Sunday, November 29, 2009

Worth The Wait?

Now we all know why Obama has been waiting so long to figure out what he wants to do in Afghanistan. There was a real need for cover to mask the indecisive procrastination Obama is compelled to employ. Our foreign policy has been confused at best and deliberately submissive if my worst fears are correct. I have known all along that Barack Obama is as weak and apprehensive a commander in chief as we have ever had. His track record through out his career has been one of an inability, either willful or by default, to make a principled stand on anything. Unless you factor his rising up to say a Cambridge police officer acted stupidly, or a couple party crashers needing to be investigated. Abortion, entitlements, and anti capitalism stances are just part and parcel to his leftist ideology, but would most likely get discarded or discounted if direct pressure were ever exerted in a meaningful manner.

The Obama way is to defer tough decisions so he can personally stay above the fray and keep his personal approval ratings as high as possible. Unfortunately for him, and US, the job he ran for is not campaigner in chief. He is not just the happy face on Pelosi and Reid's policy hour. He is not supposed to be beholden to his support network, he is supposed to be where the buck stops.

The administration inherited 2 wars, one basically won and winding down, the bad war. And then there was the war Obama said we had to win, to defeat Al-Queda, Taliban and Islamic terrorist networks wherever they are affiliated. The good war, as the leftists referred to it, was in Afghanistan, and according to the tough talking Obama in the campaign of 2008 the one he would pursue and claim our victory. Now that Iraq has quieted, the Islamic militants are re organizing into Afghanistan. We need to figure out what our objective there is and then do whatever it takes to complete the job. If that is to send in more troops, then we need to support Obama to the end, but, if he wants to declare an exit strategy and then send more troops in with targets on their backs and rules of engagement tying their hands, we might as well admit our defeat and save as many American lives as possible.

How I wish our President had a backbone so I could support him as much as his policies will allow. But every move Obama makes seems to be to do whatever the opposite of Bush, even if its detrimental to the country as a whole. All that for the support of American and International leftists. At this rate I cannot even hope to find support for him in my heart. At least Bush put the country first, even above his own approval ratings and tarnished legacy. BHO appears to be on a quest to weaken and destroy our country, and for that he deserves to be thrown out of office asap.

The story line will probably go as follows; Bush got US into this horrible situation in a country that has shambled many empires. Now Obama through great wisdom and insight will extricate the US from the quagmire with an approach that is nuanced and bolsters our standing in the Islamic world, and the world at large. Russia and China look on in wonder, Iran will stop trying for a bomb and N. Korea will comply fully to the UN. The gentle giant will carefully retrace their steps out and apologize for breaking anything.

Since everything in Obamas world starts and ends with him I am certain his decision making is qualified by his personal exposure first. We have yet to really hear this President advocating for the country as a whole, and I am beginning to get the feeling we never will.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tone Deaf

The way the leftists wield their power is illustrative of the content of their character. When they reach a moment of true discourse the preferred method of dialogue is destruction of the opposition. Their arguments are so weak and yet they forge onward, seemingly mindless of their vapidity and duplicity. Ends justify means and just don't try to figure out the ends.

If we talk about jobs and why there are so few, its the rich CEO's and greedy Corporations shipping jobs over seas, it's not our open borders and the invasion of illegal immigrants. Amnesty has to be the answer now, because then only Americans will have jobs. Its not the great sellout to China and the subsequent loss of manufacturing, because of short sighted policy, regulation and excessive taxation.

If we talk about the climate then we must hurry and tax ourselves into a knot because the fact that scientists are faking the data can't possibly mean they have an agenda, can it? The Copenhagen summit talking points have already been written so any last minute revelation can be ignored until after the pontificating ends. Agreements between heads of state will make more sense than the little guys actually living in the climate.

Appearances of peacefulness when waging war is more important than the vanquishing a foe. Peace prizes are more coveted than actually realizing peace. Public opinion sways decisions so far and then political outcomes demand true Statesmanship and a wet finger to the wind.

If we talk about health care, then having health care is actually more important than having a job, after the health care needs are solved we will need food insurance because the economy will be destroyed and few will be able to put food on their tables. I wonder if starvation is a health care condition that can be met by the Government Health board? Pelosi Reid probably have not thought through the ramifications of reworking everything on a scale of the entire country. The willing lab rats in San Francisco and Nevada are not quite indicative of our Nation as a whole.

Our energy policy only becomes an issue worthy of public awareness when prices spike and personal budgets are shattered. When there is a lull in prices is exactly when we should be thinking that energy independence as something attainable within the shores of our own continent.

