Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama AWOL

Senator Barack Obama (D. Illinois) has stated that he wasnt ever around when Pastor Jeremiah Wright made all of his inflammatory hate filled statements against "White America" and The US Governments genocide against Blavk people. And apparently whenever the Democrat majority in the Senate was agreeing with the Republican Majority( Bi-Partisanship)Barack Obama wasn't there either. It seems to me for such a capable, Shining star of a Democrat politician he has been away almost every time he could have stood up and done the very things that He says he is the ONE capable of doing. I just don't know what to believe, the media and their pony Barack Obama, or Hilliarity Rodman Clinton and her strained memoirs. Boy am I glad the media helped the conservatives choose their candidate, saving US from self-immolation, like the Democrat Party.
Thanks N.Y. Times and crossover Democrat and Independent voters in the early, open primaries! You very well could have picked the winner.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Media Reserves the Right To Obfuscate!

Juxtapose This! The same story as it appeared in Newsprint and it was the same on the internet edition until we all got on the Sacramento Bee for their use of the word "Migrants". I just can't get enough of their desire to mislead and misdirect all who pay little attention to anything but the headlines!

Wake up America this is where the Media is herding You!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Immigration Infestation

Governor Shwarzenegger likes playing semantics with policies, and twisting up the Reporters like a pretzel, it appears. As Republican Lawmakers have proposed a rollback of benefits for illegal Immigrants to save the State money, nearly 2 dozen bills this week in the State Assembly. The State of California is being crushed by overspending once again. Times were"Good" so we had to have more Governmental spending, of course. It appears some of the largesse was appropriated toward "Migrants" re(Illegal Aliens). Our friends who helped us overbuild and out pace the Boom, so a few could make bazillions, and a lot would be happy just to have a job in a America and then a few more could watch their hopes and dreams evaporate into the unfair competition. I suppose we had to build our house of cards up so high and fast so our state portfolio would look good enough to jack up our budget and give our little Kingmakers the euphoria of spending in the billions. And our Great Governator A steed to ride in the rodeo, and a chance to show off to Maria and Her Royal Family. Well Arnie says it's a "Big Mistake" to blame illegal immigrants for the states looming 8 $Billion budget gap. Yes it is a mistake to "Blame " them they are just following the path of least resistence to the trough of most lucrativity. But that is not what the bill sets out to do, Blame anyone. The bill is to cut off the money for these people who have no right to be in our Country. They are always talking about the Peoples Republic of California's underfunded School System, right? Are we to pay services for illegal aliens at the expense of our schools, roads, hospitals, and prisons?Why not, right? If it weren't for the cheap illegal alien labor out there we would not have anything at all, right? If you pave the road, take down all the obstacles, and make someone comfortable, they will break the law to enjoy it all, and they will stay until they suck up all the goodies. They will leave when there is nothing left for them here. But unfortunately 12, 15, 18 million can suck up a lot of resources. A lot of businesses will go out because of this reliance. Unfortunately a lot have already gone under because of the alliance. I thought the Liberals always were in search of "fairness". I guess skin color, sob stories, and lawbreaking big money, trump homegrown little guys, who are also just trying to survive.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Miss Spoken and Faulty Memories Syndrome

How do some Politicians get away with certain derivatives of the Truth and Reality? Say anything that is expedient and the Spin Doctors will explain what was really meant? Hillary Clinton said she arrived in Bosnia in 1996 under sniper fire, directly contradicting Her own book's account of the incident. Then expects a pass with the justification misspeaking. Misstating means correcting the record right away, not waiting until you are called on it. When you wait and try to make points with a detour from Truth it is commonly called lying. I wonder if She can tell Herself anything and believe it. I know there is a lot to remember when you've been all around the world, but I would wager that was the only time in Her life she was under "sniper" fire. Then, and maybe now, because Barack will fire back. He is truth challenged himself, however. Once describing his Pastor(Jeremiah Wright)as just a fierce, controversial critic of America. Hogwash! He can say He didn't know what was said, wasnt there, didn't hear it with His own ears, or whatever. But I know that is why he was in that church supporting Jeremiah Wright, because he did exactly agree with him. And to get his street credibility. Uniter? pshaw! Reaches across the aisle? when? Agrees with me, that we should fight Islamascists wherever they are? Hardly. Cant fight them in Iraq, thats too easy, too smart. We need to go to Afghanistan, or Pakistan, where it will surely be more difficult. BTW we are kicking Taliban Butt in Afghanistan!
The Democrats get the pass as often as their media elitist apologists can slip it to them. The recent scandals of Spitzer, Patterson, and Kilpatrick alll prove it. Read an article in your local paper and see if they have a (D.) by their name. If these were Republicans that would be part of the Headline. Look back at Foley, or Cunningham. Party affiliation was front and center. I have no problem with that, being an Independent, but I don't like seeing the Press pick and choose our Candidates or next President. Whats good for the Goose better be good for the Gander as far as I am concerned, and I am concerned. We are heading into perilous times in the world and the right executive can make US or break US. Actions are going to have consequences and words will mean things.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I should not Rant on a Holy Day, but some things are necessary to point out.

