Thursday, June 24, 2010

Truth Wins Out

In the end the truth always wins out. Many people, here and in other Countries have been beguiled by the hype and the desire to rewrite history. Yes, we have come to this place by the many mis-steps of past decisions and petitions, abandonment of God, greed by so many and blind trust in our corrupt system. Yet there is a way to to extricate ourselves and the free world from the vice grip of tyranny and oppression. It comes in small steps and big steps ~ first we must remove the scales from our eyes and see clearly who is calling the shots. It is way too easy to take at face value a big smile and platitudes of unity. It is altogether another to judge a tree by the fruit it bears. America and the western world have been shnookered by a would be Manchurian, like it or not, believe it or not...

If we don't learn from History we are doomed to repeat it.
And out of every possible pit there is a ladder.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Opposite Day

Every New Day in America we are treated with a new excuse and a reason for the failure of our Government. Systems failing, all over the world, the Western Way of cradle to Grave liberalism has brought our advancements to its knees. Only a matter of time now and the catalyst elected to usher in the big change will have completed the task of paving the way for the One World Government. 2012 is a stones throw away now, and look how the old way is crumbling beneath the feet of Big Governments' all around the world. Maybe the Mayans were on to something. Maybe we had it wrong, change is coming.
But what change??!!??

Warning to the World, if Obama cannot even get any legislation passed in the US Govt., with controlling majorities in both houses of Congress, how will he do as President of the World? It's the anti- Midas Touch!

Whats down is up and whats up is down anymore. We are practically being enticed into a mob mentality under our regime. For a President with the allure of unity all I see is the division of America along every possible line. Race , class, gender, geography, any difference is exploited to advance agenda politics. Its not America first anymore, its President, then party, then politicians then constituents, then who can be added in to that amalgamation, and lastly everybody else who does not agree with their version of moving forward. America has never been as divided as we are right now. I know the Democrats feel that Bush was against them, but they should honestly look at the record and the facts. Bush advanced the country as a whole as his first consideration. The things they disagree with him on ( like Iraq, like deficit spending, like bigger Government) they originally were for.

If Obama and the Democrat Party thinks this country can live without oil then I would love to watch them try. The obvious intelligent way to separate ourselves from our complete dependence on this natural resource is to create the new energy source first and begin the transition step by step. But abasing yourself and then saying look how horrible it is is a childish manipulative way to dramatize the down side of anything.

Seems like thats what we get with our immigration policy and our financial woes, the job market also seems to be illustrative not of a solution, but an exacerbation to reach a fulcrum point where we grasp at the strawmen our leaders present to US. Its not leading, this method that the Democrats have determined is the path they will take to lead US into their Utopia trap.

Friday, June 11, 2010

NEVER Let a Crisis Go to Waste

The oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is an un believable illustration of the arrogance, incompetence and Impotence of the Obama Administration and the way they wield the full power of the American Government.

Right from the get go on this disaster I was very suspicious. Just a few weeks after Obama increased off shore drilling and exploration there was an explosion and fire on the deep sea oil drilling platform. My first inclination was sabotage from Greenpeace or some activist group like that. Getting even with the greedy capitalists for drilling in the Gulf. Actually this rig was in the process of shutting down.

The initial sluggish Govt. response caused me to ponder other possible scenarios. Could it be a terrorist attack? We all know DHS will not rush to judgement on 'man made disasters'. Not to be outdone by the truthers I even contemplated a Government conspiracy to dove tail with the cap and tax energy industry legislation making its way through the Senate. I just cannot fathom our Government murdering our own citizens for political gain, so I chucked that theory. I have come to terms that this is just either an act of gross negligence and foolhardy luck pushing or just a freak accident of nature with ominous timing.

So much for the accident itself, it's done and now we must move on and contain the spill and clean up the mess. No one is asking Obama to suck it up with a straw, or wave a magic wand and make it all go away. And I am continually amazed at why he thinks he has to remind people he is the President, yet with less than super hero powers. I guess all the hype that got him into office caused a lot of people to expect more out of him? I personally never expected much out of him, and I would have been pleasantly surprised had he been a decent executive. But he is only one year older than me and seems about as ready to lead a Nation as I am. If the best he can do is get the Government out of the way then he should be doing that. Cut the red tape environmental protection and let Louisiana build the berms. Co ordinate so BP can get the booms from Maine. Start putting all the unemployed people to work helping clean up the mess. Enlist the help of other Nations who are offering, especially with the reset diplomacy we now enjoy. There is so much that this Government can do. I liked Maureen Dowds assessment, instead of "yes we can" Obamas slogan should be "will we ever"? When even the liberals dump on the One you know he's lost his luster.

I am now convinced that the oil is still flowing freely into the gulf because the Obama Administration wants to use this crisis to discredit oil drilling and the oil industry altogether. Maybe they worked it out with BP that they will put the moratorium on all drilling but BP can get all this oil to market and when the relief wells are in place who will be getting that oil? Meanwhile all other drilling will be stopped even in Alaska! Except of course China over by Cuba along with Russia, Venezuela, and Mexico right there in the gulf.

