Monday, October 27, 2008

Dragging To The Finish Line

With the world economics in a state of panic and turmoil, I wonder, if whoever wins the US election for the presidency will get the job he set out for nearly 2 years ago. Times have changed and the situation is dire. No longer will we be able to just raise taxes and expect x amount of dollars to roll in to pay for every social program under the sun. No longer can we just cut taxes and not have to cut services and programs across the board. I know many think that if we elect Barack Obama they will wake up on Wednesday to a bright shiny new world full of hope and possibilities. That is an awful lot of eggs in one shaky basket. Things look as if the Democrats may control all branches of Executive and Legislative Government. That is a very scary proposition to me. And since my industry has already been decimated I can roll whichever way I have to, I have no choice but to pick up pieces. But I would like to think things can come back quickly so I don't lose everything I worked for all these years.

Should John McCain win there will be lots of pressure to work with the Democrat congress and Senate. McCain has proven he can do that but gridlock is a distinct possibility and partisanship may have to wait until problems are solved like adults who both have the same desired outcome. Teamwork is what we need all the way around, throughout our country. Will we get that with divided Government? Probably not, but can we wait for the pendulum to swing all the way out before it comes back? That is the million dollar question.

It seems almost comical to me that our future will depend on millions of uninformed voters who want a change even though there is a possibility of change for the worse. It can't get any worse? Well, lets wait and see, but I have a feeling we haven't seen anything yet. Another mindset I have noticed is the aversion to recession. It seems as if those who control all the levers of the world economic system avoid recession like the plague. Maybe they have so little faith in the rebound, or maybe giving up a little gain now is worth the risk of a lot of loss later? What goes up inevitably comes back down, we never were all as rich as we thought, and living in America we will not be as poor as we fear either. Things will turn around and the politicians in power will take credit where they don't really have a lot of influence. It is incumbant upon all people to remain informed and not be led around by manipulators and talking heads.

Change is coming America, George Bush will not be president much longer. For better or worse. I know people weary of the same old, but sometimes there is comfort in knowing where you are going. We are about to embark on a great adventure, enjoy the ride!!

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