Like Googles inability to acknowledge the Holiest Day in Christianity. They gave us shamrocks and Turkeys and Pumpkins, and Fireworks icons but no Bunny? No colored Eggs? Thanks for that Google. But nothing at all? I would not expect a cross from you to save your Lives. But there is a reason stores are closed and everybody takes the Day off. It is a glaring omission that speaks volumes about where the Yahoo's at Google are in their beliefs. Not that I really care, all I have to do is read the Daily headlines and know full well where they stand, where else could I get so much impetus to chafe. Its funny how multi-culturism really means everything but Christianity. Ecumenical means Liberal Christianity, Black Liberation, any other religion than Straight-on, Evangelical, Jesus died on the Cross and Rose 3 days later to reconcile us to a Holy God. Oh well, I am running out of steam. I know it's not Googles job to proseletyze, but they should show some respect. And Google has, to their credit, run stories on Easter that are respectful-and not like an apple with a razor in it concealing their hidden agenda.

I believe the Pope Baptizing a prominent Muslim is a symbolic step that IS the direction We DO need to go in order to ultimately win the War against the Radical Islamascists. This man is very brave and I know acts like this will bring a degree of condemnation upon Himself. Stand strong and there will be a crown of Life.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Excuses or Reasons

I remember when I was a young Lad my Father chewing me out for something. Something I did that was not up to His standards, or the way He had shown me. I specifically remember Him saying,"don't give me any mealy-mouthed excuses. Do it du-da du-da" etc. I also remember my retort 'It's not an excuse, it's a reason.' Well Pop wouldn't have any of it, but I was a little proud of my deflective ability, and my Lawyerly reasoning. A supporter would consider the reasons while a detractor focuses on excuses.

It seems as if fidelity has come into the spotlight with the Governorship of New York having not one, not two, but three first people failing in their marriages. When you count next door New Jersey and McGreeveys fall from grace there are 4 right there. Stories are now starting to be written about how the Animal Kingdom knows not fidelity. How ridiculous it is to expect a powerful type A personality to control all that Animal magnetism, power, Lust and Ambition. How do these Blessed people contain all that? It appears they do not. Governors mansions must be real Peytons Places, while all that "doing the peoples business" must weaken some of their moral fortitude. I don't really expect perfection out of the Elected Class, but some things seem as if they could wait until the exalted ones are out of office. They have a relatively short time to make their mark, and to do the most possible good. To be upended with such a low level trap seems to highlight the futility voters face when choosing a Politician with a moral compass based on looks, sound bites, negative ads, Promises/Rhetoric and all manners of deception. These are, after all, Professionals, in a business that is most likely one of the most vicious and attractive to those who seek power. Say anything, Do anything, just get elected, just get the nomination.
On a personal level I know how hard it is to keep a marriage intact. A lot of people grow apart after years and tears(Freudian slip there, I will leave it in). Kids are a huge factor and Honor and Committment to vows are pure barometers of Character. But I guess there comes a time when Love is lost, evaporated by the World of duty and Cares. How many years can someone be expected to trudge onward, alone on the inside? It is the Deception and Fraud that I personally find repugnant. An honest plea that is rebuffed would drive any true heart away, in Time. It is such Honesty, given and received, that will make up for the shortcomings, the weakness, and the unfulfilled needs. For Jesus said 'Our bodies are not our own', we serve our spouse and our family. And God. What God has put together Let no man tear asunder. Our Societies' are built upon strong families and above all else, that is the way it should stay. So far I have been able to deny myself for my Families sake, but I know there comes a limit, when the unhappiness can pollute any good thing, and drive a wedge that splits even a rock apart. And maybe happiness can be found where before only sadness abounds. An unhappy marriage may be worse for the kids than a split. I know to set the example of a Loving Marriage, The children must sense the Love.
I will not cast the first stone at the Infidelity that is highlighted in public figures, but pray for these marriages, knowing full well that, But for the Grace of God, there go I. The new Governor of New York and His wife have put their problems behind themselves and moved forward, hopefully. I hope it is not a charade in front of the Media Circus but a Testament to true Love that comes full circle. That can give hope to many. That is why Public Figures need to be a cut above the common man. Their examples are seen by many. When we start making excuses for failure we will surely fail. Good solid reasoning can Light the path for a better future.
So, So, suck your Toe

