Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Problem is Obama's Economic Plan IS Working

I am happy that those drunk with power set their alarm clocks so they won't sleep through another workday. In fact working all weekend sounds like a good way to catch up on the tasks at hand that have been set aside to work on the grand master plan. Unfortunately, the grand master plan is the only thing they are working on, and the health care take over is just a part of that scheme.
Ultimately, to control all Americans and every thing we do is what the liberals desire and all their legislative paths lead to that conclusion. Control what we do and what we eat and you control US, which is why health care is the vehicle toward takeover the Liberals have decided upon. Everything affects our health and add the environment on top of that and wahlaah instant Governmental control over everything and every one. Of course these little pieces of Liberty stolen from US do not add up to communist China or the U.S.S.R overnight, but how did it happen there? And why, pray tell, would anybody think it can't happen here?
Get to work on the economy, please! Most Americans neither want nor need a Nanny, so sending San Fran Nan packing would be a positive step in the right direction next fall. Barabara Boxer could go into retirement with her and then the State of California could begin to show the kind of leadership that counts, we would begin a new era of self reliance and prosperity that could never be denied. It is truly a shame that a State that is the 8th largest economy in the world is circling the drain right now and only showing the Country how to self immolate.
Leadership is what is needed above all else right now, but not to lead the people by the hand to the promised land. We need leaders to ride herd over politicians and get them to stop mucking up the recovery and let US work our way through our problems, without Government interference...

to be continued...

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