Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jobs Created or Saved

How do we quantify jobs created or saved in an economy that is as diverse as what we have here in America? I know the Administration is turning to the economy and jobs now, because after a whole year or 1/4 of Obama's term, there is no sign of life in this economy. How will the Democrats pay for their grandiose schemes when the coffers are running dry?
There is a whole underground economy that is working just fine for some people, there are people throwing money away every day at the casinos, there are people who collect benefits from the Government and work for cash under the table, there is a huge cadre of the self employed who cannot be factored into the jobless numbers, and there are all the youths who want to work but cannot get their foot in the door. Illegal aliens are still in this country, working in just about every industry I can see. There is a realignment of the work being done, and if the Government thinks they can control or direct this economy they are sadly mistaken and will continue to try stimulus failures until we are so in debt default will be a step forward.
Somehow, the official stimulus calculations, as ridiculous as they are, mock the efforts of the politicians to use these slush funds to both stimulate and coordinate. Districts have been fabricated to bolster hiring numbers and I wonder where that real money actually went. Jobs cannot be created unless there is a demand for the services or products the workers will produce. Businesses cannot even think about hiring until they know what kind of costs things like health care and cap and trade energy taxes will add to their bottom line.
There are so many people needing work I just cringe when I see an illegal alien holding down a good paying job. I imagine that job helping an American family stay in their home or an American youth getting started in the work force. The illegal aliens not only have found their way into good paying jobs but also take everything at the bottom end. You know, jobs kids used to do to learn their work ethic, like mowing lawns and odd jobs for home owners. They sell their services for such a low rate that handy men and women and small time contractors are cut off at the knees. They can afford to do these jobs and live in America and have so many children because they have wives or girl friends collecting welfare and they use the emergency room for all their routine health care needs. It is such an amazing scam I wonder when Obama will try to figure out where so much of his money is going down so many rat holes. When that happens I wonder if his amnesty program will make even more sense to himself than just slamming this drain shut and coalescing these jobs to already documented legal Americans who are forced to collect unemployment and work under the table to make their ends meet?
These are just a few of the thoughts that cross my mind every time I go into a Home Depot parking lot and see 20 to 50 guys all lined up waiting to get taken to work somewhere and sell themselves short for a loaf of bread.

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DWT said...

Yo necessito mas trabajo mi hijo, no tengo mucho dinero ,por que illegals tengo todos los trabajos!!!!Aye carramba!!