Vice President Dick Cheney said, "So" when asked about 60% of U.S. Population not thinking the War in Iraq is worth it. I laud Him on the Honesty and succinctness of His reply. The Previous U.S. Administration only Governed by using polls and weather watching. And we saw in Grand Illustrative Fashion that that doesn't work. The media spin the polls and even influence them with biased reporting, and if our Executives chase after the media's storyline the threats out there will have all the cover in the World to fester and multiply. I agree with the War in Iraq, so chalk one up to the 'other' side. We must fight the terrorists all the way to AllaH. When they are reunited with Alla, the Prophet, and fellow Jihadis/Martyrs, the world can become a better place.
I know the kook lefties and their media minions will try to contextualize Cheney's remarks into not caring about US. It is something remarkable, for it is because this Administration cares that they are staking their reputAtions and legacies on the line. If Hillary or Barack were ever able to be President, I doubt they would have the backbone to make any kind of controversial stand. On anything at all, but especially on a matter as grave and ominous as a War against a Radical Ideology. We are not at war with terror, that is a tactic of the enemy. Thats like saying we were at war with bombs in W.W 2 . And that, I believe, is the one most glaring mistake of the Bush administration. They have been completely inept at defining and informing the mostly illiterate (politically, on Middle Eastern issues) American casual observers. More intent are they (college age, younger, the pre-occupied, agnostic/atheistic) to get down at spring break, take profits, Keep up with Joneses, speak 'truth' to power, etc., than create a world that will stay peaceful for all people at all times. Osama bin Laden is fomenting the true War, just listen to the rhetoric coming from Syria and Iran. There will be a knockdown drag out with Islam one day soon. Call it a Crusade, I'm ok with that too. They are pushing their warped TheophiloautocraticPolitical Hatements around the world. We want a Free world, they want the Caliphate. Notice how Caliphate also contains Hate? The Crusades were pushing back an expansion of Islam by the sword, remember?
Polls say America is tired of this War, Yet McCain, the strongest proponent, is ahead of the Defeatocrats. Some like to call it Bush's War, "We wanted it over in 6 weeks", the whiners and crybabies wail. The short attention span of modern people is not prepared to combat an Enemy that has been lying in Wait for hundreds of years. This struggle will end with a Holy War because Islam is in direct contrast to Christianity. One cannot survive while the other lives, not for ever.

P.S. ; And a Good Friday to You!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hill-Billy? B.O. the wrongWright? McCain in the Middle?

Which Legislator do you want to run our Country? We have no natural born leaders here.
These Senators are members of an exclusive Club. Some for only one half of One term! God Forbid they should be the ones to determine the direction of our country. I see a sell out coming our Way.
Barack Obama was slated to transcend race, but apparently He is mired in it. There is no way his baggage can be unloaded without all of America seeing right thru it, like boarding an airplane, the x-ray shows Mr. Wrong in there. To transcend race we have to look beyond race, not focus on it with every telecast. It is a catch 22 because the Black politician that finally breaks down that barrier will be tagged the "first". Maybe it should be a black Woman, that would erase both the glass ceiling and the glass floor. And no, I am not thinking Condoleeza, even though she would probly be better than Barack and Hillary put together. Condi is actually too wimpy for me. Someone along the lines of a Margaret Thatcher would be fine by me. If my Fourth Grade Teacher is still alive I would nominate Her, Mrs. Beardon. She was as no nonsense, and steadfast, and truly committed, as anyone I have ever known in my life. I think this Identity Politics of the Left will fragment them, all the way to November. I don't want symbolism, I want subtantive policies and action.
Hillary Clinton has barely more time than Obama in the senate, and her seat was carpetbagged to boot. I am not at all sold on Her acumen to lead. Not at all believing with Clintons back in the White House scandals will cease. Although I do believe Hillary could be a real *itch. And a B!tch would no doubt defend the country to the fullest. Taking no names from the mother_uckers that attacked US?!?! That is my perception of Her one redeeming quality. I like that! But.... The Bill Clinton connection is too slimey! The Liberalism is too weak. Socialism and collectivism and passivism will only lead to the Deaths of many good Americans, be they Liberal or Conservative.
We need Visionaries not reactionaries.
John McCain is the last Senator standing, by default, I might add. When the Liberals picked our guy at the beginning of the Primary Season, I was a little upset too. But serendipitously the Liberals may have just picked the right Guy. So, I have no problem with operation Chaos. I won't agree with Conservatives helping Democrats out, but turnabout is Fair Play. We must unite in some ways, this Great Nation, Conservatives, Well Meaning Liberals. The threats don't just go away because we are too distracted to notice what is going on out there. Politics is not a Game or a court of Law, it has peoples lives hanging in the balance. We don't need experiments and hypothesis, we need to stick to what works. And that is a strong country that will not yield to lowest common denominators in our personal problems, but the greatest possible ways to uplift all America and All the Free World Democracies.
Freedom allways Wins!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here Comes the Attack

