Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today, The Stock Market Will Soar?

When the markets plunged recently the reasoning was fear of recession. Now, just a day or a few days later, the markets are poised to soar. Could that fear of recession have gone away so quickly? Or was that never the issue, fear of recession. We have a consumer driven economy and when we are bombarded daily with news of a coming economic tsunami, well, everybody will certainly be a little more judicious in what they consume. I am starting to think that the traders have used this market for all its worth, perhaps with everything so leveraged out there the only way they can make the money they need is riding up and down on these waves thereby making even more waves. Everyone is wringing every last cent out of this thing and a return to normalcy will have to wait until after the next President is sworn in. At least we can have a little comfort in the fact that if Obama wins the press will don rose coloured glasses and project a more positive story line. However if McCain wins, there will be a concerted effort to shield the Senate and congress and lay blame on the last 8 years and retrench along the party lines. I wish McCain would come out with a flat tax and keep it low. Let the economy soar and then watch the revenue pile up. Of course that is a dream, a flat tax makes too much sense because it is fair.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dragging To The Finish Line

With the world economics in a state of panic and turmoil, I wonder, if whoever wins the US election for the presidency will get the job he set out for nearly 2 years ago. Times have changed and the situation is dire. No longer will we be able to just raise taxes and expect x amount of dollars to roll in to pay for every social program under the sun. No longer can we just cut taxes and not have to cut services and programs across the board. I know many think that if we elect Barack Obama they will wake up on Wednesday to a bright shiny new world full of hope and possibilities. That is an awful lot of eggs in one shaky basket. Things look as if the Democrats may control all branches of Executive and Legislative Government. That is a very scary proposition to me. And since my industry has already been decimated I can roll whichever way I have to, I have no choice but to pick up pieces. But I would like to think things can come back quickly so I don't lose everything I worked for all these years.

Should John McCain win there will be lots of pressure to work with the Democrat congress and Senate. McCain has proven he can do that but gridlock is a distinct possibility and partisanship may have to wait until problems are solved like adults who both have the same desired outcome. Teamwork is what we need all the way around, throughout our country. Will we get that with divided Government? Probably not, but can we wait for the pendulum to swing all the way out before it comes back? That is the million dollar question.

It seems almost comical to me that our future will depend on millions of uninformed voters who want a change even though there is a possibility of change for the worse. It can't get any worse? Well, lets wait and see, but I have a feeling we haven't seen anything yet. Another mindset I have noticed is the aversion to recession. It seems as if those who control all the levers of the world economic system avoid recession like the plague. Maybe they have so little faith in the rebound, or maybe giving up a little gain now is worth the risk of a lot of loss later? What goes up inevitably comes back down, we never were all as rich as we thought, and living in America we will not be as poor as we fear either. Things will turn around and the politicians in power will take credit where they don't really have a lot of influence. It is incumbant upon all people to remain informed and not be led around by manipulators and talking heads.

Change is coming America, George Bush will not be president much longer. For better or worse. I know people weary of the same old, but sometimes there is comfort in knowing where you are going. We are about to embark on a great adventure, enjoy the ride!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain Needs To Let US Know Where We Stand

John McCain should be the next President of the United States, by all accounts he has given more to this country than any other politician who ran this year. McCain was not my first or second choice on the conservative side, however, but when going against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama he seems to be head and shoulders above in the ability to lead our country where I would like to see US go.

I have heard not a peep out of the McCain campaign on the illegal immigration issues that are vexing our nation. His stance on more Government is break even at best. The socialism he accuses Obamas policies of espousing are not unlike his own. We are getting a lighter or a juiced up version of liberalism with either one of these candidates. We are once again left with the choice of the lesser of two evils. But McCain does believe in the sanctity of life, a strong national defense, and reigning in spending. And these are all in total agreement with me. The Republicans have exiled themselves but conservatism will continue onward, without them if necessary.

If it weren't for the newsmedia selling everybody on their victimhood, and our governments ability to redress these hurts, we would see a lot more self reliance in our populace. The blame game that goes on in political circles goes on everywhere where people have a hard time taking responsibility for their own actions. We all know where we personally lost sight of our ideals and started chasing something that was contrary to what we knew was right, we cannot go back in time but now is our time to learn the tough lessons.

We must unite but Barack Obama does not seem like he can bridge the gap. Our country was united after 9/11 but the liberals began the partisan bickering anew. George W. Bush did more for the liberals causes than any other 'conservative' would have dared, but look where that got him. His own side became disillusioned and his political adversaries became even more rabidly unhinged, thereby creating his historically low approval rating. Obama's rhetoric has always condescended toward his political rivals, his glib, air-of-superiority style leaves me feeling he has absolutely nothing in common with a guy like me. He claims to be fighting for guys like me as he talks down at me with all that reverb in his sound system. He has no idea how the things that he would pin on me are the things that are killing me. His open borders ideals have destroyed my trade, his tax policies will kill my motivation to work harder, his ideas on national defense may even kill US all. His endorsement of and by the trial lawyers assures me that a large and ever growing percentage of my income must go to insurance against such vultures. Maybe his health care will save me if it doesnt just kill the medical industry as a whole. He would rather I stayed mired in a middle class that will increasingly lose ground as opposed to gaining a few rungs up the ladder.

If either McCain or Obama would propose and wholeheartedly endorse a flat tax, or a visionary mortgage and housing saving plan like 40 year mortgages, they would probably win and win with ideas and policy as opposed to destroying their opponent. That would be a win we could all celebrate.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Sins Has Our Country Committed to Deserve A President Obama?

