Friday, March 07, 2008

Allusion Illusion

It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. That is a classic parsing of the language that will live on in infamy. Modern day wordsmiths and newswriters lexicon seems stale and ponderous with all roads leading to despair and or hyperbole. Two words that jump out at me on a regular basis are the words plunge and soar. One day the stock market is "soaring"up 150 points and the next day it "plunges" down 200. The economic outlook is dismal because payrolls plunged by 65,000 jobs last month. However unemployment is still below 5%. I won't believe there is a crisis until the illegal aliens go back home. The price per barrel of oil is soaring, as the U.S. dollar plunges. Right now foreclosures are soaring to the highest levels in 15 years. At the same time home values are plunging. I guess the 300% climb in values in the last 12 years is offset somewhat by the 20% decline in the last year. Those really hurt are the ones who bought in at the end, like at the end of any Bull run, the last in are the hardest hit. Global temperatures plunged one degree downward after soaring one degree upward in the last 100 years. Violent crime in the inner cities is soaring to the highest level in the last 5 years. The cryptography of such words is like a window into the bias of the author. When journalists say they are nuetral and then display tilted hackery, only then am I agitated.

A few other disingenuous words of note are crisis, attack, fair, bi-partisan, progressive, change, and then of course all the isms, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, war monger and the like. All these labels are tossed around as if every one of these perceptions is black or white. I know Liberals who, after the beginning argument, quickly become quite reasonable and sensible. Their protection is their outer crust of prickly hatred and unwavering undereducated principles that don't need to be rooted anywhere near the fresh springs of common logic. As long as the Liberal Establishment churns out these protege journalists we can expect nothing less from the elite circles who use weak minds to be their pawns and expand their frontier. I like to use my own common logic to think through any problem and come up with a correct assessment, not my wishful thinking. Because my wishful thinking is part nostalgia, therefore biased, and part utopian, therefore fatally flawed. The world of matter has the laws of physics keeping it from flying apart at the seams. Even though it seems what matters most are things that can't be seen, like love and faith, and yes Barack hope.
Conserrvatives too hope for a better future but know all too well you still have to work for it.

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