Liberals and Pacifists are constantly trying to erode specific rights out of our constitution. If they feel they do not need a gun, don't have a gun. I read and understand the 2nd Amendment, fully. It is simple and clear. And the Government will never take a gun away from me! All they can do with this kind of legislation is turn an honest law abiding citizen into a criminal. I have never shot at anyone, and I never will, unless and until I am threatened. So, by obvious logic, the Government can never take away that right. And the part of the Constitution they want US to ignore is the part about overthrowing an oppressive Government that tries to take away our rights. That is what they are doing right now. Disarming the populace so we will be their sheep. I have news for them, it will never happen, in fact I am going to exercize my rights and go out and buy another gun. I know they have many ways of disarming US, and ammunition will be one way they destroy our ability to defend ourselves.
It is so simple I am sure that is why it goes right over most well meaning heads, "If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns". There is a reason that it is the 2nd Amendment. After freedom of speech, the right to defend ourselves and our property is at the top.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Realization

I just got finished reading op-ed letters in my local paper, and came away disheartened and at the same time flummoxed. Today is Palm Sunday and a very somber and portentous day in Christianity. Today is the day 2000+ years ago that Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem. He knew full well where He was going and what would happen to Him there. He followed through to the bitter end and thereby provided all Humanity with the power over sin and death. All who will accept and acknowledge His supreme sacrifice. I have read doubters and detractors deny Him the place as our Saviour simply because He did what He said and set out to do. At any time he could have gotten off the cross and failed in His mission. He always deferred to the Father, but made it clear He was the living sacrifice, once for all. There are many stumblingblocks on the way to believing Christ was the Messiah. The first is that we have fallen short and need a Saviour. Then the Deity of Christ comes into question. How can God be in more than 1 place? Well God could be anywhere and do anything, in my eyes. And in my limited ability to comprehend. If God needed to become flesh and pay the price for our sins for us, why in the world could God not do that? To put God in a Box and say "What happened in Heaven when He was on the cross?" just shows really how small you would have to think that God is. God is Love. How much more is Love than reconciling us to Himself? I believe, therefore I know, somehow, God has a place for me. Even with all of my own shortcomings. I would encourage all mankind to take the hand of God reaching out to us and accept this gift of Salvation.
Choosing to believe lies resonates deep within, and those who do, know it. It would be a sad existence to not believe in what is really, not at all grievous, but, exhilatating and makes us free to love. That is Gods Supreme Command, to love all.
Now that I got off my track let me try to find my way back, in the op-ed letters the writers'-in make it clear they believe all our shortcomings are the fault of our elected officials. For now, it's a Republican in the White House, so... You know the drill. It's the Economy stupid, right? Well every election I have ever had the pleasure of voting in(mid 80's) there has been an Economic challenge going into the Election Season. The cycles seem congruent. The blame gets kicked back and forth like a football. Responsibility starts at the top but it does not end there. It goes all the way throughout our Society. We all live it up when times are good and take everything for granted. When times get tougher and you realize it's not supposed to be easy, start casting the blame around anywhere but to ourselves. I know I am guilty too, not saving enough, enjoying selfish pleasures, not giving enough, etc. But life is a challenge, everyday to live to the fullest. And it is difficult not to get mired in the everyday drudgery. Taking personal responsibility is key. I can't blame politicians that are orbiting the power center of our world rotating and morphing twisting and spinning. They are not responsible for my day to day happiness. Their first duty is to keep US safe, and they have done a good job with that.
That'as where I fell off my track, some people in the world see no danger, are blind spiritually and existentially. This is still a dangerous world and you can write letters to the Editor all day long that it's Bush's fault we are: hated, broke, in debt, live in a changing climate, unhealthy, politically divided, or whatever your beef-du-jour. Nothing will change after Bush. Conservatives will be lambasted for holding on to a status quo that contains all the good but also all the bad. And the Liberals will go for "Change" even if that brings more bad and less good. Since we cannot go 2 directions at once we will never know which side had it really right. If policies were allowed to run their FULL course. Everything gets a little mixed when 2 sides keep throwing more input into the vat. The give and take, and give and give, and take and take, and take and give. All roads lead to all other roads. And getting lost is a definate possibility.
So lighten up and live.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Apologies!

