Sunday, November 29, 2009

Worth The Wait?

Now we all know why Obama has been waiting so long to figure out what he wants to do in Afghanistan. There was a real need for cover to mask the indecisive procrastination Obama is compelled to employ. Our foreign policy has been confused at best and deliberately submissive if my worst fears are correct. I have known all along that Barack Obama is as weak and apprehensive a commander in chief as we have ever had. His track record through out his career has been one of an inability, either willful or by default, to make a principled stand on anything. Unless you factor his rising up to say a Cambridge police officer acted stupidly, or a couple party crashers needing to be investigated. Abortion, entitlements, and anti capitalism stances are just part and parcel to his leftist ideology, but would most likely get discarded or discounted if direct pressure were ever exerted in a meaningful manner.

The Obama way is to defer tough decisions so he can personally stay above the fray and keep his personal approval ratings as high as possible. Unfortunately for him, and US, the job he ran for is not campaigner in chief. He is not just the happy face on Pelosi and Reid's policy hour. He is not supposed to be beholden to his support network, he is supposed to be where the buck stops.

The administration inherited 2 wars, one basically won and winding down, the bad war. And then there was the war Obama said we had to win, to defeat Al-Queda, Taliban and Islamic terrorist networks wherever they are affiliated. The good war, as the leftists referred to it, was in Afghanistan, and according to the tough talking Obama in the campaign of 2008 the one he would pursue and claim our victory. Now that Iraq has quieted, the Islamic militants are re organizing into Afghanistan. We need to figure out what our objective there is and then do whatever it takes to complete the job. If that is to send in more troops, then we need to support Obama to the end, but, if he wants to declare an exit strategy and then send more troops in with targets on their backs and rules of engagement tying their hands, we might as well admit our defeat and save as many American lives as possible.

How I wish our President had a backbone so I could support him as much as his policies will allow. But every move Obama makes seems to be to do whatever the opposite of Bush, even if its detrimental to the country as a whole. All that for the support of American and International leftists. At this rate I cannot even hope to find support for him in my heart. At least Bush put the country first, even above his own approval ratings and tarnished legacy. BHO appears to be on a quest to weaken and destroy our country, and for that he deserves to be thrown out of office asap.

The story line will probably go as follows; Bush got US into this horrible situation in a country that has shambled many empires. Now Obama through great wisdom and insight will extricate the US from the quagmire with an approach that is nuanced and bolsters our standing in the Islamic world, and the world at large. Russia and China look on in wonder, Iran will stop trying for a bomb and N. Korea will comply fully to the UN. The gentle giant will carefully retrace their steps out and apologize for breaking anything.

Since everything in Obamas world starts and ends with him I am certain his decision making is qualified by his personal exposure first. We have yet to really hear this President advocating for the country as a whole, and I am beginning to get the feeling we never will.

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