Shutting down these rigs also appears to be the more dangerous aspect of running them so if we shut them all down, then what? Invitation for more trouble? If this crisis is being managed for political gain it will be one of the most heinous acts of treason our country has ever seen.

There are plenty of questions, we need to get some answers. Not so we can sue somebody or kick someones @ss, but because we are not yet off oil and we need it. We will never be completely off oil, and it is a natural resource after all. This is just an unnatural way to deal with any problem.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Father Of Lies

Socialism represents the opposite of the traditional values that Christian (Western) Nations espoused as they ascended to the high place they now hold on the graph of civilizations.

Capitalism and free markets, defined borders and reality ensure competition that is fair and beneficial to all who honestly engage. The rules being the same for all who play, the giving in line with the taking, the Government only being a referee and an upholder of the system and rules. Why can't we all see that this is what it takes to engender prosperity and real freedom. For is not our time our most precious commodity? And what takes most of our time? Regulations, red tape, taxes, unfair competition and servicing bureaucracy.

Our leaders in Washington right now are turning US into a force that once (6-6-44) lived and died for an ideal, but will now fanagle and sue our way to an equality that is only guaranteed to lower all down to the lowest common denominator. We used to build things, do things, solve problems, and overcome all obstacles. Now we find a million reasons to fail. Now we are so progressive the only direction we feel is safe is backwards. We need to begin to feel we control our own fate, lets start by choosing Political leaders who can lead with a vision, not react when their dream is shattered by reality.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Shut uP AND sING

Last year I went to a music festival in the Coachella Valley. The night we went Paul McCartney headlined and was really awesome as a musician. The show was great, and the night was beautiful. Almost perfect except for my friend being unable to attend. But Paul McCartney after lionizing Linda and her love of the desert and his emotional tribute to her, it was her birthday after all, went a little too far for me and I am sure a decent percentage of people just there to see him sing his songs. On the big screen there was an image of a flock of birds and they turned(morphed) into an image of Barack Obama. Personally I was horrified. I never knew Paul McCartney to be a political hack. I didn't even want to know what his feelings were about American politics. He went on and on about this great man, and I almost wanted to throw up right there. It could have just been the inconsiderate guy smoking right beside me who was holding his cigarette like an incense stick, IDK, but I had to leave my really good position near the stage anyway. At the time Obama had done little to improve the economy or race relations or really anything in this country. I knew McCartney had to be a hopey changey zealot of some sort and I lost so much respect for him right then and there. As we walked to the parking lot after the show I wondered aloud to Tony what could McCartney see in Obama and why on earth would he make a big deal of it at a concert? Tony shot me a look like quiet down, this place is crawling with liberal, dreamy, dope smoking, intolerant types. I just didn't get it, and that one thing Sir Paul did lost me as his fan forever. He can go on and on on his own about how much he loves the possibility of Obama uniting the world, but it was supposed to be a fun time, not a political rally.

Fast forward to earlier this week, and McCartney getting his award at the Whitehouse. Barry probably just invited him there to sing Michelle to Michelle, jk. Well, I have no problem with those two getting along and loving each other and supporting one another, its a free world. But McCartney went on and disrespected former President Bush right there in the White House in front of Obama. Now Obama is a smart guy, smart enough to get elected to President anyway. But he has never shown any scholarly papers, college transcripts, or, for that matter, even a birth certificate. Heck , take Obama off his teleprompter and he is a stuttering stammering gaff prone pedestrian intellect. Bush got an MBA in Harvard Business School, is married to a Librarian, and also has a BA in History at Yale. Where does McCartney get off making such a rude comment that Bush doesn't even know what a Library is? And why would McCartney jump in and give Obama all this credit for being so smart? Something doesn't add up here, I guess the international leftists must all stick together. McCartney didn't go to college what makes him think he's all that smart himself? They are all true believers and here in America the bloom is off the rose, but I guess the international leftist community still needs America down a couple pegs more, and Obama is just the guy to do it. Its all so pathetic. I wish musicians would learn to keep their politics to themselves because all of their listeners do not necessarily agree with their world view. You would think they would want to keep all their fans, and not alienate about half of them.

I have nothing against anybody expressing their viewpoints or ideas or anything they see about any political figure or philosophy. However when I am a paying customer I pay for the music not the politics. And so said musicians should not be surprised when their condescension shatters their image as just a minstrel. Putting their own reputation on the block. Credibility is a terrible thing to waste.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

We Are in for a Heck Of A Ride

With hope and change comes expectation and illumination. Nearly a year and a half into Barack Obamas Presidency we are seeing more and more evidence that putting faith in a man only leads to disillusionment and in the end, despair. Obama rose to power by promising he was the answer to everything that had ever gone wrong from Reagan to Bush. What we see here is a community organizer not a leader. Even his reactions seem unAmerican and hesitant and primarily self serving. He and his party come before the country as a whole,
divided we will not stand.
Said better, so far, than anything else I have read to sum up the mess we are in.