Thursday, March 06, 2008

Was Rush Right?

I sure hope so. However, I would never have crossed over and voted for Hillary. Let the Democrat Party do their own damage to their own selves. It's duplicitous for the media to decry Republicans crossing over in an open primary to pick a candidate on the other side. That is how conservatives ended up with McCain, the early primaries were open and in heavily Democrat areas and by the time True Conservatives got to have a say McCain had enough momentum to put his best foot forward. And more power to him, I believe he will be a good President. But he was definately my third or fourth choice. As for Hillary vs. Barack, I think Romney showed US how to preserve party unity with class. But one angle on crossing over nobody is expounding upon is, would not all Americans like a second choice as well? It would be honorable to cross over and vote for whomever in the other party you would most like to have if your own candidate fails to win. Perhaps not so honorable just to wreak havoc in the other party. Although we are all in it to win it, right?
The Democrats will have to spend their vast millions fighting each other, and that will be good for the economies of Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Mississippi. And it just may take that long to get solid answers from the two Panderers. I think all the helium has left Baracks balloon, anyhow. So giving Hillary a second life may not have been the wisest move. I always prefer to debate on ideas and let the chips fall where they may. Trusting in our country to do the right thing. And if the consequence doesn't agree with me, I will trust that God is still leading our country and it is by His Providence we move forward or backward.

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