Thursday, April 30, 2009

Betrayed By Traitors

Senator Arlen Specter (D/R/D Pennsylvania)was never a conservative in my eyes anyway. Although he held some conservative positions in the past I now wonder if it was all a political calculation. Considering that he has switched parties in the past I guess we should not be surprised and I wonder if his new party will be able to trust him. How many more of his positions will he have to flip on to keep his new base of support happy? The idea of a politician that will change parties just because he faces a tough primary contest is the worst type of craven, spineless, heartless worm I can think of. Now Arlen did a decent job on helping get some Conservative Judges to the bench, defended our country without wavering, and did a good job whenever he put his effort into his task. But, his stance on life always made me queesy and supporting the spending bills here recently shows he is no conservative at all. I figure joining forces with Barack Obama will be something he should have no problem doing as they are both cut from the same cloth. That of someone willing to sell out their country for their own ambitions.

Obama says he sees no reason yet to close the border with Mexico, that is just closing the barn door after the horses are gone... EXCUSE ME?!? But Mexico is shutting down their own country right now, what more reason could we need? I know Specter and Obama want open borders and all the unskilled welfare cases they can get, but do they want our hospitals to be overrun with illegal migrant sick people? The answer is probably yes, because they want to never let a crisis go by without extracting every ounce of political gain out of it. I wouldn't be surprised if the Government aren't the ones responsible for the spreading of the flu, either for population control or for keeping the government by crisis mentality alive and well for as long as possible. At least as long as it takes to ram through all the leftist agenda and make it impossible to undo the undoing of the Reagan revolution. 2010 will be here before we know it and maybe then our country will see which track we really want to run on.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The "Experts" Just Don't Know What to Expect

Unexpected signs of life in our economy? Every time you turn around the so called expert market watchers are dumbfounded and surprised at what is going on. Whether the market indicators rise or fall it always seems as if those who get paid good money to report and understand are wrong or behind the curve, sometimes I wonder if I could do just as good a job, I too am surprised by a lot of things. Like, how the American people could elect someone with no real experience to run the country right into the ditch, and have optimism that is the right direction. I guess maybe the ditch is there to keep US from going over the cliff?
But for the fact that we are going at it 100 mph I would feel a little better about things.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

As Slick as a Poll Cat

Polls indicate the American people are still in approval of the job the Obama team is doing as his honeymoon period comes to an end and the landscape is surveyed. I always wonder who gets polled because its never me and the questions asked always seem to be so ambiguous. I wonder if the respondents really think of how their answer will end up being manipulated to fit the template of the storyline, or do they fire off gut reactions and whimsy.
Take the loaded question, "are we on the right track?" Well, that depends. GM is now Government Motors, the Banking systems back door has been kicked in and Geithner and Co. seem to be wresting control from the banks, and won't even let them repay the money they were coerced into taking. Our enemies around the world see that our elected leader doesn't like this country a whole lot more than they do. How else could President Obama travel around the world and apologize for our past as if none of these other countries has/had any regrets about their own brutish behaviour in their struggles to survive as a nation? It is one thing to confess and repent to an equal or better, but quite something else to be sorry when you have done more good than bad and less bad than anyone else. Obamas selective recall of US history to me is a telling sign we are "not on the right track". Being sorry about the past won't change the future.
The polling also had questions of administration ethics and handling of the economy, two subjects that average uninformed Americans who rely on the evening news have no way of knowing how the the polling is related to past administrations poll numbers. Except for the rarely challenged notion that somehow the Democrat Party is more ethical ? And he new administration can better run the economy?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Heres to hope for blessings and grace for our Nation and the whole wide world. I have a few thoughts to share and not all are good.

Reaching across the aisle? Obamas people still think that he does do that, wheres the proof? He never has and he never will. Bi-partisanship in the liberal media lexicon always means Republicans caving in to Democrats. That is what it is too. The true conservatives will never give in.

Since this isn't terrorism but it is a cottage industry in their little corner of the world, I don't undestand why we don't just bait them and blow them all out of the water. Where should the trials be held, if this is a criminal matter? I know we have to play down to the level of our competition, but this uncertainty and vacillating on an issue that is so straightforward and seemingly easy to diffuse has me wonder how our new kinder gentler nation will react when there is a real and present danger. We will apparently talk until we are blue in the face.

I see the path to a one world Government is becoming clear and the opposition, at least on our(US) leadership level, is nonexistent. Prophecy has foretold all this and every day I see more clearly that we are headed exactly where the Bible predicted we would go, and it is very frightening at the same time it is also exciting because God will save us, who believe. It makes me wonder about Barack Obama, he claims to be a Christian, yet has some most unChristianlike positions, and how he is taking US as quickly as possible into this socialistic one world system. I keep wondering if he could be The Man?

