Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Realization

I just got finished reading op-ed letters in my local paper, and came away disheartened and at the same time flummoxed. Today is Palm Sunday and a very somber and portentous day in Christianity. Today is the day 2000+ years ago that Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem. He knew full well where He was going and what would happen to Him there. He followed through to the bitter end and thereby provided all Humanity with the power over sin and death. All who will accept and acknowledge His supreme sacrifice. I have read doubters and detractors deny Him the place as our Saviour simply because He did what He said and set out to do. At any time he could have gotten off the cross and failed in His mission. He always deferred to the Father, but made it clear He was the living sacrifice, once for all. There are many stumblingblocks on the way to believing Christ was the Messiah. The first is that we have fallen short and need a Saviour. Then the Deity of Christ comes into question. How can God be in more than 1 place? Well God could be anywhere and do anything, in my eyes. And in my limited ability to comprehend. If God needed to become flesh and pay the price for our sins for us, why in the world could God not do that? To put God in a Box and say "What happened in Heaven when He was on the cross?" just shows really how small you would have to think that God is. God is Love. How much more is Love than reconciling us to Himself? I believe, therefore I know, somehow, God has a place for me. Even with all of my own shortcomings. I would encourage all mankind to take the hand of God reaching out to us and accept this gift of Salvation.
Choosing to believe lies resonates deep within, and those who do, know it. It would be a sad existence to not believe in what is really, not at all grievous, but, exhilatating and makes us free to love. That is Gods Supreme Command, to love all.
Now that I got off my track let me try to find my way back, in the op-ed letters the writers'-in make it clear they believe all our shortcomings are the fault of our elected officials. For now, it's a Republican in the White House, so... You know the drill. It's the Economy stupid, right? Well every election I have ever had the pleasure of voting in(mid 80's) there has been an Economic challenge going into the Election Season. The cycles seem congruent. The blame gets kicked back and forth like a football. Responsibility starts at the top but it does not end there. It goes all the way throughout our Society. We all live it up when times are good and take everything for granted. When times get tougher and you realize it's not supposed to be easy, start casting the blame around anywhere but to ourselves. I know I am guilty too, not saving enough, enjoying selfish pleasures, not giving enough, etc. But life is a challenge, everyday to live to the fullest. And it is difficult not to get mired in the everyday drudgery. Taking personal responsibility is key. I can't blame politicians that are orbiting the power center of our world rotating and morphing twisting and spinning. They are not responsible for my day to day happiness. Their first duty is to keep US safe, and they have done a good job with that.
That'as where I fell off my track, some people in the world see no danger, are blind spiritually and existentially. This is still a dangerous world and you can write letters to the Editor all day long that it's Bush's fault we are: hated, broke, in debt, live in a changing climate, unhealthy, politically divided, or whatever your beef-du-jour. Nothing will change after Bush. Conservatives will be lambasted for holding on to a status quo that contains all the good but also all the bad. And the Liberals will go for "Change" even if that brings more bad and less good. Since we cannot go 2 directions at once we will never know which side had it really right. If policies were allowed to run their FULL course. Everything gets a little mixed when 2 sides keep throwing more input into the vat. The give and take, and give and give, and take and take, and take and give. All roads lead to all other roads. And getting lost is a definate possibility.
So lighten up and live.

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Amanda said...

Many people have fallen because of doubt and expectations. I see it as a major battle between good and evil. I see it as a battle between demons and angels. Those that have doubt get attacked. Because their expectations are not met they doubt their god. And then it begins to snowball.

I do not judge others for not believing in what I believe. But I do tell them about what I believe because I feel that he is my companion and he would be for them as well. If only they ignored the temptations of the opposing side.