Geraldine Ferraro should not have to apologize for what she said. And shame on Hillary Clinton for throwing her under the Bus, and then having the nerve to apologize for her. For Ferraro spoke the truth. Maybe the spin distorted what it was that she really said.

First she was exactly right about Obama, Everybody reporting on Obama has given Him a pass because the press all wants that story line, America elects a Black Man. See! we are not now racist anymore! Hooray for US. However Barack is more than just a Black man, eloquent and smooth. He is actually quite radical. He goes to a Radical Church, is left of Teddy Kennedy, and I believe he would take our country for a bad change. Hillary just can't quite throw any stones without shattering her carefully crafted statue. So she has others do it, and if it bombs they get cut. Hows that for leadership?

Barack is embodying the John Edwards brand of populism and hipocrisy. That is what I think Geraldine meant, Edwards and Obama say the same things, but John Edwards got no traction. He wasn't a novelty or a member of the Identity Political Gang. And Edwards couldn't really pull it off on the street with the true brothers. For now Barack can, but wait until more light is shined into his dark corners. There are more than likely a few more Rezkos, maybe a Spitzer, definitely a Farrakhan, and quite possibly a commie. Barack has gotten a pretty easy ride in his Politics up to this point, but now He's trying to represent more than South Side ruffians, a collection of minorities and victims, and corrupt mobsters.

I know Barack is going to be much worse for our country than even Clinton would be, but there is something about the Clintons that is so distasteful I would consider this change for the worse, as somehow preferable. I guess we would have to have the Clintons expose Obama because i fear that McCain just will not. Lets' see as election day draws nearer and the stakes are more clear.
Let US just be clear, too, about the Politics of Skin color, If Barack were a true conservative and putting forth solid conservatism I would be swooning for Him too. But He divides as he says he is the one to unite US, and there is no concern for the Americans who are vowing to fight terrorism to the bitter end. The terrorists bitter end that is. A Barack Oabama would never reach out to a guy like me. Except maybe to change me into a pacifist, liberal, killed by terrorists, American.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If You are Goin To Buy In and Then Just Bail (Default)

Don't even bother! The people that invested in real estate during the boom need to be honorable. Everybody needs to treat their recent Real Estate transactions (I'm talking 10 years), as a real >{every intention of fulfilling our contract}. It is all the "Good Time Charlies" that can turn the real estate bubble into catastrophie.
A Sign of the Times?

Who would have ever thought they would see the day when a problem like this would come to merry old England. It will take a long time to get this ridiculous in America but I do worry about Canada. They are ahead of US in enabling a Middle Easterner invasion. When you open your doors wide open, and don't have the ability to quickly close them, cultural clashes like forced marriage will chip away at your foundation. I wonder if these practices compromise their immigration policies, too. Or do the poor girls have to stay in their new Hubbies country? There really shouldn't even be an argument about a problem like this. But that is what being multi-cultural is all about. Accepting wacked, immoral practices that are contrary to your own societies standard.
Accepting everyone and everything. As if it were fate.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Is This the Payoff or the Payback?