I fully believe that if we elect Barack Obama to the Presidency that our electorate will deserve exactly what they get. To let someone who has no business in the oval office B.S. his way this close to that world influencing postition is a travesty and a testimony to how the Democrat machine/Liberal media cabal can work together and trick gullible, scared, and uninformed sheeple to throw the baby out with the bathwater. How a struggling economy plays to Obama's strengths is beyond me. Because he says he cares, people think that rhetoric alone will solve our troubles? That is what got Bill Clinton to the presidency in 1992. Only a Republican congressional win in 1994 that checked the liberal surge and the dot com boom gave our economy the turbo-boost it needed and got in the mid and late 90's. Bill Clinton's claim to fame. But we have been going steadily downward in our National sense of purpose in this world. Becoming self serving and more dependent on the Government all the time. And now the media have convinced the people Obama is only what he says he is and there is nothing to look into on all the allegations that he may not be fully truthful about his past associations with shady characters. And his voting record or lack thereof is in no way indicative of the character of this 'great' man. There is nothing to worry about this guy who has come out of nowhere to take the lead of our country in these most perilous times?

We don't even have to wonder what would happen to our country with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama running our ship. That kind of triumvirate contolling US I believe will put our country in mortal danger. But if we elect Obama and an override proof House and Senate we will undoubtedly be sowing the seeds of our own destruction. At the very least we will be on a liberal/socialistic path that will take US right where Europe is now. If the Republicans had not blown it in every conceivable way when they had power in the mid 2000's I would be more disappointed. But a good conservative friend of mine just told me, "maybe its time to let the other side have a crack at it". I would agree if there were not other signs that all of western civilization is in trouble and about ready to buckle from within. Our excesses and liberalism together have caused US to walk away from God and good conservative values. We will reap what we have sown, and drink our cup to the dregs. We really are ripe for the plucking.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Which promise will Barack Have to Scuttle First?

Do you think its the tax breaks for those who pay little or none? Defending Israel? Or how about Univesal Health care? I am certain there will be another need for a peace dividend, but Iraq will obviously need to be nurtured. Afgahanistan I believe is better contained than wading into a bloodbath, likewise Pakistan. How about some of his promises to his own constituents, like reaching across the aisle and becoming a bi-partisan healer of political stagnation. Or being the one to address the racial divide or come to terms with political corruption on both sides of the spectrum. How about our national defense, and weapons systems? Will Obama be able to push his protectionist agenda when it becomes clear we need NAFTA now more than ever? No doubt he will still feel Columbia will be worth supporting in the creeping Communism of South America, oh wait, he would rather find out what hugo Chavez would like to do.

I am nearly certain if even Joe Biden won't give up his guns to Barack, that that will be an easy one to abandon. Obama - like all liberals, has to fake to the center to get elected, and if he talks the centrist talk all his leftist pals will get disappointed. Unless Barack is a liar. And that is where I am leaning. He is just another politician who will say anything to get elected and then do what he would like to do for 2 years and then start working on his re-election. This is a pattern we have seen time and time again, and now that we are at a crossroads all Americans must weigh their hopes and dreams against hard cold reality.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

There is Something Eerily Disconcerting about all of This

The Bible predicts a unified world monetary system at the time when Jesus' return is imminent. If the signs on where everything is going are not enough to waken up all who believe and look for His return, maybe nothing ever will. Things could not be more perfectly in line with what is foretold in the Bible and that alone is enough to convince me that it is indeed the word of God. I know that a lot more has to happen before we can be sure, but these things keep happening and I see no way to deny it is not clearly spelled out for the whole world.

A lot of other predictions seem as if they could begin to have a possibility of fulfillment in the recent future. Right here in the US we are ready to elect a man no one knows much about, to the Presidency. A man with no visible record and suspect associations, a carefully crafted image that will not stand up to scrutiny and yet gets none. Barack Obama probably isn't the one who the Bible says will unify the world into a consolidated Government, but he shows me that people can be easily manipulated to support a candidate fully, when they have no idea who he really is. Once somebody masquerades as President of the United States and the rest of the world is on board, look out!

Russia's resurgence and Israels continued battle to stay alive surrounded by foes are right there in the revelation. I have been paying attention for years, but it always seems like the more that is fulfilled, the more that I become aware of that is close to fulfillment. And there are a lot of big things also, that must be coming. What a time to be alive, I am excited and fearful all at the same time. I hope to live life to the fullest and enjoy some simple pleasures. I pray that the Lord's will be done and may he have mercy on US all.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Standing at the Precipice?

Are we really, as the news media and politicians are telling US, at the edge of a cliff and looking down? Because if they know something we don't know and that could really happen, why are there stories about Steve Fossets remains and The pork in the bailout bill as if it's business as usual and we can just point and counterpoint our way to a legislative utopia? Old stories that have a conclusion that is irrelevant, and going toward stories that are in the heart of the matter but taking a partisan or adversarial tack won't help educate the public about what the real position we are in actually is. I don't really care who is in Major league baseball playoffs, and The pirates off Somalia should probably just get blown out of the water. Either we are really getting ready for financial armegeddon or the politicians and their media mouthpieces are managing the populace with yet another crisis called wolf.

I believe if there really is that much of an impending train wreck in our economy how could our elected representatives take a day off for Rosh Hahsana. I would work through new year to save the country, wouldn't you? And they werent even all observing the Holy day, just taking what they were allotted. It is all these little things that turn my stomach on the politicians. They are always out to serve themselves first even in a crisis. When they are debating they take potshots at others instead of telling US how they themselves view the issues and would govern. I have a hard time believing there really is a crisis out there, and if there is, we should all take the politicians out to the grave they have dug US and make them look in. They will certainly see that they will be there, too. And the media can tell the rest of the world what happened.