Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sanctions for the "Holy" Islamic Republic?

Obama will put his money where his mouth isn't and get tough on Iran(ha!). There is a momentous tide shifting and our President has already made the decision to treat with the Dictators. I am sure it's just code for something. Obamas first year legacy is littered with opportunities squandered to solidify support from the center and the right with gestures as slight as verbal support and showing fortitude over cya. I knew what we had early on and Obama is not failing to reinforce my low opinion of himself.
Cowardice is as Coward does. In the end Iran will have the bomb and the Middle East will be an unsolvable mess except for the War Obama is ensuring. He has been given this gift to change the dynamic in Iran and is instead siding with radical Islam, go figure.

I wonder if Obama is earning his peace prize right now?

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