I guess change could mean the Democrats scandals now being in the Spotlight. It's funny how whenever 1 political party starts to gain the upper hand in this country scandals erupt and there is a slapdown. Here we go again!. The guy seemed like he had everything going right. Wonderful family, his wife looks nice..., did power corrupt? He hardly looks like the prototypical philanderer, as far as I know, although I would wager most philanderers are smarmy, smug, punk-asses, with a bit of wuss on the side. Not to mention unscrupulous, Like in Eliot Spitzres own personal giveaway of our country.
Maybe one of his many enemies set him up and took him down. He looks like the typical slimy political liar to me, whether there is an R. or a D. after his name, it does not matter to me. He was compromising his authority and subjecting himself to blackmail. I just find it peculiar that these guys who don't really deserve all that they get, then throw it all away, like it mattered not that they actually reached the pinnacle. All I know is every time a Republican gets in a scandal like this they are out of the Office, either stepping down willingly, or getting tossed out. The Democrat Party, however, lets indicted politicians hang on and sully their whole Parties' image.
Sometimes the only really accurate way to judge a politician is looking at their personal judgement, usually there is ample evidence as to the true character within.
And this guy is even a superdelegate, yeah, the ones that are getting payed off on both sides. The politicians with the power to cast the tiebreaking vote for the Democrats should neither candidate get enough votes to seal up the nomination. Perhaps all the largesse heaped upon Spitzer was more than he could turn away from in the end. His weakness did Him in.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

World NewsWatch February 9, 2008 A.D.

Uh oh! If these are Islamascists maybe the Olympics will be targeted. Boy that would be going one step too far for the worshippers of allah spreading their religion of "Peace". I doubt China would hold back like we here in the Pacifist west do when it comes to those whose goal is to undermine our society. Let's wait and see, the word Turkestan raised my antennae.

This here is where to watch, if you are interested in Biblical Prophecies and where we really are in the Free Worlds battle against the forces of darkest evil.
Give up some ground and they will set up a launch pad to bomb you from. Release some P.O.W's and they will inevitably end up back on the battlefield. When you give an inch Satan will take a mile. Could you imagine in W.W.2 if when Berlin was bombed the newsmedia called for proportional fighting or posted how many civilians were killed ? We never could have won that war with our current mindset. Let US never forget we are not starting these wars, but we need to be strong enough to finish them. There are people out there who would kill all Israeli's, all Americans, and all Free non-wnzliwz if they had their way. If they had the power that we have. Look what we do with our power, we have freed Muslims, in Kuwait, Kosovo, and in Iraq. We help them in their hour of need like the tsunami relief effort. We have shed our blood, laid out our treasure, I doubt that any of these places would have done the same for US. And the flip side of that coin is if we were like them they would all be dead!

History repeats if you don't learn your lessons. It seems like Spain is going through similar ideological struggles as in the U.S.A. Only Spain is ahead of US in Socialism. I guess Real Estate bubbles were inflating everywhere? The battle tthat socialism presents to Christianity is the same throughout the Free world. And it sounds to me like the Leftists frame their arguments the same too. The Christians want only the freedom to worship and our societies not to devolve into Secular Humanist self worshipping weak shells, ripe for a takeover, ripe to crumble from within from the decadence that will surely follow the trail blazed by those with no higher calling than pleasing onesself.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win. I am not sure what strategy may or may not have been in play with this retirement and special election. But the timing is curious. If America wants change so bad, does that mean changing everything? Back to a Republican controlled Congress perhaps? Such sloganeering just belies the fact that the ideas from the left come back void. Hmmm, I'm not really sure how Congress' low ratings tranlate well for the Democrat Party, they are the majority, and Bush is not running for anything. Maybe the change America is looking for is to give the Democrat's a few more years to drive the stake through the Nations collective Heart? Two years is hardly long enough to really foul things up. Maybe with a President and a filibuster proof Senate and a supermajority in Congress we can usher in the golden age of American Socialism and collectivism, that will surely break our Countries back.

Local Newswatch

The Sacramento Mayoral Race is a microcosm of Hillary/Obama. We have a doubty "experienced" woman incumbent running against an unproven, handsome , successful African American Man with star appeal. The mayor has failed and maybe we should vote for "change"?
Like Obama I am not sure where Kevin Johnson stands on any issue. But in reality he can do no worse than Heather Fargo has done for our city. Another interesting side note, part of Her platform will be "climate change". I noticed how it is no longer being referred to as "Global Warming" with all the colder than average temperatures the World has seen this winter. But I will wait for summer in Sacramento and with the first heat wave(even though we really haven't had them lately, just one notable 1 week period, 2 years ago) I know darn well everybody will go back to calling it Global Warming. They have already placed that fear into our kids heads, so..... It will be easy to go back there.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Allusion Illusion

