Monday, March 28, 2011

A Smaller Fish To Fry

In our National Interest lies Lybia(sic) just like a boil waiting to be lanced. Lo! over there, isn't that Syria?
Oh Lebanon and Egypt ~~Tunisia and Bahrain~~Algeria ~~ Morocco~~ The whole friggin' southern Mediterranean, What in the world is going on?

I can't wait for our President to 'splain it all to US tonight. I'm sure somewhere betwixt all the theories about protecting Europe's oil supply and anti-colonial Islamo-resurgency enabling we will get to see another facet of the charade that masks our CIC with the Islamic/ African sounding name. All I can see through all this is a noose encircling Israel and no word of comfort for an ally will be forthcoming from the top levels of the representation of our Nation.

Stuff is happening right before our eyes, and it won't be pretty when its all played out.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What A Pickle

First we are ousting a dictator, then we are just preventing him from killing his civilians. We are bombing his compound but not trying to assassinate him. We are arming the rebels and hoping they can do the dirty work. But lo and behold who is also joining the rebels??
Hint: first name is Al-

This is sure a fine mess our political class has our stricken country wallowing in.

Lives created or saved.

There's a future out there that needs... winning. Duh!

Monday, March 21, 2011

UNtil Now UNthinkable UNHoly Alliance

I have read some most interesting takes on what is going on in the Middle East now that we have opened up yet another can of worms. History is in the process of writing itself. But its also a re-run.

Under the rule of Pres. Obama the US has confounded allies and emboldened Nations hostile to US benevolence. The Presidents aloof and casual reactions belie the gravity of the matter at hand. At best we may be witnessing the beginning of WW III and at worst there are a few more prophecies in the Bible that will be fulfilled before there is no longer any way to doubt.

Israel has been our most faithful friend in the Middle East and a beacon of freedom in an otherwise harsh totalitarian jungle. The recent breakdown of the old order has me concerned for what little peace they have now. Almost all potential changes seem to be more perilous for our friends. World events appear to be guiding and tracking a most dangerous path. The most anti American players are even getting enriched by the turmoil.

The Orchestration of these incidences and the viral nature make me certain we are witnessing Demonic influence on a global scale. I would hate to think Obama is complicit but I am certain he is unaware and getting played right along with The Nations of the World, the good, the bad and the Ugly. Its a spectacle both fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.

The Liberals in our country have always looked up to the United Nations as more Utopian because they need to believe that secular Humanity can self correct. And what better than the all inclusive UN to represent all the good in the world? If it were possible, ok, but... Human Nature says otherwise. So the Liberals have been Hell -bent on ceding our sovereign power to a corrupt body where hypocrisy sits on the Security Council.

I can only imagine a day when we must overthrow our own Government once again because of corruption and unconstitutional behaviours and then We the People have to fight the UN who intervene for the good of ? what? European socialism? Islamic dictatorship? Chinese Communism? My God, so many precedents are being set and so many of them are for evil ends.

I now know for certain what I have always guessed to be all we can do,
and that is to pray.
And remain vigilant.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Risk Averse

Japan had their big one last week, volcanoes erupting and now another earthquake near Tokyo. So far they are weathering the storm. How much longer can they withstand explosions in their reactors, melt down conditions, and aftershocks both geological and humanitarian?

Here in the US we are having questions of energy and how and where we obtain it. With plenty of our own resources but no willingness to exploit them we put our future in the hands of environmentalists and Middle Eastern despots, and market manipulators. On one hand using up other countries resources before our own makes National Security sense but is so hypocritical it's oxy-moronic. We can do a more responsible job of retrieving oil, natural gas and coal than 3rd world countries can. We can make a nuclear reactor able to withstand the forces of nature better than Iran, Syria, N. Korea or China. Why don't we?
And will they?

Fear is the factor driving all the decisions in the world anymore. We used to want to go to the moon and Mars, but a few mishaps and budgetary concerns have grounded NASA. Nuclear energy could solve a lot of needs but now Japan will be in the back of every new decision on permits and environmental impacts. A blown up oil well halts undersea drilling, heck it halted all drilling contrary to our Chief Executive's feeble lies. If we were so worried about safety would we drive around in any car less than armored or would we ever fly anywhere in any type of aircraft? Would we be willing to step outside our own front door?

Society has become so afraid of its own self we are paralyzed to attempt any thing adventurous or risky when the path is less than certain. I believe it is because western
society has placed a high price on life. As it should. Yet, at the same time moving forward has a price, also. Somewhere out here in the secular West we have lost some faith in our ability to have God direct the way. Some people even rebel from this golden corral by doing crazy stunts and taking up death defying past times.

So the higher we go the farther we have to fall. Meanwhile we tie ourselves up with a zillion cords of red tape from regulations to impact studies and reasons not to try. We are protecting our children at the same time we are impoverishing them with mountains of debt. We are sealing our own fate by trying to create a world where there are no negative outcomes. It will be bland and at the same time suffocating. We will be at the mercy of those who refuse to answer to our higher code, we will diminish and a brave, bold and possibly evil usurper will meet no resistance from US at all.

Our needs are being met by our loving creator, we just need to have faith and believe it. We just need to live.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Civilization Perched

The world seems to be teetering at the edge, of calamity on one side, or a brighter day on the other. Like my own circumstance sometimes it really does appear to be the new normal. Hope and despair intertwined, inextricably coupled into a symbiotic synergy.
I choose the brighter day and will exhaust myself in all effort to make it come to pass.