Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Sunday February 4 2007

I am looking forward to today's game between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. I've waited until today to unveil my pick studying film and injury reports, just kidding. I am going to go with gut feeling and pick the Colts. I think Peyton Manning is superior to Rex Grossman and although Brian Urlacher is a great player the Bears defense can be had.
I actually didn't think the Bears would be able to get out of the first round, and Seattle, as weakened as they were by injuries, nearly did them in. Then came New Orleans, and their meltdown. As proof the N.F.L. is not rigged, and the Dream Matchup of Peyton Manning, son of New Orleans vs. the Saints, was not meant to be. Give the Bears credit, they won when they had to and deserve to be NFC Champion. When the Saints made a game of it the Bears and Rex Grossman stood tall and withstood the after halftime rally.
But the Colts , with a much maligned defense, for much of the second half of the season, started rolling in the playoffs and on top of that they deposed the Brady curse. Their offense has been strong all season long, and I daresay the vaunted Bears defense will have trouble stopping Marvin Harrison today. Also Dallas Clark should find openings if Urlacher gets too interested in stuffing the run. Which could be the Colts offense only weakness. With the rookie Addai being the man, he will have to step up. I think he can. That's why I think the Colts will win, plus they have a not so secret, secret weapon, Adam Vinatieri. If it comes down to a kick, odds are he will make it.
All the hoopla about the African American Coaches is hooey as far as I'm concerned. Both these guys have been great coaches in the NFL for a long time and both deserve to be right where they are, and one of them will win and one will lose, with grace and humility, on that we can all be assured.

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