Talk about going ga-ga over the insignificant as Rome burns. The media has shown once again that it is the liberal lap dog and has no real desire to edify and educate our country to excellence.
Going to an Episcopalian Church is right up Obamas alley, and the choice of a family pet is another window into the mystery man who still hides who he really is, votes present, and campaigns instead of leads. Even the pooch's name has a narcissistic ring to it. Obama said a while back he would choose a dog like him, a mutt(while chuckling), maybe even a rescue dog? All good stuff, my kids ate it up and gave him some cudos. But once again the real Obama comes out and we see a little glimpse of what his rhetoric is and reality and we triangulate and come up with the theme. His pet choice is a Kennedy preference, so once again we see a person who says he is his own man and then winds up going in a route that seems subjugated by a preordained clique.
Oh well, I didn't really expect much more, but with all the hope instilled by so many I, too, try to catch that wave. I want to like and respect my President, I just don't like being manipulated and tricked. Unfortunately, all I see is hackery and puppet strings on Obama, I just wonder who is the Puppet Master here.

Only one way to figure these things out is that the Devil still has a firm grip on humanity. And it figures that the angle will become that somehow it was the Christian Church itself or the organization there in Tracy responsible when we know darn well it was a sick individual who performed a most atrocious and demented crime here. Obviously someone without a shred of Christ inside her heart. We want to know why but we will never really know what is in such a Black Heart, and we should not want to know, it is a disease.

Happy Easter, Everybody!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Reach too Far

I knew it was only a matter of time before the Obama administration went to the expected depths to scrounge for votes. With the economy shedding jobs, this move makes absolutely no sense, but in the election cycle dynamic it may be now or never to rahm this one through. So the team that will "let no crisis go by" without extracting every ounce of political gain out of it is caught in a paradox. Do they make their power play and infuriate all Americans (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents)who disagree with open borders, and the dilution of citizenship, and value of their individual votes, or do they put this on the back burner while universal health insurance and cap and trade emissions provisions get the legislative pole position?
Once again our founding Fathers' genius will give our nation its best chance to succeed. With only 2 years between any election theres always a chance to change course should the country start to veer out of control. Should Obama and Co. reach to far, and it seems that the finger they have on the pulse of the country is heavyhanded, and they will push too hard. Just look at the only place they see to cut the budget, the National Defense. Or look at how quickly they took off all pretense of hiding their pro-abortion stance. Look how quickly they have stopped bashing Bush and his 500 Billion dollar deficits and given us Trillion dollar plus deficits. The Democrat party cannot wait to wield their power and won't take the time to make sure they do not do more damage. And the American people who have brains to think will see through the power grab and bald faced attempts to legislate majorities indefinitely.
The tea parties next week will most likely be a very eye opening experience for the Media. As they will have to do their darndest to look the other way after the huge protests become obvious to all that real Americans do care and will mobilize. How they will try to spin things to shield Obama will be most interesting to behold. I will have photos here of the gathering in Sacramento. The only benefit to a slow economy right now for me is I will have time to go protest instead of working. And the Conservative protesters will be heard instead of the usual professional protesters the left always trots out and moves from protest location to protest location. These will be real American people affected by what is happening in our economy and to our future, and making their voices heard and their stance clear.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Its really still just a Campaign

President Barack Obama seems to be campaigning perpetually. His overseas tour consisted of bashing his country and bowing to Islamists. I believe he may very well be campaigning to these other countries and religions to try to get unanimity for his global vision. A world that is united in purpose could be a good thing if it's purposes were only good.
But Obama himself said that dealing with international interests was like working in the US senate, only Barack only did one half of his first term there so I don't really think he had much of a grasp for how that body really works either. He didnt have enough time in the Senate to figure his butt from a hole in the ground, pardon my Austrian. And now the New York times is running polls that show that we appreciate and endorse our 'Dear Leader' and his flaccid foreign policies. Obama ought to have US ripe for a takeover by the time he is done with his first (and hopefully only)term.
My qualm is that the judgement that our country has warranted cannot be assuaged, even with this current bout of executive immolation. We don't need any approval from Europe or the Middle East anyway, they have as much fault as anybody on this Earth for the sorry state of affairs. This is but a part of our payment due for all the ways we have backslidden as a nation, a country once blessed and inspired by God. We turned away from the Lord and he is letting US see how it will be without Him to guide US back into His good graces. And I am not just talking about the last 8 years, I am talking about the last 40 some years. And 40 years to God means something, that is the time of trial and the time of measuring the hearts and minds of His people. The time of and for penance and penitence.
We have been judged, now we must accept our correction, and learn.