Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Miss Spoken and Faulty Memories Syndrome

How do some Politicians get away with certain derivatives of the Truth and Reality? Say anything that is expedient and the Spin Doctors will explain what was really meant? Hillary Clinton said she arrived in Bosnia in 1996 under sniper fire, directly contradicting Her own book's account of the incident. Then expects a pass with the justification misspeaking. Misstating means correcting the record right away, not waiting until you are called on it. When you wait and try to make points with a detour from Truth it is commonly called lying. I wonder if She can tell Herself anything and believe it. I know there is a lot to remember when you've been all around the world, but I would wager that was the only time in Her life she was under "sniper" fire. Then, and maybe now, because Barack will fire back. He is truth challenged himself, however. Once describing his Pastor(Jeremiah Wright)as just a fierce, controversial critic of America. Hogwash! He can say He didn't know what was said, wasnt there, didn't hear it with His own ears, or whatever. But I know that is why he was in that church supporting Jeremiah Wright, because he did exactly agree with him. And to get his street credibility. Uniter? pshaw! Reaches across the aisle? when? Agrees with me, that we should fight Islamascists wherever they are? Hardly. Cant fight them in Iraq, thats too easy, too smart. We need to go to Afghanistan, or Pakistan, where it will surely be more difficult. BTW we are kicking Taliban Butt in Afghanistan!
The Democrats get the pass as often as their media elitist apologists can slip it to them. The recent scandals of Spitzer, Patterson, and Kilpatrick alll prove it. Read an article in your local paper and see if they have a (D.) by their name. If these were Republicans that would be part of the Headline. Look back at Foley, or Cunningham. Party affiliation was front and center. I have no problem with that, being an Independent, but I don't like seeing the Press pick and choose our Candidates or next President. Whats good for the Goose better be good for the Gander as far as I am concerned, and I am concerned. We are heading into perilous times in the world and the right executive can make US or break US. Actions are going to have consequences and words will mean things.

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