Monday, December 07, 2009

The Full Frontal Assault

The shadow Government is being put in place. The timing of the release of EPA conclusions on CO2 with Copenhagen World Climate meetings is uncanny. Its unreal to me that in the face of a declining economy and naturally declining CO2 levels we will ground our ship over a naturally occurring by product. How dare they claim CO2 is a pollutant, what are we all to do, stop breathing? Trees need CO2 so what happens when we eliminate it to them?
The breakneck speed of the takeover is coinciding with the revelations of manipulations in the data and the challenge to the narrative that the Global Warming aka Climate Change. The one world Government is what is behind the Global Warming Hoax and while the Bible predicts this will happen I will continue to fight the insanity that will lower our standard of living at best and ignite WW3 at worst. If we follow this thing through to where political "leaders" are taking US and the world we will see a mess like none other, guaranteed.

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