But its all ok now. As our leader throws a huge gala for a foreign dignitary to prove he belongs on the world stage, Rome is crumbling beneath his feet of clay. BTW did anybody bow down to Obama last night? Besides the White house press corps and Chris Matthews?
And if anybody opposes him for any reason at all it must be racism. Obvious connections, and apologies to and for known enemies of our Constitution and Country can simply be overlooked... communists just want equality and Islam is a religion of Peace, after all. The State has all the answers, just read it in their newspapers.
The crassness of the Pop culture idol worship mentality has led US to an interesting juxtaposition of truth, power, entertainment, responsibility and progress. Where we are right now, in terms of debating these real and serious issues, truly is where we deserve to be. Divided, and not even talking about real solutions.

We are gazing at our navels, dreaming of the stars and ignoring our peril.

Friday, November 20, 2009

.......................................Uh Oh


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jobs Created or Saved

How do we quantify jobs created or saved in an economy that is as diverse as what we have here in America? I know the Administration is turning to the economy and jobs now, because after a whole year or 1/4 of Obama's term, there is no sign of life in this economy. How will the Democrats pay for their grandiose schemes when the coffers are running dry?
There is a whole underground economy that is working just fine for some people, there are people throwing money away every day at the casinos, there are people who collect benefits from the Government and work for cash under the table, there is a huge cadre of the self employed who cannot be factored into the jobless numbers, and there are all the youths who want to work but cannot get their foot in the door. Illegal aliens are still in this country, working in just about every industry I can see. There is a realignment of the work being done, and if the Government thinks they can control or direct this economy they are sadly mistaken and will continue to try stimulus failures until we are so in debt default will be a step forward.
Somehow, the official stimulus calculations, as ridiculous as they are, mock the efforts of the politicians to use these slush funds to both stimulate and coordinate. Districts have been fabricated to bolster hiring numbers and I wonder where that real money actually went. Jobs cannot be created unless there is a demand for the services or products the workers will produce. Businesses cannot even think about hiring until they know what kind of costs things like health care and cap and trade energy taxes will add to their bottom line.
There are so many people needing work I just cringe when I see an illegal alien holding down a good paying job. I imagine that job helping an American family stay in their home or an American youth getting started in the work force. The illegal aliens not only have found their way into good paying jobs but also take everything at the bottom end. You know, jobs kids used to do to learn their work ethic, like mowing lawns and odd jobs for home owners. They sell their services for such a low rate that handy men and women and small time contractors are cut off at the knees. They can afford to do these jobs and live in America and have so many children because they have wives or girl friends collecting welfare and they use the emergency room for all their routine health care needs. It is such an amazing scam I wonder when Obama will try to figure out where so much of his money is going down so many rat holes. When that happens I wonder if his amnesty program will make even more sense to himself than just slamming this drain shut and coalescing these jobs to already documented legal Americans who are forced to collect unemployment and work under the table to make their ends meet?
These are just a few of the thoughts that cross my mind every time I go into a Home Depot parking lot and see 20 to 50 guys all lined up waiting to get taken to work somewhere and sell themselves short for a loaf of bread.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Logical Progression