It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. That is a classic parsing of the language that will live on in infamy. Modern day wordsmiths and newswriters lexicon seems stale and ponderous with all roads leading to despair and or hyperbole. Two words that jump out at me on a regular basis are the words plunge and soar. One day the stock market is "soaring"up 150 points and the next day it "plunges" down 200. The economic outlook is dismal because payrolls plunged by 65,000 jobs last month. However unemployment is still below 5%. I won't believe there is a crisis until the illegal aliens go back home. The price per barrel of oil is soaring, as the U.S. dollar plunges. Right now foreclosures are soaring to the highest levels in 15 years. At the same time home values are plunging. I guess the 300% climb in values in the last 12 years is offset somewhat by the 20% decline in the last year. Those really hurt are the ones who bought in at the end, like at the end of any Bull run, the last in are the hardest hit. Global temperatures plunged one degree downward after soaring one degree upward in the last 100 years. Violent crime in the inner cities is soaring to the highest level in the last 5 years. The cryptography of such words is like a window into the bias of the author. When journalists say they are nuetral and then display tilted hackery, only then am I agitated.

A few other disingenuous words of note are crisis, attack, fair, bi-partisan, progressive, change, and then of course all the isms, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, war monger and the like. All these labels are tossed around as if every one of these perceptions is black or white. I know Liberals who, after the beginning argument, quickly become quite reasonable and sensible. Their protection is their outer crust of prickly hatred and unwavering undereducated principles that don't need to be rooted anywhere near the fresh springs of common logic. As long as the Liberal Establishment churns out these protege journalists we can expect nothing less from the elite circles who use weak minds to be their pawns and expand their frontier. I like to use my own common logic to think through any problem and come up with a correct assessment, not my wishful thinking. Because my wishful thinking is part nostalgia, therefore biased, and part utopian, therefore fatally flawed. The world of matter has the laws of physics keeping it from flying apart at the seams. Even though it seems what matters most are things that can't be seen, like love and faith, and yes Barack hope.
Conserrvatives too hope for a better future but know all too well you still have to work for it.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Was Rush Right?

I sure hope so. However, I would never have crossed over and voted for Hillary. Let the Democrat Party do their own damage to their own selves. It's duplicitous for the media to decry Republicans crossing over in an open primary to pick a candidate on the other side. That is how conservatives ended up with McCain, the early primaries were open and in heavily Democrat areas and by the time True Conservatives got to have a say McCain had enough momentum to put his best foot forward. And more power to him, I believe he will be a good President. But he was definately my third or fourth choice. As for Hillary vs. Barack, I think Romney showed US how to preserve party unity with class. But one angle on crossing over nobody is expounding upon is, would not all Americans like a second choice as well? It would be honorable to cross over and vote for whomever in the other party you would most like to have if your own candidate fails to win. Perhaps not so honorable just to wreak havoc in the other party. Although we are all in it to win it, right?
The Democrats will have to spend their vast millions fighting each other, and that will be good for the economies of Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Mississippi. And it just may take that long to get solid answers from the two Panderers. I think all the helium has left Baracks balloon, anyhow. So giving Hillary a second life may not have been the wisest move. I always prefer to debate on ideas and let the chips fall where they may. Trusting in our country to do the right thing. And if the consequence doesn't agree with me, I will trust that God is still leading our country and it is by His Providence we move forward or backward.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Too (2, Deux)!

