Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hill-Billy? B.O. the wrongWright? McCain in the Middle?

Which Legislator do you want to run our Country? We have no natural born leaders here.
These Senators are members of an exclusive Club. Some for only one half of One term! God Forbid they should be the ones to determine the direction of our country. I see a sell out coming our Way.
Barack Obama was slated to transcend race, but apparently He is mired in it. There is no way his baggage can be unloaded without all of America seeing right thru it, like boarding an airplane, the x-ray shows Mr. Wrong in there. To transcend race we have to look beyond race, not focus on it with every telecast. It is a catch 22 because the Black politician that finally breaks down that barrier will be tagged the "first". Maybe it should be a black Woman, that would erase both the glass ceiling and the glass floor. And no, I am not thinking Condoleeza, even though she would probly be better than Barack and Hillary put together. Condi is actually too wimpy for me. Someone along the lines of a Margaret Thatcher would be fine by me. If my Fourth Grade Teacher is still alive I would nominate Her, Mrs. Beardon. She was as no nonsense, and steadfast, and truly committed, as anyone I have ever known in my life. I think this Identity Politics of the Left will fragment them, all the way to November. I don't want symbolism, I want subtantive policies and action.
Hillary Clinton has barely more time than Obama in the senate, and her seat was carpetbagged to boot. I am not at all sold on Her acumen to lead. Not at all believing with Clintons back in the White House scandals will cease. Although I do believe Hillary could be a real *itch. And a B!tch would no doubt defend the country to the fullest. Taking no names from the mother_uckers that attacked US?!?! That is my perception of Her one redeeming quality. I like that! But.... The Bill Clinton connection is too slimey! The Liberalism is too weak. Socialism and collectivism and passivism will only lead to the Deaths of many good Americans, be they Liberal or Conservative.
We need Visionaries not reactionaries.
John McCain is the last Senator standing, by default, I might add. When the Liberals picked our guy at the beginning of the Primary Season, I was a little upset too. But serendipitously the Liberals may have just picked the right Guy. So, I have no problem with operation Chaos. I won't agree with Conservatives helping Democrats out, but turnabout is Fair Play. We must unite in some ways, this Great Nation, Conservatives, Well Meaning Liberals. The threats don't just go away because we are too distracted to notice what is going on out there. Politics is not a Game or a court of Law, it has peoples lives hanging in the balance. We don't need experiments and hypothesis, we need to stick to what works. And that is a strong country that will not yield to lowest common denominators in our personal problems, but the greatest possible ways to uplift all America and All the Free World Democracies.
Freedom allways Wins!

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