As the country twists and turns and can't get moving because of the mixed signals sent out by the Obama administration something remarkable may be happening. A leader and a doer is getting prepared to step up and make the tough decisions and clean up another mess left by politicians (of both parties) who advance careers before Country.
When I first heard of and saw Sara Palin I had hope for the conservative movement. She has the looks necessary to cut through the TV generation of image first. She has a true message of traditional Conservative Principle and a clear and direct delivery. She also has a track record of accomplishment.
I know the liberal establishment really fears her now, because they are trying to destroy her every day. Her book gets fact checked before it is even released! Rumors and lies have been spread about her from the time of the announcement of her as McCains running mate. She has been attacked by Letterman and Saturday night live, it's really unbelievable the assault she has been able to withstand. When she stepped down from her Governorship I thought it was a huge mistake, but now I see that she was a sitting target there and if she was to do her job properly she couldn't tackle the bigger issues. I am now understanding it was a brilliant move looking to the future. Our country will need someone like her in 2012 desperately. Even if she does not run for President she will be able to rally the Conservative base and call attention to the real issues that our Nation faces.
The news media has totally underestimated who the independents are as a group. With a majority of the country saying they are center right and the Democrat party holding the registered voter advantage over the Republicans it is not too hard to figure out who the independents are. I am one myself. I quit the Republican party way back in 2002. It was a protest then against our open borders, but I made the mistake of joining the Libertarians. In 2006 I registered as an Independent and have been there ever since, I am a conservative American first. The Independents are out here waiting to hear real conservatives speak up, and that is where the Republican Party and their Rinos are losing. I know in the next election the Independents will swing to the Conservatives, we have seen what the Democrats always do. They fake to the right, usually toward the center and then move hard left after election. The perfect political storm brought US one Barack Hussein Obama.
He has proven his mettle and it is found lacking. All he can do is talk a good game, if you consider reading speeches written by his handlers good. He has not been able to accomplish anything, except to demoralize and destroy the shreds of the economy he had to work with. Obama constantly whines about the economy he inherited as if he had nothing to do with the transition and the voting in the Senate that he did for the prior two years. Exposed as a typical politician who will say anything to get elected the bloom is off the Obama rose now. His numbers will continue to fall because he is doing nothing to make the economy think it has a chance to revive itself. He knows nothing of Economics and has never done a physical job in his life, so he is out of touch with so much of what made this country great. Basically he is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic right now. If the media had fact checked and looked into Obamas qualifications to be President we would be talking about Hillary Clinton as President right now and what she has done right or wrong to make things better. I would at least have a little more faith in Hillary not to destroy the country out of her own vanity. Bill proved pragmatic when the chips were down and I think Hillary would, too.
I think the 2010 elections will give Obama a chance to refocus himself and maybe save a shred of his Presidency. But the fawning press feeding his overinflated ego will be such a deterrent to a return to reality, I don't have much hope. Change by then will only be for the better. I am not sure there is another rabbit in the hat of BO, he is at a place where campaigning and wishful thinking no longer can move the ball forward, action is demanded and required. Unfortunately for US Barack Obama is a political coward who is so afraid of making a mistake he cannot make a decision and that is the biggest mistake of all. Leadership is on the stage and we have a poseur.
The Lord works in mysterious ways and these hard lessons our country is learning will make US stronger if they don't destroy US first.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Problem is Obama's Economic Plan IS Working

I am happy that those drunk with power set their alarm clocks so they won't sleep through another workday. In fact working all weekend sounds like a good way to catch up on the tasks at hand that have been set aside to work on the grand master plan. Unfortunately, the grand master plan is the only thing they are working on, and the health care take over is just a part of that scheme.
Ultimately, to control all Americans and every thing we do is what the liberals desire and all their legislative paths lead to that conclusion. Control what we do and what we eat and you control US, which is why health care is the vehicle toward takeover the Liberals have decided upon. Everything affects our health and add the environment on top of that and wahlaah instant Governmental control over everything and every one. Of course these little pieces of Liberty stolen from US do not add up to communist China or the U.S.S.R overnight, but how did it happen there? And why, pray tell, would anybody think it can't happen here?
Get to work on the economy, please! Most Americans neither want nor need a Nanny, so sending San Fran Nan packing would be a positive step in the right direction next fall. Barabara Boxer could go into retirement with her and then the State of California could begin to show the kind of leadership that counts, we would begin a new era of self reliance and prosperity that could never be denied. It is truly a shame that a State that is the 8th largest economy in the world is circling the drain right now and only showing the Country how to self immolate.
Leadership is what is needed above all else right now, but not to lead the people by the hand to the promised land. We need leaders to ride herd over politicians and get them to stop mucking up the recovery and let US work our way through our problems, without Government interference...

to be continued...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

As We awaken from Our Collective Stupor

The American people seem to have found their voices in the 11th hour as the Nation stood at the cliffs edge and saw only doom with one more step forward. The news media was so in love with the thought that Barack Obama was the one to save US they gave him credit for things he had never done. The media elite wore their optimism on their sleeves his ideas were only for our countries best interests, basically, they gave him a free pass. Overlooking all his associations with anti American, anti free market Capitalists, in fact, downright Marxist apologists. Overlooking who he was deferring to in the Democrat controlled House and Senate.
So intent was Obama to re make this country he sped forward with takeovers of industry after industry, promising goodies like free health care and a paternalistic federal Government that would surround US with a great big bear hug.
Well, had Obamas first concern been jobs and creating a favorable business climate, maybe he could have stealthily snuck in and stolen our liberties. But the audaciousness of his assumption that he had a mandate to lurch to the left has woken up the sleeping giant. This country has always been center-right with a hankering toward compassion for the underprivileged and the downtrodden. We just want the economy to work and many of US are happy to take care of our own Health Insurance decisions. All the government needs to provide is a catastrophic care backstop if a public option is the only way to assure nobody gets bankrupted by a major injury/illness. Maybe all the Government needs to do is enforce laws on the books like our borders and then be the bully who controls the out of control Lawyers with a dose of Tort reform?

All I know is all along I just wanted Obama and Co. to focus on the economy first. Apparently, many others also feel this way and sooner or later the dear leader will get the memo too. Heres more evidence the tone deaf in denial just won't get it, which works for me because they are sowing the seeds for their own downfall.