are all bankrupt. May they find the level of their own morality.

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