Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tone Deaf

The way the leftists wield their power is illustrative of the content of their character. When they reach a moment of true discourse the preferred method of dialogue is destruction of the opposition. Their arguments are so weak and yet they forge onward, seemingly mindless of their vapidity and duplicity. Ends justify means and just don't try to figure out the ends.

If we talk about jobs and why there are so few, its the rich CEO's and greedy Corporations shipping jobs over seas, it's not our open borders and the invasion of illegal immigrants. Amnesty has to be the answer now, because then only Americans will have jobs. Its not the great sellout to China and the subsequent loss of manufacturing, because of short sighted policy, regulation and excessive taxation.

If we talk about the climate then we must hurry and tax ourselves into a knot because the fact that scientists are faking the data can't possibly mean they have an agenda, can it? The Copenhagen summit talking points have already been written so any last minute revelation can be ignored until after the pontificating ends. Agreements between heads of state will make more sense than the little guys actually living in the climate.

Appearances of peacefulness when waging war is more important than the vanquishing a foe. Peace prizes are more coveted than actually realizing peace. Public opinion sways decisions so far and then political outcomes demand true Statesmanship and a wet finger to the wind.

If we talk about health care, then having health care is actually more important than having a job, after the health care needs are solved we will need food insurance because the economy will be destroyed and few will be able to put food on their tables. I wonder if starvation is a health care condition that can be met by the Government Health board? Pelosi Reid probably have not thought through the ramifications of reworking everything on a scale of the entire country. The willing lab rats in San Francisco and Nevada are not quite indicative of our Nation as a whole.

Our energy policy only becomes an issue worthy of public awareness when prices spike and personal budgets are shattered. When there is a lull in prices is exactly when we should be thinking that energy independence as something attainable within the shores of our own continent.

But its all ok now. As our leader throws a huge gala for a foreign dignitary to prove he belongs on the world stage, Rome is crumbling beneath his feet of clay. BTW did anybody bow down to Obama last night? Besides the White house press corps and Chris Matthews?
And if anybody opposes him for any reason at all it must be racism. Obvious connections, and apologies to and for known enemies of our Constitution and Country can simply be overlooked... communists just want equality and Islam is a religion of Peace, after all. The State has all the answers, just read it in their newspapers.
The crassness of the Pop culture idol worship mentality has led US to an interesting juxtaposition of truth, power, entertainment, responsibility and progress. Where we are right now, in terms of debating these real and serious issues, truly is where we deserve to be. Divided, and not even talking about real solutions.

We are gazing at our navels, dreaming of the stars and ignoring our peril.

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