Well here we are at the crossroads for the Democrat Party. There are actually four ways to go here today. Take a left turn to Barackland, move backward to Clintonville, move forward to that brokered convention, and a right turn for .... McCain? Nader?McKinney? More mud slinging?
It appears the economy may be the way to bring a Democrat into the Whitehouse. The war in Iraq is going too well to follow that narrative, although Barack will. Proving once again that he is woefully unprepared to lead a countries Foreign policy. Hillary can tiptoe her way through that one since she voted for it before she voted against it. The National Media is doing all it can to present the American people the inevitability of recession. Every day there is a storyline that goes that direction. All negatives are expounded upon and all the positives are swept under the rug. And no doubt a recession will bring the most clamour for "change". Just like 1992 all over again. Recessions happen and there isn't a lot we can do, except live on and have faith we will come out the other side. I myself have lived through 3 recessions, and while they are no picnic they do present opportunities to those who are prepared. Work hard and dont waste money and be prepared for the next upswing. The pendulum swings both ways.
Barack Obama will find it harder and harder to remain above the fray with vagaries and political rhetoric. Americans as a group may not be all that smart, but we are not all that stupid, either. When he syas things that offend our allies like renegotiating trade deals and then says it was just campaign fodder, I cringe. When he sends messages about disarming, you wonder what world he is living in. When more and more of his connections turn out to be politics as usual, he has begun to be unmasked. When he says he will raise taxes that hits everybody where it hurts. Except of course those who dont pay any taxes and they will vote for Barack or Hillary or Ralphie, or Cynthia(hee hee).
But as for Hillary, the far lefties don't like her, although they will vote for her in the end. No one from the center right wants her. And lots of those stuck in the middleground would choose McCain in the general election. Her positions on about every issue are not so different than Obama.s either, so in a personality contest he will win. And as far as the corruption, America does not want to redo the 90's . No thank You. America does not really want to see Bill Clinton back in the Whitehouse either. Both Hillary and Barack are determined to give me free health care, cool. But as a pragmatic realist I understand fully nothing is free. Somehow affordable insurance seems like the way to go. maybe the Government can help there. I have never understood why we have to have insurance for work (workers compensation) which tallies quite a lot. And health insurance for the other half of our lives, cause we don't really need insurance while we are sleeping, do we? If some politician could figure out a way to combine what's paid for workers compensation insurance by employers and what makes up the difference by the individual we could probably get everyone covered. Kids are already covered with a lot of different plans. The poor are already covered by Government plans , and County Hospitals are obligated to treat everybody regardless of ability to pay, even illegal aliens, and they do treat everybody. Just be prepared to wait. People just have to learn how to jump through all the hoops. I know people that are on welfare have figured it all out. If they can can't we all?
So supr Tuesday part 2 stands to be an exciting adventure in Democracy, people get out and vote, our freedom to do so came with a very high price. Don't squander any chance to have your voice heard. It is the ultimate in freedom.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Power of the Human Brain

We can think recession until it happens, we can think Barack Obama until he's president. We can think we are losing in Iraq, we can limit our horizon any way we see fit. we can talk ourselves into a fear induced panic attack, we can convince ourselves we're fat. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. We squander good will, good thoughts, good vibes, Good God why?

I think I have read enough news for 1 day. I'm going to ToonTown!

Have a nice DAY!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Who do you think they are fooling? We have political monkeys all over the world who say ludicrous things. And they expect it to be taken at face value because they are "great leaders" and whatever they say had better be believed by their captive audience within the confines of their own borders.
"Iran has no need to intervene in Iraq. It is friendly to all groups in Iraq. Isn't it ridiculous that those who have deployed 160,000 troops in Iraq accuse us of intervening there?" the Iranian state-run news agency, IRNA, quoted Ahmadinejad as saying. What a bunch of hogwash spewing from the little Hitler of Iran upon his visit to Iraq. I find the bald faced lying as comical as it is alarming considering that many people may actually give credence to this bravado. Why must these charades be played for months and years? We all know what the beady-eyed, polyester-wearing knave is all about. The Shi'i alignment is alarming to say the least. I guess Iran's plan might be now that Saddam is gone and the U.S. has stabilized the country, to put Iraq in their column. How Ahmadinajhad can get welcomed by people who he has had a hand in the killing of their civilians is one of the wonders of the Middle Eastern Dead Zone I cannot comprehend. I guess I must be satisfied with, He will get His in the end.
As always, in the center of the cyclone, Israel once again gets condemned for defending Herself against daily rocket attacks from Gaza. As long as the Palestinians use their innocent civilians as shields, the civilians may get hurt. How much plainer does that have to be spelled out? I know if we were getting rockets shot over our southern border the American people wouldn't wait so long to take matters into their own hands.
Go a little further south and you have 1 demented megolomaniac. Much revered by leftists here and abroad, this dictator regularly spouts the inane drivel that the leftists can really rally around. Sounds like the commie is a war monger to me. I wonder if he would go to the U.N., get resolutions, warn Columbia 50 times, get some allies on board, and then as a last resort fire up his war machine. Somehow I don't think so. What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. I guess if you pretend to have a grievance and keep putting that out there some believers (Liberal Media/Liberal America Haters/Fellow Communist-Fascists) will eventually fall into your orbit. It is amusing how all these Little Dictators employ similar tactics, get similar results, and have similar objectives. None of their goals would turn the world into a better place.
Their scorched Earth policies will eventually lead to a Scorched Earth.