Sunday, February 25, 2007

No Attachments No Fear

I think I figured out how the Leftside Quitlings can claim they do not take seriously the possibility of threats posed by "Bush's Bogeymen", Terrorists, threats of terroristic acts, and all that terrorists and evil Nations do.
They must have no vested interests in the future of our country or the World as we know it, in its present manifestation. More than likely 1. no kids they are trying to raise*, 2. no mortgage they are trying to pay, or 3. no business they are trying to create. So if everything fell to pieces they would land in a very similar place. With not much and where to go. I was once a liberal, single, semi-successful worker bee who would have welcomed anarchy and a come-uppance to all establishments. Maybe my openmindedness caused me to look a little deeper into different facets of life.When I looked at work all of a sudden I didn't just see a job, I saw how my bosses put their companies together and kept them together. I saw how hard work created wealth. So I guess I woke up and saw which side my bread was buttered on, and went out and tried to live the American Dream. On the way I became more conservative, a Christian, and more Patriotic. Anybody can rally around their country for a 1 time event, maybe a tragedy, but what really counts is rallying all the time. Not just in America but all peace and freedom loving people in the world. On a personal level, I paid my dues, did my time and eventually became somewhat independant. It is great and scary at the same time, sole responsibility for success or failure. When I look around at the World in general I do not see Brotherhoods of Nations all trying to get along, or help each other up. I see dog eat dog survival of the fittest in its most grotesque and real forms. It's all the same, survival is what is at stake, whether we believe it or not. If all the Good people of the World could unite, what a force for good we could be. What's holding us back?
I would even go so far as to say that We true conservative Americans really have no real fear of Terrorists or their tactics, just complete desire to NEVER allow their warped World Vision to become a reality. Nobody ever thought in the early days of the Third Reich they would be able to cause so much death and destruction, and inevitably they did. Realists now realize that when players on the world stage start rattling their sabres and making idle threats those who are aware first, must stand up and repel that momentum.
As a believer in the Judeo-Christian strain of Abraham and his creed(seed)[screed?] when matching the fervor of fundamentalisms head to head, I know my God is Right. Just like they know their Allah is right. We both have faith. Yet, even should the Christian lose an individual battle against a Muslim, I believe Christ will win the war. Mohammad added to the scriptures, Jesus said, "it is finished". A Muslim must feel the same way, Mohammad was right,they claim, Jesus was just a prophet, too. Yes, Jesus was a prophet, He predicted false Prophets would come and lead many astray. But He was not just a prophet, He is our Intercessor.
This seems to me like when we are entering into the time when Dimensions are colliding along the Physical and the Spiritual Planes. Maybe the Spirit World is that 4th dimension everyone is looking for in all the wrong places. And I am pretty sure the good and evil in the spirit world are well represented in the physical world. We are battling powers that cannot be seen or understood by finite human intelligence or reasoning so we fight blindly and foolishly. Loggerheads. Battering Rams. Tug of War.
I think my only true fear is to work Hard in Vain. Whatever the task. So there is no fear, except the Fear of the Lord, and that is the beginning of Wisdom.

* sans welfare

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